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  1. Morangias said: As for porting BC Skills, I'd personally put the new, condensed Skills on those Ranks where the old Career first gains a new level of any Skill that becomes a part of the new one. So, if you have: Rank 1: Concealment Rank 2: Silent Move Rank 3: Concealment +10 You put Stealth at Rank 1 and Stealth +10 at Rank 3. I'd strongly advise to up the experience cost of the new Skills, though. DH is already insanely cheap compared to other 40k systems, advancement for advancement. That's more or less what I was planning to do for availability. But costing is a bit trickier. i don't want to make it cost more than the original skills, but if you make it as much as the original skills then that might discourage people from putting 200 or 300 points into one skill like that.
  2. Yeah, i think that there should absolutely be a unified core rulebook that would fit everything, and then have additional books for the various "lines". Much like the HERO system with its core book and expansions. PS, take a hint from HERO and release a Combat manual.
  3. Nigh7gaun7

    Only War

    Ogryn are totally plausible; Bone 'Eads are smart enough to function as a leader of sorts, and Ogryn have always had some level of cunningness. Look at Nork Dedork, for example. As for "undercover ogryn" nobody will ever look at one and not realize it's an ogryn, but it's possible one is working as hired muscle for a mob boss, or a traitor ogryn, or a mutant who looks like an ogryn, or hell, maybe you just keep him in the back of the grav truck until you get to Cultists-R-Us. An ogryn might not be the best at putting together complicated chains of financial evidence, but nothing says an Ogryn can't show up with the other Acolytes and notice something out of place, or pick up a strange smell. If your argument against them is that they can't fit into your campaign based on "The Spy Who Came In From The Cold" and thus they shouldn't be in the book, then there's a whole load of other stuff that shouldn't be in there either. tl;dr baaawww they're including something found in warzones in a war book. PS: I hope they include ratlings. I've always wanted to make a Ratling sniper.
  4. I was reading through the Cyber-Mastiff Handler talents and traits in the Book of Judgement, and I noticed that it supposedly gets Basic Weapon Training - Pistol. Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought you bought Pistol Training for Las, SP, or Primitive, and that was it. If this is the case, what is he supposed to get in place of "Basic Weapon Training - Pistol"? Also, I was reading through Black Crusade, and the Skill Changes table is great, and i want to integrate it into Dark heresy. However, that does cause a little bit of a problem for the character progression. Say I have a character who wants to learn shadowing, and later concealment, in Dark Heresy. Now in BC, those are both part of Stealth. When should it become available, and how much should it cost? As an aisde I really hope FFG makes DH 2.0
  5. Graspar said: I guess one of my biggest concerns is that I'll be stuck with pistols when everyone else is toting around a machine gun or powerfist or whatever and I won't be able to hurt anybody worth a ****. Sitting around behind cover is the adept's job from what I hear and he'd hate competition : P Plenty of pistols are nasty. SP->Bolt->Plasma->Melta will kill increasingly big things with little problem. The only way you'll be left behind in damage potential with pistols is if it's super long range combat or heavy weapons. Or melee, but there's no prohibition against melee or heavy weapons that i'm aware of. Might not fit the character concept though... His ballistics skill will probably be high enough, with other bonuses, to soak up the penalty. For instance, a gunslinger who's got a good roll, gunmetal hive, and the +3 divination can have 48 starting BS which I think is the highest possible. After 350 points he'll have another +10, and then tack on a scope and a full aim and any other bonuses, or full auto point blank and/or scatter, and he'll do just fine with most anything. If he doesn't get all that, say he's noble born and gets some other divination, that's still a 38 or so for a good roll. He won't be the best of the best at long-range assassinations, but he can do well enough when he needs it as a back-up.
  6. You could simply ask your GM to waive the restriction on starting worlds and let you take Noble Born and Metallican Gunslinger, seeing as your character so far sounds pretty much like the archetypal gunslinger. One thing I don't like about the DH system as-is is the sometimes overly limiting ways to get a career by RAW. That being said, I agree with the others that it may be worth statting this concept out as an assassin. The assassin gets much killier stuff overall. Or a normal scum without the metallican package. Which can as has been said be very limiting. The downside is that the metallican hive and metallican gunslinger packages offer some very nice boosts to characters of your type, and an assassin will have a very hard and expensive time boosting fellowship and getting fellowship skills. Metallican gunslinger has the particular advantage of letting you start out as your character concept rather than having to work up to it and only really getting to play as what you want for levels 6-8 or so. All in all, I recommend playing a Scum, talking to your GM about combining noble born and gunslinger,and taking elite advances as necessary. Unfortunately you won't be able to get the +5 bonus to BS that Gunmetal Hive offers, but c'est la vie I suppose.
  7. Bilateralrope said: Shields, swords, axes and great weapons all ask the player to consider a trade between the weapons offensive and defensive capability. Great weapons, being the most damaging of the lot, also have the higher cost to defence: In exchange for their massive damage (for a primitive weapon), they make the character unable to parry. Why should you get out of this tradeoff simply because you are a very strong mutant ? Your higher SB already means you will deal more damage than other characters wielding the same weapon. If you want to go defensive, get a shield and axe. If you want to go fully offensive, get a great weapon and accept that you can't parry. If you want something in between, replace the shield with a sword or axe. If you have the money, consider a chain weapon. Or, if you are really rich, a power weapon. If you get hold of an Astartes weapon, especially if it's a powerful one, pass it on to your inquisitor (or anyone else you trust to get it back to its home chapter) ASAP. You would not want to be caught up in the trouble that using it would bring you, even if you weren't a mutant. As for the -10AG. You made a mutant character, live with the problems the mutation causes. Or die to them and make a new character. I don't think you understood what I was asking at all. The point is that my character is very large and very strong and thus a normal knife is very small and hard for him to use, and he should be able to use weapons that more normal people can't. I would argue with the inability of great weapons to parry in the first place; varangian axes and two handed swords are still capable of blocking blows. But even if you say that great weapons can't can't parry for some dumb reason, for my guy a great weapon isn't as "great" as it would be for a normal person and I want to reflect this. If you read my post, I know there's a -10 penalty to Agility. That's fine. I am trying to ameliorate the impact of it by using a second weapon to parry. You can't even argue with that cause it's allowed under the current rules.
  8. Grinnenstadt said: It seems you are right about Wright. I just checked the DH and IH RAW and it says absolutely nuthin 'bout servitors. IH Pg. 247 does give expanded crafting rules if you already didn't know that and yes, it will be very expensive. That is why "Inquisition" rhymes with "Requisition". "Hi,we're from the Inquisition and we're here to take all your stuff. By the way, seen any heretics?"
  9. Is there any way to use a two-handed melee weapon in one hand? I ask because I am basically playing an ogryn (I rolled a hive mutant, my rolls ended up giving me brute and unnatural strength). Brute actually gives a -10 penalty to agility, which hurts a lot. Makes it harder to dodge and such. So I want to use a sword in one hand for the +10 parry bonus and a great weapon (axe or mace or something) in the other hand. I really should be able to, since my guy has a strength bonus of 10, but I figured I'd ask about rules for it cause I don't see any.
  10. Grinnenstadt said: My two cents concerning the skill set needed for a cybernetic/servitor specialized Tech-Priest: -Medicae (and lots of it): This skill governs the installation of implants and bionic components. Pg. 234 of the IH covers these expanded rules. Using these rules, Tech-Use will give you a +10 bonus for such tests. The Master Chirurgeon Talent would also be helpful here. The Cortex Implant is what turns a normal person into a servitor [i think; RAW seems fuzzy in this matter]. Everything else is a matter of installing the appropriate bionic upgrades. -Tech-Use: The need for this skill is obvious for building, repairing and maintaining Teknical parts of a servitor. This is the main "Interaction" skill for dealing with servitors under the expanded skill rules; Pg. 238 IH: Cyber Wrangling. -Binary Chatter: Pg. 113 DH: "...+10 bonus to any attempt to instruct, program or question servitors." -Logic: A must have for any Tech-Priest, this skill will allow you to interpret ready-made servitor designs and may help in their programing. -Forbidden Lore (Adeptus Mechanicus): This should give you some insight into the AdMech beliefs and philosophies concerning the use of servitors. -Mechandendrites: Medicae and Utility. Perhaps Manipulator also [see below]. -Luminen Charge: To recharge or power your servitors. Pg. 118 DH, Toughness Test: Difficult (-10) for servo-skulls, Hard (-20) for servitors. Energy Cache will negate the Fatigue from using this Talent. -Trade (Wright): If you wish to construct your own unique servitors, you will have to begin by creating a new design. This skill will allow you to do just that. -Trade (Armorer): To customize and upgrade the weaponry and armor of your servitors. -Trade (Smith): To forge custom metal parts for your servitor design. -Ferric Lure/Summons: For grabbing malfunctioning servo-skulls from the air. -Optional Skills: Common Lore (Machine Cult), (Tech), and Trade (Technomat) [the usefulness of this skill is discussed in a different thread]. -Characteristics: As with most Tech-Priests, Intelligence should be your main focus. A high Toughness will help with the Luminen Charge talent. Willpower will help with the Ferric Lure/Summons Talents. These three Characteristics are the easiest to advance for the Tech-Priest. You might want to also take special consideration concerning the Strength Characteristic as both Trade (Armorer) and (Smith) are based on Strength. This is a rather difficult Characteristic for the Tech-Priest to raise; the first advance is 500XP. At your GM's discretion, perhaps the Strength bonus from a Good Quality Bionic Arm or the Manipulator Mechadendrite may be added into these Trade tests. -Basic Equipment: Auspex/Scanner, Data-Slate, Micro-Bead, Personal Cogitator, Vox-Caster and lots and lots of Servitors. I was already planning on getting all of that except for Wright, which in the rulebook is described as being for the construction fo buildings and vehicles and even spaceships. And I hadn't thought about Smith, i figured it would be covered by armourer and technomat. I think my biggest hurdle will just be getting all the money and materials needed to start making servitors. I also intend to steal any that don't belong to anyone (possibly because I just crushed their owner's head for heresy) and upgrade them.
  11. Well, what other skill would cover the biological aspect of things? It's not like there's Trade - Neuroadept or Trade - Cyberneticist. Between Medicae, Tech-use, Armourer, and Forbidden Lore - AdMech, I should have it covered.
  12. Quartermus said: Your still thinking he's just a normal data spirit, its a demon bargain, normal rules tend not to apply. Thats why I suggested that route. Plus Im just trying to come up with a half plausible exscuse to help out the OP with his idea. Sorry, I was addressing the OP, not your post. If he's busy making deals with daemons then he could take over toenail clippers. And then **** your soul.
  13. Whoever's selling these things to the Arbites has got to be offering a package deal or something. As it is that dog costs more than 4 energy blades. The DH crafting rules and in-game economy are effectively worthless and GMs ought to just make up better prices. Because there's no way something as simple as a cybermastiff (in an Imperium that uses billions of servitors) costs more than FOUR energy blades, which are incredibly rare and not even fully understood by the mechanicus magi that make them.
  14. 1) I doubt a thunder hammer has anything he could load himself into. Even if it did, the power field would keep him from actually touching it. 2) if you're absolutely determined to do this, then he shouldn't have anything but the barest bones of a personality left. Almost no memory and only few, very strong, emotional impulses.
  15. I would say that at least some of those traits are innate to the dog that's modified. For example, you wouldn't need to teach the dog tracking.
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