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  1. Looks like you all played an epic adventure. Glad you had a great group of players!
  2. Wow..... did not know they killed off DH2 also. Thought they were going good with their WH40k products.
  3. My prime way of seeing if an adversary is a worthwhile opponent or TPK, is to take the most highly skilled/armed/trainer person in the group and compare him/her/it to the opponent. Example: The basic Rak'Gol maurader vs Archmilitant. Maurader has TB of 8 with like 8 armor, weapon stubber of 1d10+4 pen 2. Archy has a TB 4, armor 5, and a bolt pistol for 1d10+4, pen 4. So, average roll of dam for Maurader is 11, vs 9 TB and Armor of Archy means she will take about 2 dam per hit. While Achy does average of about 10 vs 16 of the Maurader. She is in for a tough fight, so simply going DND style will not work. She needs to fight it tactically and intelligently, not just head on. Same can be said for the negotiation deal mentioned above. RT deals with a lot of hand waving, guessing, and leaving it for GM and player interpretation. There is no black and white in this game. There is color and a whole lot of different shades of gray. With that said, as a GM you need to be able to sit down and discuss possible outcomes with your players, or offer them other avenues to succeed than just one option most games present. Wasting the deamon cult from orbit is good, but who is to say that deamon did hide in a hole in the ground only to plague the PCs years from now, in a more devious and sinister manner than before?
  4. Tougher than an ork and deadlier than an Eldar.
  5. . *Insert sinister diabolical laugh from GM*
  6. Another idea is that since it's Admech against Admech, it could be highly possible that the opposing faction has planted back-door codes / overriding commands in certain systems, weapon defenses, doors, servitors, etc. It would be highly problematic for the PC's if they fought off the attack, only to be in a secure area recuperating when a fellow "friendly" Admech personnel goes to a cogitator console, enters a code in that engages the defense weapons mounted in the walls and the servitors by the doors, and then leaves. Or they are attempting to flee an area flooded with contaminants caused by an unknown saboteur, only to discover that the Admech person in front of them locked the door everyone was attempting to flee to. Ahh, so many options..... But yes, ECM or EECM warfare is a great start for any tech sophisticated adversary. Having cogitators, servitors, vehicles and other tech savvy gadgets suddenly shut down, go haywire, or refuse to operate ("error..error") would definitely be annoying. And maybe even frightening if it is their shuttle that is heading toward the ground at earth shattering speeds.
  7. Take that back. I house ruled the barracks component houses 20,000 troops, though I never stipulated the basic size of a regiment. I ball parked it from 2,000 - 20,000 thousand, due to the issues Lynata mentioned. Some worlds could raise and equip 20,000 normal IG infantry regiments, while others could raise and equipment 2,000 medival swordsman. Never really delved into this dilema as it was not to relevant.
  8. I left it at 20,000 troops (or space equivalent for vehicles) and called it a day. And I think Errant was talking about the size discrepancies in the ships, combined with their space available. I'm not a math wiz, but it has been mentioned in the forums that putting a barracks component on a raider ship is vastly smaller than one on a cruiser, even though the rules state otherwise.
  9. It probably took allot of time and effort to generate it. Looks good though.
  10. I guess I just I inferred it that way. My apologies. Awesome concept art though. I have no doubt it took you many of hours to complete it. Keep up the superb work!
  11. A Ramilies Class starfort? Didn't Angel of Death say that?
  12. Some additional ideas. -wounds/bruises/ torn/bloody clothing that give no clue as how they appeared -old notes / emails found relations to past conversations / clues that make no sense now -odd cases of Deja Vu when a PC see something (an image on a vid screen / far off distant image / conversation of passerbyes that jogs a memory) -doing a routine (like checking over a map of an unknown area / reaching for keys not hanging by the door) or knowing a number sequence / code word / phrase that they have no recollection of obtaining -calling another PC by a name or nickname the other PC should not no or they have no idea why it sounds familiar
  13. I think it's mentioned somewhere in one of the below forum posts. https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/185677-vehicles-and-the-likes/?hl=barge#entry1747347 https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/130737-frigates-cargo-bays-4th/?hl=barge https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/121545-landing-barges/?hl=barge And I found an old gem. I love fan based material, it adds flavor to the game. https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/107167-heavy-transports-concepts/?hl=barge
  14. Didn't someone create stats for heavy lifters based of GW fluff?
  15. Google drive is your friend. See my link below with a plethora of excel sheets, word docs, PDFs and the like.
  16. It's a game, so keep it simply silly.
  17. 1) Creed - On Port Wander (or maybe the out-skirts of it) some Pilgrims from a sub-sect in the Ecclesiarchy request transport to a religious site of some renown (however, unbeknownst to the PC's and some of the Ministorum staff, Chaos has embedded itself in their midst and could strike at any time). This site can be a known location (Footfall), or someplace else of the GM's choosing. 2) Trade - While enroute to Port Wander another RT Transport ship offers to conduct a trade transaction outside of Port Wander due to the station is due to their "outrageous trade tariffs." This is of course a scam in order to trade low profit items for the PC's high profit items, in which a role-playing (or roll) negotiation business transaction can take place. 3) Trade / Military - A RT flotilla with a mixture of brand new looking vessels and newly repaired ones is attempting to purchase armaments, manpower and war equipment in support of an "Imperial Crusade" at any cost. A savvy RT tradesman can obtain a couple extra PF in a successful business transaction. The only information any sources can infer about their destination is "Zone 15." 4) Military- Upon shortly arriving in system a free trader raider ship sends out a distress message stating they "require immediate assistance in containing loose and highly dangerous cargo" which has escaped in their vessel and is wrecking havoc in it's crew. The PC's ship is the closest, and the cargo can be any type of deadly creature or a mixture to spice things up (Clawed Fiends, Khymeras, Terrorax's, Fossil Horrors, Ambulls, etc). 5) Choose among the plethora of endeavors compiled in my link below, located in the folder "Endeavors" with the file name "Endeavors".
  18. I did change the aspect of crew pop and morale, but mostly because of ship combat attrition. It's my google drive, under the folder "House Rules", file name "House Rules."
  19. Narrating it is good. Example: PC makes Scholastic Lore (War) / Command test, degrees of success / failures mean less / more casualties. Have the base set by the opposition, position/environment and resources at their command. Meaning, regular house conceited troops with guardsmen equipment, facing an ambush by feral orks of about half their size, in close proximity or confined space, would probably be a -20 or -30 on a command test. Each failure means that many orks PC has to face in hand to hand combat with the base 50% casualty rate with increased by +5% per dof. PC wins hand to hand with orks, battle is success but with heavy casualties as stated above. With that said, facing same opposition, with you leading ambush, with enemy at distance, would probably be +20. With base casualty at like 15% or 25% with +/-5% per dos/dof. Bigger battle means a few more die rolls and a few more personal combat scenarios that can sway the fight to victory or defeat.
  20. Awesome concept! A few things I've done for important and long term places is create a checklist of what all I think the place needs, a Rolodex of important/not-so-important-but-think-they-are NPC's, important dens/cantena's/locations/shops/views, organizations present, important events and holidays/times. Might sound like a lot of stuff, but they all intertwine and make stories of their own. Like maybe the place needs a water purifying plant, with an overseer and maybe a couple shift leaders who think they are important, with maybe a watering hole called "Taps" down on their level that has a steamy atmosphere. An organization that wants to make a niche into the station could be the Slaugth, and an important time is at 2111, 21st day of Solace. Reason for this is could be is when a Saint visited the station. So now, you have a shift supervisor who works the late shift, has to work during a special event and might take resentment toward this, visits "Taps" at a regular basis, and the Slaugth are trying to sneak themselves/food/equipment on/off there through clandestine means (maybe through a full/empty water shipment container). And who says it's IN? It could be moth balled attack craft, with mercenary pilots. Kinda like the beginning part of Lost in Space the movie, where he is piloting around shooting at pirates. Always liked that movie too.
  21. Can't you just randomly pick an NPC with stat blocks? That's what I did.
  22. In my experience, most of my stories comes from the players. I don't know how many times I've made a random single named NPC for something minute, but my players took a shining to him/her and the situation and kept coming back/dragging the NPC around. Had to actually make character sheets for a few of them too to add to the group. Having the open setting means you can't go wrong with anything. You want all dead planets with slumbering vile enemies, go for it. A highly populated world about to be wiped out, awesome! That beautiful magnificent system teaming with resources, but with a hidden virus that corrupts machines, watch out. All you have to do is create bait and see what the players run with. You can flesh them out from there. This. Know the rules before hand, but also know that no rule lawyer is going to knock down your door if you change them to better suit your campaign needs (prime example, Errant's house rules mix). Obviously, before you change them you need to know them to determine what will and what will not work. If everyone is having fun and coming back for seconds, thirds and so forth, then you are doing it right. What I have also done is let my players create a few interesting star systems with plot hooks and twists. I then took out stuff, added other things from other players ideas and had a ready to go system with Endeavors someone was interested in. That player will then have bragging rights saying "I made that!" Of course, once you spring your evil twist on them you can sit there and smile and say "Someone else made this part up, so I'm just the story teller," and watch them point fingers trying to get to the bottom of it. Nothing like a good round of paranoia once in awhile to spice things up.
  23. That discussion is else where. However, some of us pointed out that this would be a viable tactic the Imperium or Chaos would utilize on a daily basis and since we have not heard about it from any official GW source, it was decided that it's not feasible due to some unforeseen error. What that error is is up the players a GM. Ei: Ship explodes/implodes doing no/little harm to planet, ship gets devoured by warp, or the warp drive says "Does no compute" and your GM gives you the evil eye.
  24. Some of us came up the concept that you cannot gain a max bonus in excess of the total PF reward for the adventure. Meaning, at the conclusion of a +5 PF Grand Endeavor, the total bonus PF the PC's could net would be no more than +5 (for a Grand total +10). This means they would have to seek larger endeavor's in order to gain huge rewards, instead of conducting Lesser Endeavor's all the time and coming out ahead. Others have thrown out the RAW Endeavors and substituted their own reward system, like what you mentioned. What exactly those rewards and system is, is at the GM and players discretion. With all this said, just because the PC's have a Barracks and a Cargo Hold does not mean they automatically gain a +100< bonus achievement points. In my opinion, the PC's would have to had them stocked with the right supplies for the right audience (because what backwater feudal world Chieftain wants battery cells, cogitators, and/or copper wires he can't use). So unless they did their research before hand, they might not get the total worth from that component.
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