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  1. I understand posting on this website is an extreme longshot and probably a bit too optimistic, but I use to play this game as a kid and thought it would be extremely cool to own a full set of all the English cards. If anyone has a full set (31 promos and 472 set cards) that they would want to sell, shoot me an email at Otterman_95@yahoo.com with a price.
  2. updates...no more cards. all gone thanks for any1 that bought from me. trade thread closed now!!!!!
  3. hey amphillips i was wondering if you saw the updated list and was still interested in bying anything?( i posted this on my thread to but i wasnt sure if u check my thred) anyways u posted on there a while ago and i told u i had to update it, so in is updated now and no response.
  4. hey amphillips i was wondering if you saw the updated list and was still interested in bying anything?
  5. GTrogi said: Hey, I'll give you 50$ for -Don lvl 4 -Goof lvl 4 -Triton -EotW Or 65$ for -The First 4 -Aerith -D.Mal Or 85$ for -The First 6 -Cloud That's what they're worth to me, if you wan't to hold off thats all good , but thats my offer i couldnt do anything less then 60$ for the first 4 and no less then 80$ for the first 6 since they are all SRUs. email me at otterman_95@yahoo.com and we might be able to work out a deal!!!
  6. gtrogi sorry but hte updates didnt load so im doing it again.
  7. amphillips said: Just out of curiousity, are your sets two and three still complete? I may be interested in buying everything as a bundle. I am posting on several of the "Selling my collection" type threads to see what everyone has left/what they are asking for their at the moment so whoever has the best deal I plan on buying stuff from. Please e-mail me if you can: amphillips@mail.com. they are not complete sets anymore. there will be updates in about 3 to 4 days. if you are still interested in buying them after the update just let me know at otterman_95@yahoo.com
  8. oathkeepers are 5$ a peice not 4 for 5!!! As for the Sr Leon im not sure because someone else might already be buying it sorry but ill keep you posted
  9. i have an oblivion and it is a dollar but i cant just ship u just that because paypal will only leave me with a few cents.
  10. Have you received my cards yet??? If not i'm going to have to start wondering!!!
  11. + 1 to Ichiban829 +1 to demonlord Thanks for the quick payments guys!!
  12. +1 Eroecchi Thanks for the quick payment
  13. demon email sent! also update no more Sephy or Chip
  14. my email is otterman_95@yahoo.com if any of you are wondering. update is Sephy + Chip might be gone.
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