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  1. Well, I think I'll just wait and see if it's working - if I manage to get the money, that is Just recently, me and my fellow gamers played A Game of Thrones for the first time. It was somewhat strange in the beginning (we're all used to rolling), but as the game progressed I was surprised by how much you could plan ahead - by determining your opponent's strength and choosing exactly which card is safe to play (strong enough, but not too much because you'd be wasting resources) and which you could save for some advantage later in the game (plus, there's that bidding element, which would IMHO suck really bad if it was dice-driven). And then, there's Arkham Horror, for example. Yes, you can try to stick to the gate closing plan and all, but very often you get totally screwed by poor rolling, even though you clearly had advantage over enemy. Not that AH is bad game (it's my favourite, actually, and exactly because of that unpredictabillity), and AGoT and HH maybe aren't even remotely similar (I don't know, I haven't played old version of Horus Heresy) - I'm just saying that if there's strategy/tactics involved dice maybe aren't the best option because you could have the best plan in the world but simple roll badly that very day. Yes, in real life much could happen that isn't accounted for, but we're talking about strategic board game here - isolated space, practically strategic theory exercise, where you both know strength and weaknesses of your armies, and where shouldn't be even a chance of losing carefully planned battle if you have obvious advantage (which you got by your opponents mistakes, not by luck), and just because of few poor dice rolls. it's simple: you don't think - you lose. anyway, that's just my opinion, and maybe it's completely wrong, but we'll see. I'm used to dice and love them, but just as well I like to try new things. by the way, is estimated date of release mentioned anywhere?
  2. Winter324 said: The big difference being that BSG is/was a successful and well done show. Neither of which are the case with 'V'. my thoughts exactly. there isn't a single good reason to make V game.
  3. I guess one of them could be Gears Of War, it's about time to give some details; as for other two - I don't know, but it would be very cool if they were some fresh, previously unannounced games, developed in absolute secrecy
  4. flervk


    if I remember correctly, there was just one winners announcement a few months back. I might be wrong, though; haven't been around lately.
  5. sepayne7l said: I'm hoping not, but Doom doesn't get a lot of attention and is Descent's poorer sibling anyway. I sure hope not, Doom is an excellent game.
  6. bolen said: I found a hint (is it true?) Cybernex: ... Well, of course first I wanted to see if anybody was interested enough to ask :-) Our next game based upon the Conan license will be the Conan Miniatures game. This miniature game will be character-oriented, skirmish level, adventure/scenario based, and expandable. (Generally speaking, closer to a game like Tannhauser than to Warhammer or Confrontation). The plan is to create a modular game, which in time should grow both through the addition of new 'starter sets', focused on a certain stage of the Cimmerian's life, and a limited number of additional figures to enhance the use of the starter set. At the moment, the first starter set and additional miniatures should have the early Conan adventures ("Tower of the Elephant" period). Later starters will introduce additional periods, e.g. the Belit period, the Nordic period. Of course, everything you will get from a wave will be usable with everything else. Continuing the comparison with Tannhauser, what we wish to achieve, among other things, is more expandibility and scenarios which are less 'dry' and mechanical, more detailed more story-oriented. If everything goes according to plan, the first set should release in the 1st half of 2010. oh, seems interesting. I'd sure like to see that.
  7. RingmasterTJ said: Doesn't look like Amazon(us) has it in stock yet. Sigh....... I hate when they do that (and it happens all the time). The preorder date is long gone, and still it's not available.
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    Red November

    LOL, nice explanation, that with / and anyway, I've already used overcompensating on most of the FFG miniatures, and it turned out very well. the problem occured just with few of the DnD minis (some skeletons, to be exact) - apparently, they're made from different kind of plastic (I'm no expert, it just seems so) and are bent in the legs, which are too thin. nothing I did helped, so I just use them as they are. not a big deal, really
  9. SerAndrew said: I've read the rules numerous times, and I'm still waiting for the game to arrive. While I know we're bound to make mistakes initially, are there are helpful reminders you guys can give me? Basically, any mistakes you made in your first few games that really could have affected the outcome... play first few games with those simplified rules, so it doesn't get too complicated.
  10. Omnicrazzy said: I loved eisenhorn. And for comics? Damnation Crusade is pretty good. But nether of them have their own forums. I wonder why this book gets one. Is it just that good? or is it published under FF games? well, it has its own section in catalog as well, so I guess we'll see more books/graphic novels in the future.
  11. myrm said: Its absolutely manic I sure hope so after reading a while about the game, I've ordered it and now it's anxious waiting. here's to manic games! *beer*
  12. hm, just yesterday I found an old catalog (Spring 2004) which mentioned some games that are not discussed on the forum (or maybe I missed it), and I don't see them in shop. those two looks interesting, I'm looking for something of a smaller scale (which don't require like 3 hours of setup, that is ; anyone has them?
  13. samoan said: Ya but imagine if they just sold a box for non-new players, so we can put all of those in one box and a big box for new players. yeah, that idea was already discussed, and people agreed that just a box/case/whatever would be excellent. now, if only someone would take that into account ..
  14. OK, I didn't know that he was the author. so, they actually read the posts and based on the content decide if the member should be awarded? very nice, if it's like that (mental note to self: gotta stop posting nonsense)
  15. Omnicrazzy said: Is it getting a forum because it's based off a FF game or because it's published under the FF logo? How about books based in the same universe? warhammer 40k? Or even ones that seem directly linked... Rogue Trader was an awesome book and it deserves its own forum... although... that might be a sub forum within the rogue trader section. I'll have to check. Anyways, I was just wondering about the setup and precident. I guess this topic SHOULD go in the 'books and graphic novels' forum rather than the forum dedicated to a specific book... but there is no 'books and graphic novels' forum, it's only a group of like forums. Oh well. hopefuly someone knows what's going on. Keep up the good books. there already are some Warhammer 40K comics; sadly, not very good (IMHO). but still, it's a fantastic setting and it would be great if someone did something that's actually quality stuff.
  16. flervk


    YoshiPL said: Aaa.... then you need to be fast. Its not allowed to have games in "virgin state" - that's against the law ah, don't worry, it's deflowered already well, sort of - I've fixed the deformed miniatures and separated all tokens in a plastic container (I have yet to find a solution for tiles storage), tried out the scenario settings and all that. currently, I'm maniacally tearing apart the rulebook; we'll be playing the game during the weekend, if all goes well. and oh, figure painting is on the schedule, as soon as I finish the mind-numbing task of painting the WoTR minis. I suppose in, like, 2 or 3 years.
  17. Omnicrazzy said: I thought we couldn't put any sort of code at all into our signatures. yep, even the bold formatting doesn't work
  18. Wilfred Owen said: I am interested; what is it about? well, read the info page
  19. hmm, then I don't get it: how to get 1K points? (I mean, besides making a few hundreds friends that dude with 2000 and something points, what did he do?
  20. ianlippert said: Considering that we are getting Blood Bowl in the summer, the board game elements of Civilization Revolutions and various other board games to Xbox live (settlers, ticket to ride) wouldnt it be a great if FFG got someone to port TI3 to the PC or Xbox? It seems like the perfect game to port. There is lots of interest in turn based games on the PC but so far it seems the shift to online multiplayer for the classics like Civ have been very difficult. I think the main reason is that the single player of Civ is designed to be a game that takes 10+hours which doesnt transfer over well into the multiplayer realm. TI3 on the other hand is designed to played in under 6 hours and much more feasible for a single online session. It has the depth of strategy of the Civ games without the length. Another benefit would be all the accounting that slows the game down for those that dont play on a regular basis. Some of the players in my TI3 group last week complained about how all the little things tend to drag the game out longer then it should really take. A problem that would be completely eliminated in a PC/Xbox version. Not that I expect this to happen any time soon but an online computer version would be amazing. seems like a good idea, however I seriously doubt that would turn out well. it would probably be somewhat simplified in order to appeal to greater number of (casual) players.
  21. samoan said: I would love to see another doom expansion. Also would be great if they released the Arkham Horror Big Box Expansion which is just a Big box and maybe a few new cards or components, that has room for all the components for Arkham horror and its expansions. Sort of like what Days of Wonder did with Memoir 44. I agree with Arkham idea, that would be great - but, only for new players that don't have all expansions yet.
  22. kmedlinnc said: I've noticed that active posters, myself included, have not been receiving points for posts over the past few days. Is the points awarding ending for posts or just down? Thank you! well, it seems that posting in the same forum section all the time doesn't give points. I'm not sure about making new threads, though.
  23. LeBlanc13 said: Unfortunately I still haven't found a group willing to try playing. try on the other side of the mirror
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