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  1. I was wondering if anyone wrote down the rules for the 3 special league scenarios? I remember the first one was against Cthugha, cultists were Fire Vampires and there were no clues at the start of the game. Pictures would be even better. Thanks.
  2. Well, I'm going alone and I don't really have any plans (I would love to play with designers and play Mansions of Madness, but that's another story) so I'm open for any spot. I don't really care which character I get.
  3. I'll be there, flying from Montreal. I wasn't able to convince any of my friends to go so I'll be alone. I really can't bring my games so I hope finding players (and copies) will be easy enough.
  4. This is getting a little bit retarded, it's been almost 3 months since the end of the league and still no results... Maybe if we all sent an email to JR maybe we could see them before the end of the year...
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