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  1. Right. 12 Heroes. No thanks. But I am about to experiment with LotR Highlander. I've got all of the cards and will take one of each player card and make a single ongoing draw deck. Will take 4 heroes. One from each race that left Rivendell: Elven, Human, Dwarven and Hobbit, also representing each of the 4 spheres. And see what happens. I did this successfully with Magic. It's a highly random, easy to run format and will intro me to all the cards. Some HRs will of course apply. Will figure those out as I go along. I see CoC Highlander has been explored already.
  2. Holy crap! Need to graft on a second brain for that! Trying 4 heroes here currently.
  3. When you say Solo 4 handed, you mean 4 heroes, right . . ?
  4. All good! Fit like a glove! Player cards go well in UP Binders colored to match each sphere. Would post a pic if I could figure how.
  5. Cool, then if you Saran wrapped them sleeved or otherwise, bet they'd fit too. Thanks.
  6. Question. Does anyone know if all of the adventure packs of a particular cycle will fit into the Deluxe box once the insert, player cards and hero cards are removed? Seems like they would. Thanks.
  7. Yeah I took over as curator of a guy's collection (bought it, in a word). 95% of it is shrink. Now I'll have to break it down and organize it. Hence the questions about boxes for storing the various cycles.
  8. I was thinking even humbler than that. Thinking was that the Deluxe boxes have great art and would look good on the shelf and of course organize cycles and adventures. Was going to remove the insert and keep the cards inside contained in something else. Deck boxes perhaps. Would that work, you think? That hold everything? Idea was basically that the boxes would be attractive on the shelf and hold all of the cards for each cycle. Excepting the player cards which I will keep in binders. Game arrives tomorrow, all 70 expansions worth. Should know more then.
  9. That is beyond the sauce; my God! I had much humbler designs. Thought here was I'd take all of the player cards and hero cards and put them in respectively colored Ultra Pro binders. Then keep the rest with the Deluxe box they came in on the shelf. I might have to try and dial that in down the line a bit, though.
  10. Just so. Maybe there is no place for personal need queries. But we are missing boxes from the two Hobbit Sagas and The Grey Haven. Would happily pay shipping if someone wants to recycle. Thanks! Rob