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  1. JuankiMan said: HappyDaze said: JuankiMan said: I'd be wary of anything written by Gav Thorpe, though. The only one within GW with more contempt for stablished canon than him is Matt Ward. That's CS Goto or James Swallow (though Swallow has been less heinous lately, maybe someone's finally editing his stuff finally) not Gav Thorpe, who pretty much (with the later addition of Phil Kelly) defined Eldar as a race and has brought more background for Dark Angels and Imperial Guard than most (though not as much IG love as Dan Abnett). Goto = Backflipping Terminators… Gav is still writing for GW through Black Library and never really stopped (in fact, Ravenwing comes out VERY soon and is his, and he wrote The Lion for the HH series recently).
  2. One, where will you find adorable space puppies in the Grimdark!?! Nothing is adorable in 40k That being said, I don't see a big problem with this (he could capture a bunch of gretchin and do the same, Orks do it all the time so why not?) the issue would be that the tokens are only per session. Sure, each game session begins and ends on ship, with time to wrack up plenty of tokens, then yes, he's going to have infinite tokens BUT, if you cliffhanger your sessions (ending right before a 'boss fight', in the middle of a speeder chase, etc) then your DE player will be back to 0 tokens at the start of next session.
  3. AluminiumWolf said: But basically no one in 40k had sex before Ciaphas Cain, and Marines haven't caught up with the revolution yet. Incorrect, both Gaunt (in Necropolis, implied at the time, confirmed later), and the Inquisitor & Callidus assassin from the Inquistion Trilogy (blatant in at least 2 of the books in the trilogy) have sex. I'm fairly sure Necropolis is before Cain's novels start, don't quote me on it, I am 100% sure the Inquisition war trilogy was before it. Inquisition War Trilogy also has the Imperial Fist acknowledge that the Callidus Assassin is attractive, but suppresses any desire through discipline. William Kings space wolves in the Wolfguard are blatantly in love with their charge, the navigator (each member to their own degree Some 40k Authors handle sexuality as a topic, some avoid it entirely. The same will be said for many 40k RPG games, some GMs will include it, others will avoid it. On a final note, specifically to topic, at no point, in no codex is there any description of ANY of their implanted organs chemically or physically neutering them. Considering how regimented a space marine's life is, it may have never actually occurred to do this. Most space marines don't have TIME to fraternize with the opposite sex, let alone the opportunity. Lastly, in some incredibly OLD Index Astartes bits from WD (before some wicked retconn butchery), Salamanders Chapter Marines were rotated in small numbers back to Nocturne, to have families and help run the settlements they came from.
  4. I'd actually say that servitors don't make up any % of the crew, remember the imperium would just view them as equipment. A servitor on the bridge wired into a console isn't a crew member, he's actually part of the ship. High ranking officers (non-mechanicum) would most likely have no servitors working under them to do menial tasks, they'd have adjutants (or whatever the naval equivalent is), a lower ranking human doing the work, because knowing how to make your caf, bed, what to use to wash your clothes, etc, would be something you'd want someone who can tailor things to your specific tastes to know how to do, and servitors (most) are just not that good. Add to that, most of the hard (and/or deadly labor) is done by humans (as detailed in the books that we can tell really, the couple of BFG novels they had put out and the couple of RT books), it's HUGE teams of humanity who load the guns. Remember, at the end of the day, 1 pressganged shmuck from a hive world is worth LESS than a servitor in the Imperium of Man (the human needs no alterations, needs no time with a member of the adeptus mechanicus, no lobotomy, no programming, just a guy to point a gun at him and tell him to lift that bail & tote that barge).
  5. heh yer lucky, my party has a monster of a Techpriest whom the new version of the bolter can't actually hurt without righteous fury. He's sitting on a 50 TB (machinator array + stat bonuses), and bionics for each limb, chest & head increasing it by a further 2 (giving him a TB after x2 of 12), plus flesh is weak 3, and artificer armor. That's 27 points of damage he soaks up (and the new bolters can turn out a total of 24, old bolters can churn out 30 if lucky). That's only rank 5 (though he is the only person in the party to have died thus far, killed by an ork with a krak missle… heh). Our party Chaplain is not as monstrously hard to hurt, thankfully, he only has the TB10 and artificer armor, so I can nickle and dime him with the new bolters if I was to go that way… 1 or 2 pts of damage at a time, IF it gets through his Rosarius (thank the god-emperor his luck with that is low and it usually blows out after a round or two of combat). Our librarian is easiest to hurt… until puts up his tk shield… then I need railguns, but that's been like that forever. The errata weapon specs SHOULD have come with a port for the unnatural stat nerfs, then they'd be much more solid imo.
  6. Question on the kraken, is it marked as a tyranid? I could have sworn the smallest tyranid ships in bfg were krakens. Answer on looting one - Technovirus that turns space marines into obliterators, Iron Hands used it on one of the big bug ships to make it livable or some such, can't remember which book it was in though heh.
  7. Keep in mind that, the minimum damage is higher (which is, agreeably, nice), however, the maximum damage is drummed with the nerf bat. I am actually unable to use the errata weapon stats without porting in the unnatural stat nerfs from BC as well (as it stands our party's techpriest will take at most 2 pts of damage without Righteous Fury from the heavy bolter at max damage due to high toughness/armor/etc. standard chaos marines will be unable to actually hurt him without serious special weapons, and many of them).
  8. Nurgle - Whoever thought of the idea of the diseased blankets to wipe out indian colonies. Slaanesh - Marquis de Saad as was mentioned earlier, and any number of artists/musicians noted through history to have been thought to "sell their soul" for their talent (like Elvis... and justin bieber I suppose is evil and androgynis enough for a slaaneshi cultist) Tzeentch - Alexander the Great, Napoleon, Lincoln, and the chick who started the women's right movement, as these were agents for massive, worldwide change. Khorne - Vlad the Impaler, Ghadafi, Sadam Hussein and any number of other world leaders who have executed mass numbers of people in a violent orgy of blood and death. The Emperor - Hitler, the Popes who started the Crusades, Bush (Please remember, chaos is not about Evil vs Good, it is about Law vs Chaos, Hitler was extremely lawful, and you could, by setting, swap "jews/blacks/gypsies with the concept of mutants/xenos/heretics).
  9. Well, if they tie Black Crusade in with their other goodies (as they've done with everything else), there is gauranteed to be Thousand Sons (as they've been mentioned more than once in the Dark Heresy stuff) and Alpha Legion (from the Deathwatch stuff). Black Legion is almost a gaurantee, hard to have a black crusade without them (though it's been done). If they mirror the Deathwatch Chapters, you'll have the following: Black Legion - Ultramarines Iron Warriors - Imperial Fists Thousand Sons - Space Wolves Alpha Legion - Dark Angels World Eaters or Emperor's Children - Blood Angels Word Bearers - Black Templars FFG Chaos Legion - Storm Wardens Since it only takes like, what, 15 pages to detail the CSM chapters if they get the same treatment as the loyalists it shouldn't be hard for them to do.
  10. Next time they re-do the Space Marine codex, almost gaurantee that regular chapters will pick up Librarian and (maybe) Chaplain dreads. Why? Because there's no reason NOT to inter them as well.
  11. Gribble_the_Munchkin said: For the navigators, i remember one book mentioning that as part of the deal, a navigator patriarch has a bodyguard of space wolf marines. Not someone you'd want to mess with then. The Space Wolves novels by William King set this precident (and a rather entertaining one) and are carried on by Lee Lightner (fun books, good characters).
  12. Space Marines have ships that are analogous to the sword, firestorm and cobra as well (the nova, gladius and hunter frigates, the Thunder's Word is likely one of these). Some chapters (the ultras for certain as it's documented in the bfg rules) have at minimum 2 battle barges (2 different patterns on top of that) , and Azrael shows up to the siege of Vraks with a Battlebarge and 4 strike cruisers with only half of the dark angels chapter in tow. Any Fleet based Chapter (Imperial Fists, Black Templars, etc) will have a significant number of ships. If I remember right, a BB will carry 3 companies comfortably, and a strike cruiser 1. Though, keep in mind, even a 'significant' number of ships for a space marine chapter is a small number compaired to an Imperial Navy battle group in an important sector. Codex & BFG say ships are crewed by chapter serfs & servitors, with space marine command crew (not just bl novels for those who don't like BL as cannon), with deals worked out with Navigator houses and astropaths for those particular services (though there's no mention of mechanicus support strangely, I suppose 1 techmarine can control a host of servitors to perform proper maintenance rituals on the smaller ships) though some Librarians can do astrotelepathy like an astropath. Space Marine ships are, like the adeptus astartes they carry, the best warships in the imperium, able to take more punishment than ships catagorically larger, and generally come armed with planet killer weaponry and bombardment cannons... so very nice that can crack a normal battleship like an egg... now if only they came with nova cannons. *note to self and ambitious renegade techmarines...*
  13. Battle for the Abyss (HH book) has the "largest imperial ship on record" supposedly, though I don't think you could call it technically imperial. Ranked after that would be the Phalanx, which was the Emperor's personal flagship until he gave it to Rogal Dorn as a gift. The Rock (The Dark Angels flying fortress) can travel, but it's more of a mobile space station and less of a ship. An Imperial Ship can really get as large as they want to make it, the problem becomes a matter of time. It takes something like 50 years to make something the size of a cobra destroyer and over a century for something like a lunar, more for a battleship. You could start making a ship the size of four battleships put together, but it'd probably take a millenium to build.
  14. Hidaowin said: I think it can be used for different functions for different types of player. For example if you havea player who is poor at or has no interest in tactics, it can be used to supply tactics or suggest courses of action if the player feels "stuck" If you have an average player it can be used to check the workability of strategies or suggest alternate approaches. If you have a very strategically minded player it can be used to supply a piece of information they couldn't otherwise get or a course of action they can't actually see. For example seeing a building thats occupied with traitor guardsman, a tactics roll might let them know that the typical size of that unit is 100 men, or their doctorine states to store their fuel and ammo on the left hand side of the bulding on the ground floor. In many ways its the "Being a Space Marine in a War" skill, if the player is out of his depth or looking for options in a military situation, Tactics is a good skill to roll. +1, we use it the same here.
  15. Use all the rules means use all the rules, how is that hard to understand? Consecrators use all of the Dark Angels rules, plus the added relic rule under in their sidebar. IE: Make a Dark Angel, mastercraft 1 piece of their signature gear (which if they lose or it gets busted gets them HOSED), don't get any armor above mk6, and start roleplaying. This goes for chapter attack/defense patterns, and chapter relics (aside from the fact that whether or not you can get a chapter relic is entirely based on whether or not the GM wants to let you have it anyway, even if you're of the exact chapter). I seriously doubt you'll see a Black Templar throw a hissy fit if an Imperial Fist wears their relic armor just because he's not a Templar (assuming the IF isn't a librarian, but that's a whole different thing), as a Son of Dorn, is a Son of Dorn.
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