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  1. Sorry, don't need two of these . . .
  2. Painted Set

    I have a very nicely painted copy of the game. All units painted and based to a very good tabletop standard, Interceptors as well, UFOs inked a bit in black. Could trade/sell for figs only or as a whole. Contact for pics. SOLD Rob
  3. Twice played and with only a few of the figures at that. A beautiful addition to the game. This copy is number 579 out of 800. Extremely nice condition. Asking $375
  4. Official Arkham Horror Player Locator, POST HERE!

    Lopez Island, Washington.
  5. We're playing EH at the moment and enjoying it a lot. Something tells me we will want more, deeper thematic traction with the Cuthulu game experience than the globetrotting EH format will provide. I've had AH and the works several years ago, but failed to get into it. The fiddliness, probably, and the volume of material, overhwlemed us. Now, I'm thinking I'm ready to venture in again. Mindful, circumspect, and perhaps with the cards from all of the expansions but not the boards and rule sets themself. So, looking to trade or buy someone's set. Have a killer copy of KS Yellow Stripe OGRE here that could go on the block. ALL GOOD, NEGOTIATED FOR A SET EARLIER TODAY. LOOKING FORWARD TO INCHING INTO THE GAME.
  6. Looking for a copy

    Hello, I've got a copy I'd consider trading, possibly selling. Primarily looking to trade it though, for a collection of D&D minis, or even more remotely, for a collection of Hexon II tiles. Try me at, if you want to know more. Cheers! Rob
  7. $99 with trade of your unpainted set. Inquire for pics.
  8. I've got a one-of a-kind, complete Starcraft set for easy entry. Typhon, Brood wars, Base Set, the Works including 4 double-thick player aids showing unit capabilities and strength ranges, with all expansion units integrated on one side, and an integrated sequence of play/order token reference on the reverse side. 6 Plano cases with labeled slots for units. It is the unmitigated sauce. Auction #150725515259 2 days left:" rel="nofollow">
  9. Addendum to a possible trade as of today . . . I am interested in trading the game unopened in its box (with custom Mayday sleeves), for a Mac Notebook. New would be best, along these lines:
  10. Can't find the edit button so amending the contact info here: Eddy is:
  11. I just thought I'd put this out in case the right trade match came along. I would consider trading it, in its unopened box, for a large DDM (D&D Minis) collection. Complete sets would be a possibility. Serious trade offers only, thanks.
  12. I've got a set of unused, unpainted figures I'd like to trade or sell. Contact if interested.
  13. Playing W:I only now. AGoT just WAS NOT fun. But certainly was engaging! Recently discovered the difference.
  14. Season Themed Decks . . ?

    Thanks man, that's about what I was looking for. Quick one: in game play I assume it isn't summer or winter until one or the other is revealed via a card. roblyon
  15. I'm just getting going with the game. Picked up all of the cards recently with a deuce of Winter and Summer Packs. Just thought I'd see if I could get a little orientation on how you guys set up decks utilizing the season mecahnics. Thanks, roblyon