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  1. I am pleased to announce that The Game Haven is gearing up for a second league season! This season will once again be an escalation season covering the Spin Cycle and the 'Honor and Profit' deluxe expansion. The league will start on Monday, January 12th and will cost $10 per person for the entire league. How Escalation Works -Cards from up to two core sets, The Genesis Cycle, and 'Creation and Control' have no restrictions. These are the only cards legal the first week. -Second week, you may add cards from one of the first two data packs from The Spin Cycle. -Third week, you can add cards from two of the first four Spin Cycle packs. -Fourth week, you can add cards from three of the six Spin Cycle packs. -Fifth week, you can add cards from four of the packs and 'Honor and Profit.' However, using cards from 'Honor and Profit' counts as using two of your four allowed packs. -The sixth and final week is a free for all! All cards up to 'Honor and Profit' are legal! In addition to the prize for winning the league overall, there will a prize for completing achievements throughout the league. While some of these achievements are fairly easy - win as each corp faction, for example - others will be much more of a challenge and will take guts to even attempt. Think you have what it takes? Find out Mondays at 6PM this January at The Game Haven! See you in the network! The Game Haven(http://thegamehaven.com) 5570 Airway Road Dayton, Ohio 45431
  2. This may seem like a very stupid question, but I just started playing Call of Cthulhu so I don't know much aout the rules and stuff yet. Anyway, in the rulebook that comes with the coreset, it says to put two faction cards together to make one deck. So my question is, when I eventually start to build my own decks from the ground up, do I have to have two factions in it? Can it be more then two or maybe even just have one faction?
  3. Freaky, Jack of Tears. Totally freaky! Almost sounds like something out of Silent Hill.
  4. Split personality maybe? One personality totally mad and the other toally sane. But, other then that, they are exactly the same so it is almost impossible to tell the difference.
  5. There's another one, what would the 'Wizard' be like?
  6. I was thinking about Oz as well. I think it would be interesting to see the interaction between the wicked witch(es) and the Rotten King. Do you think they would be allies or enemies?
  7. Since you have obviously read the books, Jck of Tears, what do you think the Chesire Cat would be like in the Grimmlands?
  8. I'm from Dayton, Ohio, USA. Not even close.
  9. 'Grimm Descedent(sp?).' He/she would actually be a descendent of one of the Brothers Grimm. I need to read up on the brothers themselves to decide what, but I think that depending upon which brother he/she is descended from would change the bonuses and stuff that he/she recieves. 'Guardian Angel.' In order for this one to work, the Normal Kid would have to have picked the 'Orphan' Origin Talent. God/a higher power/whatever you want to use knew the children were going to go through the trouble in the Grimmlands and sent an angel disguised as a...well, Normal Kid to protect them. The character would gain the ability to fly, increase to Adult Size, and be able to take wounds that would be dealt to another character within a Stone's Throw. I'll write more if I think of any.
  10. LOL! Hey Alchemist, where do you live? If you want to respond in PM form that is fine of course. Maybe we live close enough to get together for some Grimm.
  11. Hmm. Now there's an idea. If Alice is able to return to the real world, she would be returned to the time that she left(1865 when the book was publish if it doesn't give a different year in the book), like in the Chronicles of Narnia when someone leaves Narnia and comes back to our world. But the children would be returned to their own time as well, most likely the present I would assume. After their adventure, one of the children s looking through an old family photo album and finds a picture of Alice, which turns out to be that character's great, great, etc. grandmother. Just a thought.
  12. I see. To be honest, I never read Alice's Adventure in Wonderland. I've only seen the movies. So since it wouldn't be Wonderland without her, do you think Alice should be an NPC? She's trapped in Wonderland just like the children are trapped in Grimm. She would, of course, be an ally. But, since the Grimm Lands are dark and chaotic, she would be more like American Mcgee's version of Alice.
  13. I would think that if a character goes down the rabbit hole, they will eventually come acrossed that talking door(don't know if he has a name). They would have to shrink themselves with the 'Drink Me' bottle and then find the key to unlock the door(Seek test of level 5 or so). There could be other tests that they have to face before and after that door. That is just one example.
  14. Very interesting idea with the Mirrorways, Alchemist. There should also be a rabbit hole you can climb into to get to Wonderland. Granted, not as interesting as the Mirrorways, but it would hold true to the first book of Alice in Wonderland.
  15. The Mad Hatter and the March Hair are...well...mad. But in the crazy, topsy turvy world of Grimm, they have actually become some of the most sane NPCs you'll run across. They spend their days drinking tea and will tell you anything you want to know if you are able to make them the perfect cup of tea(Home-Ec test of 6). But, even then, their answers are usually riddles.
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