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  1. Wondering if anyone has found the issue where the Voice in the box scenario- stage 2, where it says to spawn special monster token #86 and that enemy will lead to the next stage. However my game didn’t come with a #86 card. What do I do!!!???
  2. Wondering if it was possible (with decent enough successful to actually enjoy the game) to play the Saga expansions with the CORE sets (2-3 sets) and whatever comes with the expansions now and going forward? I would like to get back into the game but was really intimidated by the sheer volume of money and time that deck creation would be involved into having a decent deck. Has anyone done this with just the CORE sets? I know anything is possible and it's all about the game and having fun, but honestly with the limited amount of time and money that I could drop into the game would be perfect if I could just buy some CORES and the expansion. My apologies if this is a redundant post. I'm not on very often... Thoughts, and thank you in advanced!
  3. Can we please have a new version of Blood Bowl? If FFG could only remake the GW board game with mini expansions for different races, that would rock my world. Who's with me!!?!? Please FFG, make this game. And have it shipped next week please. Thank you.
  4. Unfortunately with the news of star wars becoming PVP, does anyone think that FFG wil ever do another co-op LCG? IMHO, Star Wars would have been perfect, but obviously for their own reasons FFG couldn't make a solid version, so with that being said, what theme would everyone be excited to see come down the pipe? I personally would like to see a space theme or maybe even a Blood Bowl fantasy theme perhaps. Im just unhappy about the fact that they ditched the co-op version (and rightfully so if it was crap, props to them not releasing a crap game). Like many I was looking forward to it.
  5. After I wrote this post this morning, I checked my mail and noticed it came in this morning! Very cool. Thanks for the reply!
  6. Just wondering if there was a demo adventure that comes with the book. Or if there are any adventures out there that someone has drummed up yet. Thanks!
  7. Dain Ironfoot said: edit: here's the text from the back in case it was hard to read: War shadows the land of Gondor. The minions of the Dark Lord pour forth from Minas Morgul as cruel Southrons march north. In The Lord of the Rings - Heirs of Numenor players battle through three new scenarios, defending Gondor against the encroaching might of the Enemy. In addition to powerful encounter and quest cards, Heirs of Numenor includes two new heroes and a variety of player cards that increase customization options of The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game. The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game is a cooperative game where players assemble a fellowship and join together to resist the threat of the Dark Lard. The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game is a cooperative game where players assemble a fellowship and join together to resist the threat of the Dark Lard. You said "Dark Lard"…heh heh…
  8. Good call in regards to GEN CON. I'm thinking the same. A big announcement of either the second part of The Hobbit expansion or perhaps the next cycle. I don't forsee cycles going away. As most of you had mentioned, it works for GoT and Warhammer…why wouldn't it work for Tolkiens work. Ooohhh…I just thought of something, perhaps the BIG announcement would be the re-workings of the Star Wars TCG. Which personally I'm waiting with baited breath.
  9. Personally I would like to see bigger expansions to be their primary releases (The Hobbit, LoTR). Get those releases out of their system, because we all know everyone wants this. Who wouldn't want the Hobbit and LoTR expansions to tell the full story. In between have intermittent releases such as cycles that elaborate on the Tolkien world and or the appendices. I figure this product will have a shelf life like everything. Get to the main theme and story line as soon as you can. I say this because I want everything…NOW!!! I'm guilty…
  10. I was wondering if a new cycle would be coming out on top of having the Saga expansion: The Hobbit coming out in August? Or would it be, Saga expansion(s) first, new cycle after. Also, I believe they mentioned that the Hobbit expansion would be separated in two releases…Is this correct? My wish is that they would follow up with a Lord of the Rings book expansion set. Hopefully that is where they would be heading especially if they are doing it with The Hobbit.
  11. Has there been a deck that players have used that last them thru all of the scenarios with some sort of success (at least the released ones)? As these new scenarios come out and as FFG advertises the scenarios it would seem that players should be able to take their characters thru the "Shadows of Mirkwood" cycle using one deck, hence the roleplaying aspect of using that same group going thru these adventures/cycles. It seems scrolling thru these forums that there just isn't enough card selection or that these scenarios require alot of different deck building techniques to really beat them. For example some decks are better to beat Anduin than the first scenario (although it doesn't seem like anyone has any measure of success with DOL GULDUR. Don't get me wrong. I love the game and will continue to buy the expansions. I just thought of this having my morning coffee while my 3 year old daughter finishes her tantrum.
  12. I think a solo/cooperative WWII LCG is probably what might come out next. The reason for this is that the fantasy/sci-fi themes have really been done with their collection of current LCGs. Either WWII/Military or perhaps a Civilization sort of LCG. Obviously no one will know until they come out with it. I personally would love a D&D based LCG theme (forgotten realms or dragonlance). Obviously that will never happen. Just dreaming.
  13. Does anyone know when this will be available via the POD store? Has there been any word if this will be mass printed by FFG at some point? Also, if you choke a Smurf, what color does it turn? Also, also...what is the speed of dark?
  14. That's exactly what I thought about after I read this review. In regards to the comparison between this and the WOTC Star Wars TCG. I actually loved that game! So I'm excited about this...and the whole solo, cooperative piece as well.
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