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  1. ygg

    Damaging a Horde

    Thank you for clarifying, we've been using it correctly then. I was surprised to find that the paragraph was not errata-ed. Cheers!
  2. ygg

    Damaging a Horde

    I was running my campaign yesterday and there where some problems regarding the "Damaging a Horde" rules. Perhaps I am reading this wrong but the following paragraph is rather confusing, to say the least: • Each hit that causes any amount of damage reduces a Horde’s Magnitude by one. Therefore, an attack that, after accounting for armour and Toughness Bonus, causes 15 points of damage reduces the Horde’s Magnitude by 1. Sooooo, which one is it?
  3. Thanks DJSunhammer, I found what I was looking for here: http://www.raphitari.com/deathwatch/DeathwatchCharSheetFillable.pdf Even though we decide to play on RPol I was thinking of updating this pdf as my character progresses. I am not sure how the text based character sheets on RPol look like, but If if needed I will copy everything there, thanks again.
  4. Can you direct me to the fillable sheets you are using? I found some but I'm not to happy about them. Thank you.
  5. cccc watch out we got some min maxers on-board I prefer the rolls myself, it gives that unequivocal feel that you are what the God Emperor in his infinite wisdom chose for you to be. Then again, I understand that you would've never become a member of the Deathwatch Kill-team if you weren't a cut above the "average" Adeptus Astartes. So I guess it's up to the GM to rule this one out. felixlucena said: Any tips for a friendly user forum so we can run our game? This will be my first grand campaing.. so… be nice to me… I really want to learn how to GM properly Any ideas before we begin? I really would like to hear from you what do you expect… Sorry mate I am an inexperienced GM myself. Just started running my first Deathwatch campaign a few days back. I'll step aside for the other players to give you advice. Regarding a PbP friendly forum, I guess there are a bunch of them out there. The first that comes to mind is the Nerdbound forum I mentioned, DJSunhammer can shed some light on the matter, or we could go to an altogether different forum supporting PbP mechanics. I for one expect a game running more towards heavy RP with a nice mixture of combat of course. I am not overtly fond of long verbose posts, but I'll give my contribution to the story don't you worry. Let's just wing it and see where it leads us. I believe that we, the players, will give you enough material for you to build your story upon, be it taken from our background stories or the immediate interaction. I was planning to create a Sanguinary Priest leaning vaguely towards a Chaplain, but that remains to be seen as I have the impression there are already a few of us with a penchant for those screaming, raving madmen
  6. Tnx for the info DJSunhammer. I would be interested in playing a Blood Angel Apothecary, or even a Sanguinary priest, should the GM allow it. Felix, are we still on?
  7. N0-1_H3r3 said: Tempted to ask to join in… but as I wrote the Phonos background in The Jericho Reach (amongst other things for Deathwatch), I'm worried that it might give me an unfair edge in terms of player knowledge… First of all congratulations on writing the backgrounds. Personally I don't see a problem here, really. As the matter of fact you'd be able to contribute to the game from another perspective as long as you avoid the pitfall of metagaming so as not to ruin the fun for yourself. Perhaps you might even justify your out of game knowledge by roleplaying a character who invested a lot in the Lore skills, be they Scholastic, Forbidden or otherwise. DJSunhammer said: That's a fun game. Moving a little slower than I'd like, but that's fine. What I liked most about the character is that I made him up on the spot. I'd been messing with an old, scarred wolf as a character for a while, but there was no way to make an old Space Marine without disconnecting the reality of a long life as a Space Marine with the starting power level of Deathwatch. The 'fall to the wulfen' idea was partly inspired by hammer_2020's post and partly by the Space Wolves omnibus. Namely the relationship between the Wolf Lord of Ragnar's company and the Lord's head Wolfguard. What always worried me the most when I thought of drawing up a character is how to avoid the more stereotypical views of a given Space Marine hailing form this and this Chapter. But why bother, cliches and stereotypes exist for a reason, being amusing in themselves. I would myself like to try a grizzled old Wolf or a dark and brooding Dark Angel. On another note, isn't the starting power lvl of a Deathwatch Space Marine somewhere on the same tier as a veteran Wolf anyway? Btw I got the omnibus on my shelf, haven't started reading it yet. Is it any good, as in, epic?
  8. DJSunhammer, I read a bit of the "On the way to Erioch" thread. Great work roleplaying Ulfgrim. Also, the dialogue and interaction between hammer_2020 and yourself, in general, was pretty amusing. I'd like to try something similar, hopefully.
  9. Felix, perhaps two players could be enough to start a game don't you think? We could always ask for more people to join in on that other message board I mentioned.
  10. Count me in. Felix, you might also want to check the "PLAYER FINDER" sticky thread. There are some people over there that could be interested as well. Also, browsing the aforementioned topic I stumbled upon this forum http://www.nerdbound.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=21 which incorporates a sweet dice roller mechanic. Assuming it's open for registration we might transfer the game over there. Cheers!
  11. ygg


    All valid points, I'll take it into consideration. It seems to me there is a fine line between total obliteration of the KT and them cutting through the outpost's defenses like butter.
  12. Brother Bellerophon of the Blood Angels reporting for duty. I would be honoured to take part in the Kill-team of your choosing. Esteemed Watch Captain what are your orders? Regrettably there are no other Battle-Brothers that I can recommend for this mission…I come alone.
  13. ygg


    herichimo said: ….. Excellent post herichimo, thanks mate. I think the main issue here is my inexperience GMing in general. Well to be more specific about my previous question, the situation is as follows: As a tertiary objective, the KT is tasked, by an IG general in the field, to capture a nearby enemy outpost, housing a small armoured division, numbering 14-16 tanks. The enemy commander (an IG insurgent) would not be aware of the KT in the area, not until they would have made their presence known to him, anyway. I expect the KT will try to parley in order to influence the commander to switch sides. In the event that the dialogue doesn't go in the KT's favour, I expect a more blunt course of action would have to be undertaken (taking into account that the KT is keen on accomplishing this tertiary objective) on their side. Now the tanks are not manned yet and the engines are not in the ignition status, but might very well be in a matter of 10 rounds or so….not all at once mind you. I developed a system by which there is 30% chance that after 10 in game rounds the first tank would be operational. After that round, the 11th round would assume there is 40% chance of the first tank being operational. By extension, each other round there would be 10% more chance of this happening. After the first tank is ready to roll out (lol Starcraft reference) each other tank unit would have 50% chance each round of activating. Is this too much? Oh I need to mention that the KT is comprised of only two members so far.
  14. Gosh, seeing this thread only now Anyone out there still interested in GMing? I read the corebook through and through, but I'm more interested in playing a PC.
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