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  1. Just a reminder this is coming up this Sunday. Should be an awesome time!
  2. Posted images of the trophies and custom deck sleeves on the Facebook event page. Lots of cool prizes for this event.
  3. North Georgia Netrunners Facebook group is the best way to go. Most shops also tend to have a usual Netrunner game night. Off the top of my head here are the most popular: Tower Game Center -Mondays FCB Games - Tuesday's Raven's Nest - Wednesday's Look at another post in this forum for an event coming up in October. Participation prizes for EVERYONE so don't worry about not being super competitive.
  4. https://www.facebook.com/events/497673497034945/?ref=2&ref_d... Netrunner Constructed Tournament October 12th @The Tower Game Center 145 Satellite Blvd NE, Suite A Suwanee, GA 30024 Cost: $10 Registration starts at 12:30 Pairings start at 1pm Come out for one of hopefully many big Netrunner tournaments across the area! Lots of prizes will be given out that include custom trophies and more! Plus participation tokens for every player.
  5. We had 9 players in our event at The Augusta Book Exchange in Augusta, GA. 5 Rebel and 4 Imperial. I ran the following: Garven Dutch w/ Ion Cannon 2x Red Squadron Pilots I ended up going 3-0 in the initial rounds with all Complete victories. I had the Falcon in the finals round, and due to being unfamiliar with some of the new abilities (I can't believe I forgot the Title gave me EVADE the whole freakin time) I lost. Though it was a super close final, as we traded ship for ship. The final showdown came down to my A-Wing vs. his Intercepter, but he had the pilot who gains focus when stressed AND had a Stealth Field . . . . . didn't end well for me as could never crack that field. Super tense, but very fun final match. I walked away with the Slave 1. Ships look awesome, and these add-ons are going to add so much variety to the game it's gonna be awesome. Our organizer (I give HUGE props to) not only had the Kessel Run kit, but threw in an extra starter for last place, extra ships, extra dice sets, and Battlefoam trays all as prize options so every in the event walked away with something awesome. Total blast.
  6. Our event is today so I'll post up the results. I'm running a 4 ship build for Rebels . . . . . so we'll see what happens.
  7. Does the new Core Exxet just nullify the GM Screen? I just wonder if some of these purchases I made are gonna be obsolete soon. Is there any way they can just release free updates to bring the old core book up to speed with the changes?
  8. Good thing to point out. I'd suggest 7 as well. Seems like just enough time for some of the Powers.
  9. Since I first saw this game I've been in love with the artwork. I never was huge into Confrontation (only looking at the minis on the shelf from time to time), but never knew it was the same setting. I also never knew it had an RPG already made. From what I've read though the RPG is very dependent on the miniatures from Confrontation to play effectively. Wouldn't it be awesome if FFG did a new version of the RPG? Get on it guys.
  10. So I noticed this game has already been released prior, and I was wondering if anyone has idea if anything looks different from that release. From the images I've found they look pretty identical.
  11. Super excited. Mine arrives Friday . . . . so it'll be a long day at work while I eagerly await clocking out to go pick this up.
  12. riplikash said: First: Realize this isn't D&D, they are massively powerful individuals who SHOULD be taking honor guards. as was mentioned, scale encounters. You need to learn to deal with the immense amount of power your players are going to have at their disposal. What will you do when they threaten to use orbital bombardment? Plan for it, accept it. Have your players PAID for a trained honor guard? Building a military is a big part of the game. Or are they just bringing bilge rabble with them, who were hired to work on a ship, not fight monsters? If they haven't paid for it they have a) poor morale b) poor logistics c) poor tactics d) poor training e) no armor. They should get slaughtered by anything more dangerous than a brawl or riot. When they die it should hurt the crews morale. You are wrong about mass combat, you can (and should) allow mobs to attack individuals, though you sometimes need to get creative to make it work. Never let how rules are written get in the way of how things need to work, individuals don't magically become immune to groups, thats silly. I generally "roll for effect" with large groups. The group attacks (modified by their skill and size), the player rolls an agility save to see how much damage they avoid, then I roll damage, subtracting an appropriate amount for their agility roll. You need to adjust to the power level of the setting. This is not D&D or Dark Heresy. Just wait until they have HUNDREDS of troops at their disposal, and tanks, and air support. You just need to change the way you think about DMing. You are not making encounters for an adventuring group, you are making encounters for an army, a fleet, a dynasty. There are lots of different ways to do that, and you should use many of them. Here are some example encounters scaled to RT: The bad guy has the macguffin item in his fortress. The players lay siege and sneak in during the chaos. The tribal leader has archeo-tech they need. The players call in an orbital strike, claming to be sent from their god (the god emperor) and demanding their loyalty. The players have to attend a state dinner (no guards or heavy weapons allowed, only the fanciest of armor would be tolerated as ceremonial). An ambush or assasination takes place. The players and a rival trader are both trying to get the same thing. Threats and military action ensue. A certain hotel snubs the players and wont let them look at some important documents. The players BUY THE FRIGGIN HOTEL! I apoligize for sounding like a broken record, but I am going to say it again, because this is important: this is NOT D&D or DH, this is Rogue Trader, where the players have the power to subdue worlds, or buy them, where they fly a ship capable of cracking continents, and they command the loyalty of tens of thousands of minions. Don't spend your time trying to rob them of their power and turn it into a D&D campaign. Revel in the scope, plan for it. You are playing at a whole new scale. Their enemies are not monsters, they are fleets. Their rivals aren't individuals, but dynasties. Their encounters aren't dungeon crawls, but galaxy spanning endevors. This is Rogue Trader, and it is one of the most unique RPGs out there. Thank you so much for this explanation . . . . you really put so much into perspective for myself, and the errors I had when I ran my first game of this. Thank you, thank you, and thank you again. Excellent points all around.
  13. Bilateralrope said: Bilateralrope said: mylastnerv said: I'm patiently awaiting Amazon to no longer tell me I won't get it til October 4th. Amazon is telling me that my copy will arrive between November 5 and 29 (shipping to New Zealand takes a while). However after they managed to get my copy of Rogue Trader to arrive about two weeks before they said it would, I don't feel too bad. Yet. Quick update: Amazon just changed the shipping date to September 28, so their delivery estimate is now October 13 - October 21, 3 weeks sooner than it was before. Haha, hope it is sooner than that.
  14. I wish I could of picked up my copy from somewhere other than Amazon, but I got a gift certificate there as a reward from my bank card . . . . so good news is that technically I'm paying $0 for my copy of Into The Storm . . . . but now bring on the wait . . . . .
  15. MILLANDSON said: N0-1_H3r3 said: ItsUncertainWho said: Orks are awesome. You're welcome... And I'll ride on N0-1's coat-tails by pointing out I'm the one that made sure they included the Gretchin and Squig rules for the Runts. I'm pretty sure Sam wanted to strangle me the number of times I brought it up that not everyone with RT would have the Creatures Anathema book too Well thank you for that
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