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    FFG has announced a new novel for Tannhauser: http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_news.asp?eidn=3858 It's a pleasant surprise to discover that the Tannhauser story will continue for at least one more novel. The story takes place in 1954, so the timeline has been advanced two years since Rising Sun, Falling Shadows. It looks like the novel will feature Hoss (who appears on the cover) and introduce the RAF into the Tannhauser world =) In the short teasers, the Reich sets several prisoners against a smaller number of undisciplined Reich troopers. It seems to be an experiment as the undisciplined Reich troopers, initially routed, suddenly turn around with blank expressions on their faces… Based on the other descriptions, it appears that the Reich has discovered a way to use the Enigma code machine to alter its soldiers. The description also mentions that Hoax and Nick Cross (of the RAF) must join forces with unlikely allies. It might be interesting if that means they have to work with other prisoners from the other factions…
  2. MeisterH said: I think this book is the better one. That doesn't mean Rising Sun, Falling Shadows is bad, but if you would only read one of the books, pick this one. I also enjoyed Operation Night Eagle more. I think it also occurs before Rising Sun, Falling Shadows; so those of you who decide to only read this book can always pick up Rising Sun, Falling Shadows later =) Here is my review of Operation Night Eagle for those interested: http://teumessa.blogspot.com/2012/10/review-operation-night-eagle.html MeisterH: I also replied to your comment in the Rising Sun, Falling Shadows forum.
  3. I mostly agree with you, MeisterH. For those who have not read the novel and would like to read a (long) review, you can find my review here: http://teumessa.blogspot.com/2012/10/review-rising-sun-falling-shadows.html MeisterH said: How he captured Itami's personality is probably the best part of the book (according to me). I feel the same way, and I believe Miah wrote the same about Jeschonek's portrayal of Itami. I also really liked the way Jeschonek captured Irina's "Siren of Samarkand" persona. The novel itself felt somewhat unfinished because of the teaser at the end. Based on the end for this book and for Operation Night Eagle, it seems that there is a larger agenda in place. Hopefully, we'll eventually find out more about that agenda. If you're interested, here are some of my theories based on the two books, though I should note that there are major spoilers for anyone who has not read the two books yet. http://teumessa.blogspot.com/2012/11/the-nature-of-wolf.html
  4. Moebius said: …to me he is the only Reich character that is not either brainwashed by the Reich polity or Hermann. Seems to be true of the figures we have, which is probably what you mean. If we de-rail the subject a little though, the background implies multiple agendas within the Reich. One of the flavor pieces for the Frankenstahl implies that Von Karloff has his own agenda and keeps secrets from the rest of the Reich, just like Horbringer and Heizinger seem to do. I'm really quite curious how many people within the Reich know about the Kaiser, and how many are actually loyal to him… Back to the discussion on hand, maybe the Shogunate could have a weaker, non-epic version of the Frankenstahl as well. One could imagine that their mutual interest in biology might lead to some trade in basic information between Von Karloff and the Shogunate, or perhaps the Shogunate captures a fallen Frankenstahl and uses it as a subject for the Han'ei project. That could be an interesting character - the tortured mind(s) of the Frankenstahl vying for control with the template of the Emperor's consciousness… maybe the Shogunate could also modify the Shoulder Cannon to release smoke, which would fit in with their tactics. Imagine, the fear of a Union soldier who can hear the dull thud of the monster's footsteps, but can see neither the abomination nor the whisper quiet ninja that snuck in behind the monster! =)
  5. Wolfie6407 said: Size Comparison Here Rubium Dragon from Nexus Ops(new edition), Berseker from Runewars, Chaos Lord from Runewars, Erika from Anima, Veronica from Anima, Macbeth from Anima, A Penny, A 10 sided die that came with Tannhauser,Konosuke from Anima, a standard yhatzee 6 sided die, and an assortment of Tannhauser figures. Thanks for the photos. It looks like the scale is very inconsistent… Hard to tell from the angle of the photo, but it looks like Veronica might be near TH scale, but Erika is way too small (is she supposed to be a child?) while the other two are simply huge! That makes me think I might want to stay away from the figures unless I can see them in person… That's really too bad. There are some figures which look like they'd be perfect for TH, if they scaled properly. Reinhold, for instance, would make a nice Reich character. Anyway, if you ever get your Anima figures painted, please post photos for the rest of us =)
  6. mgentile7 said: Also rubbing the minis with some dirt scenic powders can help. I would be careful if you go this route. I tried to add some weathering pigments to reduce the stickiness of one of my figures, but the figure was so sticky that even a light brush of pigments left the figure completely covered in the powder! Good luck with your figures and let us know how it all turns out! =)
  7. I've eyed the Anima Tactics figures for customs for awhile now, but the ones I've seen in person look somewhat large for Tannhauser. Would you mind posting some comparison pictures for us? If you could place them next to some Dust or Heroscape figures too, that'd be grand =) It looks like ??! already answered most of your questions. On number 5, you could probably toss the files onto a USB drive and take them to a office supply store to print out. A less expensive option might be to go to Wal Mart and have them printed as photos. To make the tokens, I recommend Doc Savage's great article here: Token Tutorial Just scroll down a bit. Also, the circle punch he uses is the same punch I use for my clear bases, if you want to give those a try, though the metal Anima Tactics figures might be harder to balance on the light bases: Clear Base Tutorial For the camera work, was your flash on? While flash at close range can over-expose the photo, it reduces motion blur. It is also helpful to adjust the camera so that it focuses on the figures - if the camera focuses on the board or a distant wall, then nearer objects (the figures) maybe blurry. Finally, if you're not already familiar with it, you should look into the Macro mode for your camera, which lets you take clearer photos of nearby objects.
  8. I've had this problem before. I have two figures from Mansions of Madness that I painted over a year ago, and they never dried… I thought it was a fluke, but after I noticed the same problem with a third figure last week, I looked online and read that the Krylon fixative is incompatible with soft plastic. It leaves the figures sticky and shiny. I haven't tried it myself, but I've seem several recommendations for Testor's Dullcote for soft plastic figures. Here's a quick blurb about different products for plastic and resin: Feldman Studio That one says one should also avoid Krylon primer for soft plastic figures because it can cause the same reaction. Here is a thread from BGG, originally a tutorial about the dip method, which turns into a discussion of the tacky figure problem since several of the people there ran into it. Some of them talk about what they tried to fix their figures, and you might want to take a look at their solutions: BGG Link I hope that helps, and that you do not have too many sticky figures!
  9. Hrm, is there any way to contact you privately? That information maybe helpful for potential buyers. Also, if you are able to wait a little bit (maybe borrow some money from friends or family) you could probably get more if you put the game up on Ebay. Otherwise, if you really need to sell it now, maybe post to the Dust Warfare forum and BGG? That might increase the visibility of your offer. Also, you wouldn't happen to be in So-Cal, would you? I don't have much experience with online purchases, but would be interested if I could meet in person for the transaction.
  10. I've written an article looking at some of the information that we learned from the two Tannhauser novels. Please be aware that you should read both stories before you read the article as it contains many spoilers! A couple of quick, relatively spoiler-free teasers from the article: RSFS seems to confirm that the Han'ei project involves some sort of cloning… Iroh Minamoto, the first subject to come out of the Han'ei Project, is said to have fallen multiple times in battle, only to return again. That leads to an idea I had, that maybe Iroh really does die whenever he falls, but that the Shogunate simply clones another "Iroh" from the remains of the last one. The remainder of my theories deal with Wolf and his plans. In both novels, Wolf plays an important role… and raises questions about who (if anyone) is behind his plans, who or what is Wolf, what exactly his plans entail, and what it all means for the war. The Link to the Article If you have any ideas of your own or thoughts on what I've written, please do tell the rest of us about them!
  11. ??! said: Now that I think of it, some of the Tannhäuser factions have quite a lot of options available for team building now… The only one that get's absolutely shafted is the Shogunate player who doesn't get even one additional character to have a minimum of variation in team building. This is just not fair. One of the best features of Tannhauser, in my opinion, is the way it gives you so many ways to build your team. It reminds me of a card game like Magic sometimes, and if they ever make a Second Edition, I'd love to see FFG continue this aspect of the game. I also agree that the Shogunate needs more options. They're hardly a complete faction as it stands, and it is really a pity.
  12. Looks like Miah's first preview article for the Frankenstahl is up. Thanks Miah! Anyway, my thoughts… Interesting that it has to be on a team with an Obscura Korps hero and that you can field two of them. Not as big a fan of the names of its weapons. I preferred the Take On You "Hellfire Cannon" over the "Shoulder Cannon" that we got, but that's sort of a minor point. On the other hand, Abomination is a nice ability. Miah already mentioned using Heizinger to force enemies to run towards the Frankenstahl. I can imagine another combo with the Hermetica Occulta and Eye of Horus. Abomination forces the opponent to duel the Frankenstahl. If the opponent fails, it loses its activation and has to move away. In order to move, it has to duel against Heizinger. If it fails that, it cannot move. It then receives two automatic wounds - one from Abomination because it could not move and one from Heizinger's Eye of Horus… a Reich team could practically sit on an objective and dare its opponents to enter its path! Some other potential ideas: Itami with Subdue could work with Abomination since that forces adjacent figures to duel Itami before they can move. Not as easy to use as Heizinger's Hermetica Occulta though. Maybe less useful, but still a fun idea, Horbringer could use his Chronograph to dump figures on the same path as the Frankenstahl. If using Itami, this could be one way to get the enemy figure next to Itami…
  13. I haven't done too much with the game in awhile since I'm hoping to either find or hobble together a ruleset for larger battles, but I did glance at the campaign cards. Some quick thoughts. It looks like you took some inspiration from the Zombicide cards with the EKG rhythm strip at the top of the card. I'd actually get rid of that, and maybe make the life circles darker and/or add a large number to the inside to make it easier to see how much life a character has. The starting life circle is very hard to see, at least for me. A darker shade of green might be a good idea. The medals are a nice idea. I've toyed with the idea of a campaign system that awards characters based on achievements rather than simply finishing a mission. You might take some ideas from the character challenges for the medal requirements. Moebius said: I understand there is no character progression around stats. It looks like Miah built that in with his life upgrades. On the John MacNeal card, if you upgrade his life from the start (green) circle, some of his stats increase. Tannhauser month aside, what do you two think of an unofficial publication with fan-submissions to keep the game / world going? Do you think there is enough fan interest for that, or do we just have to accept that the Tannhauser community will leave for greener pastures after the Frankenstahl is released?
  14. Thanks Miah. The token of the month looks interesting =) I also like the idea of your asymmetric scenario. Have you tested it yet? Also, did you intentionally use the word "Pen" or did you perhaps mean to name the scenario "Pin" the Tail?
  15. Hey Miah, I sent you an email with some questions for Mr Pardoe. For those interested, I've added my review of Operation: Night Eagle to my blog.
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