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  1. Add me to the list of people who would buy this on Windows 8 / Windows Phone 8. I think the big issue with Windows Phone apps is that the adoption of windows phone 8 is very low in the states, despite being high (exceeding iPhone in 24 markets) elsewhere. Until the adoption rate picks up in the states then development won't be a priority. The greenlighting of the Elder Sign's app on steam does give me a glimmer of hope that we'll see other apps on windows though....
  2. Hi people, Quick question - can the tinkerer talent be used to add a hardpoint to a ship? A player is arguing that a ship is a piece of equipment. 5xp to add a hard point to a ship seems a little cheap. Ten times the cost (as if I was buying a mod) seems a little steep. Has anyone got any thoughts? Cheers!
  3. Be very nice if it was! Still waiting for the Windows Phone 8 version thought so not holding my breath....
  4. Consider it bought for WP8 if released! How hard can it be to port!?
  5. Add my name to the list for WP8 version!
  6. Anyone know of any plans to port this to Windows 8 or Windows Phone 8. I will be making the switch to Windows Phone 8 soon and it's about the only app that I'll miss from my iPhone. I know they had a go through Steam green light, but maybe the Windows 8 store would be another avenue? I see its on the Mac App Store…..
  7. Hello Just wondering if I've missed the rules for non-lethal combat somewhere- an encounter in the last session called for someone to be subdued and I couldnt find any specifics on how to achieve it. We ended up battering the NPC down to zero wounds. I have some sort of huse rule forming that fighting to subdue should perhaps do fatigue damage as well as actual damage- this should result in most PCs/NPCs loosing consciousness before they run out of wounds. What do people think of this, or has anyone handled it differently? Cheers
  8. Just my two pennies worth - I think that having distinct core books provides a few big advantages: 1) You only need one book when playing - this speeds things up. More speed = more enjoyment, unlike other areas of life 2) FFG can 'tweak' the rules as the product line evolves. Rules that don't work too well can be amended for the new game but also be used in the other lines if the GM wishes. 3) The book can be written / arranged in such a way as too highlight the thematic differences of the setting (The History of the Emperium section of Black Crusade is awesome for this). I think this setting will give you all the heroics of Deathwatch with all the Drama of Dark Heresy and as people have already mentioned there are HUNDREDS of war movies to get inspiration from. Feel the Love! Burn the Heretic!
  9. Just waiting for the world to be re-discovered by the emperium. Shame it hasn't been discovered yet, I was sure Sigmar was a Primarch....
  10. Our group came across exactly the same issue with pistoliers when we started. We got and it by house ruling that characters could spend creation points on items of equipment that they could not otherwise afford - so 2 pistols = 2 creation points. Player was happy with this ruling.
  11. As a UK gamer I think ALL future supplements should be printed in Europe
  12. Hi, A 'debate' arose last night in the groups encounter with Lazarus Mourn in the Gathering Storm. After his monologue the players were careful to step to the side of the doorway, breaking line of sight to Lazarus. Reading through his abilities I went for the Mortification & Curse of Undeath action cards - the targets were in medium range. It's a curse I thought - don't really see how LOS is relevant (necromancers don't often see the target of much of their targets - they tend to be 6 foot under). A couple of the players seemed to think LOS was very relevant arguing that ranged attacks don't specifically say 'requires LOS' just a range - ditto other spell effects like Flame Blast. Am I missing something in the rules RE LOS? Are the players (coming from a DnD / GURPS) background having difficulty with the 'looseness' of the WFRP rules? This could be an issue as one of the players in particular likes to have 'consistency' in the rules, how would you handle this? Was I wrong? Do I need to beg forgiveness for my GMing skills or tell the players to stop bitching and get on with it?
  13. HI, *SPOILER ALERT! ANYONE STARTING THE GATHERING STORM CAMPAIGN STOP READING!* I'm a few weeks into the Gathering Storm Campaign - the first proper WFRP campaign I've run. I have quite a large group (6 players). Things are going on the whole very well - the majority of players are really enjoying it. I was getting a little concerned with a virtually untouchable Dwarf IronBreaker. Concerned that is until the party reached the Garden of Morr and were beset by Zombies. Great I thought, the 'No escape, no hope' action will slow the Dwarf down somewhat. 'Somewhat' seemed to be a little underestimated.... 1st round the party (all in one engagement) are beset by four groups of 6 zombie henchmen. The Dwarf triggers an action (cant remember it's name off-hand but it was a chant (probably along the lines of 'skol, skol, skol....') which means all opponents in the engagement must target him. So - first NPC group attacks. Dwarf is adding a silly number of misfortune dice in due to armour etc. so I throw in all four aggression fortune dice, plus one fortune dice for each 'assisting' henchman (10 fortune dice). So I roll three successes - triggering the 'target suffers 1 additional stress and 1 additional fatigue FOR EACH UNDEAD ENGAGED WITH HIM'. Ouch. That'll be 24 stress and fatigue then? This seems a little silly - Have I read the card right? I didn't actually play the ability as read- I amended this to be 6 stress and fatigue (representing one group of henchmen), so the Dwarf was still up. Then the second, third & fourth groups attacked. The Dwarf was most definately down after the second group. This raised another question: At some point it would have been phsyically impossible for any more Zombies to reach the Dwarf (and his chanting would have been muffled anyway!). So what happens to the groups of henchmen who cant attack? Do they just stand around doing nothing, or do they attack another target (I ruled the later much to the chagrin of one of the rules -lawyery types in the group who vehemently argued the former!) Just interested to see how others handled it? Perhaps amend the card for groups of Henchmen so that each group counts as 'each undead'? What about NPC's who can't comply with an action?
  14. Currently running 2 sessions a week with different groups....one group with 4 players and one group with 6 players. 4 player group running absolutely fine. 6 player group just easily rolled over a load of cultists and a Demon so I may need to work on scaling things a little. Not having any issues with lack of components (we have 1 set of all the supplements, and an additional copy of the main set). Keeping everyone engaged with 6 players in a combat was a little tricky - but I'd say easier than a lot of systems. I'm a bit of a newby GM at WFRP but I'm finding it really easy to run - the dice certainly aid the creative juices & I can say have lead to roleplaying situations that would have been hard to achieve with any other system. Enjoy running it!
  15. Just about to start playing WFRP and doing characters. One of the players has elected to be a Pistolier. The trappings on the card list armour a horse and a 'brace of pistols' as being typical for the Career. However - even with a starting wealth of Affluent a character will only be able to afford one pistol (5G) and this is without armour and a horse. Alternatively he doesnt have a Pistol - which kind of negates the point in playing a pistolier. Am I missing something or would you give the player a pistol as part of the career?
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