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  1. thank you for your reply. I understood the word , [ May ] on page 6 to mean that I could move my movement of 4 spaces or I could stay were I was it is up to me. And then it goes on to explain were you can move and finishes up by saying that it cost 1 movement point per space .It never say that you can move however many you want to move from 1-4. So it not real clear on the subject thank you very much
  2. On page 6 in the arkham rule book under the heading [ arkham movement ] it says ........ he receives movement points equal to his speed ......and on page 13 in the arkham rule book says , under the heading of [sPEED ] ........ ... also used to determine an investigators movement .So according to page 6 if my speed slider is set on 4, I would receive 4 movement points. Furthermore according to page 13 if my speed slider is set on 4 then my movement is determined to be 4 space. So my question is if my speed slider is set on 4, and I deside to move in Arkham , do I have to move the whole 4 spaces or does this mean that I can move from 1-4 spaces it is up to me? The rules dont say one way or the other. please reply
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