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  1. Now that the rulebooks have been released to the masses, has anyone seen posted what the average point cost of armies are to be? Or were they kept for tournament guidelines? And is there a link somewhere to all the upgrade cards?
  2. Turns out there's a playerbase in Montreal, and I had no idea. If you want to get out of CoC, please let me know. send me an email at asukarulez AT gmail DOT com Already have 3 cores, ancient horrors, at the mountain of madness, and I believe the entire summons of the deep cycle. Thanks.
  3. Not impressed with the orks.
  4. That's an odd statement, and the first time that I've seen it. Why do you think that?
  5. I was going to post my frustration at the lack of tournaments being held in QC considering the success of both regionals held here, but I didn't even consider Europe and Australia. It trully is a shame that FFG is very US-centric in their OP program. Considering it's tremendous growth over the past 5 years, it makes no sense that it can't have European Championships or Australian Champs. It boggles the mind that these events need to be created and run by players instead of FFG.
  6. Hello all, we are having our first Game Night Kit event for SWLCG. Details: Star Wars: August 24th - 2PM - 4 Rounds of Swiss - 5$ 17 Copies of Aurebesh language copies of Vader’s TIE Advanced promos given out as participation prizes. Top 2 get the Aurebesh language copies of Luke Skywalker promo. First place gets the Battle of Hoth Playmat. Event site: BD Cosmos http://www.magnistudios.com/bdcosmos/ bdcosmos@magnistudios.com 1884 St-Martin Ouest, Laval, QC Message here for more details, or join the Star Wars LCG - Montreal FB group!
  7. Hello all, I just wanted to let everyone know about the other Netrunner regionals being held in Quebec. Saturday May 18th, event takes place at noon, registration begins 15 minutes before hand. The kit is pretty expensive, so player participation cost will depend attendance, but no more then 25$ a head. Prize support will be from the regional event kit. For any other questions, please email me at asukarulez at gmail dot com. Thank you!
  8. Yup. I have a small play group of 3-4 players in Laval at BD Cosmos. You'll also notice that I've sanctionned a regional for the game on May 4th. I play a couple of different LCGs on saturday afternoon (between 2-6, ie between the 2 tournaments I run for the store). Thank you!
  9. Im also a player in the Montreal area, and would be very interested in going to a Canadian National, be it Ottawa even Toronto. And for that Montreal player, Im on the North Shore.
  10. Are there any availabilities left for testers? I dont go to the forums often, and just noticed this now.
  11. Hello all, I used to play AGoT when it was first released as an LCG (bought some at gencon at release). I played for about 2 chapter pack sets, and then lost everything So, now I'm interested in buying out someone else collections IF its pretty extensive AND has a playset of each card. I've seen past collections have sold, so if anyone is giving up on the game, please leave a message or PM me. Thanks Asukarulez
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