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  1. Looks like you all played an epic adventure. Glad you had a great group of players!
  2. Wow..... did not know they killed off DH2 also. Thought they were going good with their WH40k products.
  3. My prime way of seeing if an adversary is a worthwhile opponent or TPK, is to take the most highly skilled/armed/trainer person in the group and compare him/her/it to the opponent. Example: The basic Rak'Gol maurader vs Archmilitant. Maurader has TB of 8 with like 8 armor, weapon stubber of 1d10+4 pen 2. Archy has a TB 4, armor 5, and a bolt pistol for 1d10+4, pen 4. So, average roll of dam for Maurader is 11, vs 9 TB and Armor of Archy means she will take about 2 dam per hit. While Achy does average of about 10 vs 16 of the Maurader. She is in for a tough fight, so simply going DND style will not work. She needs to fight it tactically and intelligently, not just head on. Same can be said for the negotiation deal mentioned above. RT deals with a lot of hand waving, guessing, and leaving it for GM and player interpretation. There is no black and white in this game. There is color and a whole lot of different shades of gray. With that said, as a GM you need to be able to sit down and discuss possible outcomes with your players, or offer them other avenues to succeed than just one option most games present. Wasting the deamon cult from orbit is good, but who is to say that deamon did hide in a hole in the ground only to plague the PCs years from now, in a more devious and sinister manner than before?
  4. Tougher than an ork and deadlier than an Eldar.
  5. . *Insert sinister diabolical laugh from GM*
  6. Another idea is that since it's Admech against Admech, it could be highly possible that the opposing faction has planted back-door codes / overriding commands in certain systems, weapon defenses, doors, servitors, etc. It would be highly problematic for the PC's if they fought off the attack, only to be in a secure area recuperating when a fellow "friendly" Admech personnel goes to a cogitator console, enters a code in that engages the defense weapons mounted in the walls and the servitors by the doors, and then leaves. Or they are attempting to flee an area flooded with contaminants caused by an unknown saboteur, only to discover that the Admech person in front of them locked the door everyone was attempting to flee to. Ahh, so many options..... But yes, ECM or EECM warfare is a great start for any tech sophisticated adversary. Having cogitators, servitors, vehicles and other tech savvy gadgets suddenly shut down, go haywire, or refuse to operate ("error..error") would definitely be annoying. And maybe even frightening if it is their shuttle that is heading toward the ground at earth shattering speeds.
  7. Take that back. I house ruled the barracks component houses 20,000 troops, though I never stipulated the basic size of a regiment. I ball parked it from 2,000 - 20,000 thousand, due to the issues Lynata mentioned. Some worlds could raise and equip 20,000 normal IG infantry regiments, while others could raise and equipment 2,000 medival swordsman. Never really delved into this dilema as it was not to relevant.
  8. I left it at 20,000 troops (or space equivalent for vehicles) and called it a day. And I think Errant was talking about the size discrepancies in the ships, combined with their space available. I'm not a math wiz, but it has been mentioned in the forums that putting a barracks component on a raider ship is vastly smaller than one on a cruiser, even though the rules state otherwise.
  9. It probably took allot of time and effort to generate it. Looks good though.
  10. I guess I just I inferred it that way. My apologies. Awesome concept art though. I have no doubt it took you many of hours to complete it. Keep up the superb work!
  11. A Ramilies Class starfort? Didn't Angel of Death say that?
  12. Some additional ideas. -wounds/bruises/ torn/bloody clothing that give no clue as how they appeared -old notes / emails found relations to past conversations / clues that make no sense now -odd cases of Deja Vu when a PC see something (an image on a vid screen / far off distant image / conversation of passerbyes that jogs a memory) -doing a routine (like checking over a map of an unknown area / reaching for keys not hanging by the door) or knowing a number sequence / code word / phrase that they have no recollection of obtaining -calling another PC by a name or nickname the other PC should not no or they have no idea why it sounds familiar
  13. I think it's mentioned somewhere in one of the below forum posts. https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/185677-vehicles-and-the-likes/?hl=barge#entry1747347 https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/130737-frigates-cargo-bays-4th/?hl=barge https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/121545-landing-barges/?hl=barge And I found an old gem. I love fan based material, it adds flavor to the game. https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/107167-heavy-transports-concepts/?hl=barge
  14. Didn't someone create stats for heavy lifters based of GW fluff?
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