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  1. I had some questions regarding the end-of-the-board play. I know that you can't move the ghost marker beyond the "Rescue!" space, and the rules are clear that disaster markers don't get played if they come out beyond the "Rescue!" space, but as far as getting drunk, I take it the rule doesn't apply and you use the "Rescue!" space in place of "... moves the Ghost Time Keeper forward 10 additional spaces" (so that there is still a delay to getting drunk). I was also a bit surprised about the immediate death of the drunken Gnome upon being in a room that gets a fire or flood. It seems like to me that if the other gnomes are taking care of the fires and floods without the turn circling back to the fainted gnome that he can manage, but I guess it states it pretty clearly in the rules. Oh well, guess that drunken gnome in my game croaked after all... maybe there should be a slight corollary that if a fire and flood happen in the same room as you play out the events during the update ON THAT GNOME'S TURN that he can survive. Just a thought.
  2. I'd likewise like to see a FAQ. The booklet is streamlined, but it makes some assumptions about how the cards function. One of the big questions I had when I started trying to play the game with my brother was how the advantage cards function. I know that you have to have the symbol on the character using it to use it, and I know what phase you activate it on, and I understand that there's a limit. Here's a couple of basic questions I'm hoping someone can answer: Do you hold advantage cards in your hand before playing them or do they stay out from the very beginning (the booklet shows them face-up in the playing field)? Can you play more than one advantage card with a single player? (so if a player has trickery and there are two trickery advantage cards, can you "spin" the character and assign both of the advantage cards to that player) I know that the booklet goes into detail about how many advantage cards you can have at once and it doesn't describe, other than manual discarding, how advantage cards are discarded. Does this mean that advantage cards just hang out until you spin characters to use them? Does that also mean that you couldn't use both and advantage card and a character's other "spin" ability at the same time (because they can only spin once a turn?) It would be helpful to see a demonstration of how advantage cards play out in gameplay to answer some of these questions.
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