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  1. A Catholic priest seems like an unusual character for this time period. This is set in the mid-late Twenties, right? The persecution and de facto outlawing of the Catholic Church in Mexico that started in 1917 reached a fever pitch by this point and would not subside until 1940. If Father Mateo were to walk outside his church (which would probably have been looted already) wearing a clerical collar he would most likely have been arrested and shot.
  2. I'm not really good enough to give advice, but would Shara & Tycho be enough? That way you can push them with just the flotilla. Then if you also drop the tractor beams you can add in another flotilla for an extra activation.
  3. I like the AFMKII. This new thing though! *barf* Hopefully it gets destroyed before we see a close up.
  4. If I ask someone how their game went, and they respond with a numerical value, that's a good indication that I don't want to play Armada with them. Example #1 (what I usually hear): Me: "How'd the game go?" Ultra-Face-Smash-Armada-Gladiator: "7-4 to me." Example #2 (what I wish I would hear): Me: "How'd the game go?" Gamer: "It was awesome! My Admonition was hanging on by 1 hull point but I got off a double arc shot on his flagship on the second to last turn and turned the tide." I like it for the Star Wars, and the narrative. I definitely prefer to win, but if the game doesn't make a Star Wars movie in my head then it was ultimately a disappointment. I know that's probably meaningless to a lot of people, for whom it is mainly a chess match or math problem.
  5. In Episode IX the SnokesStar is going to be larger than the entire universe. Supremacy Mega Star Destroyers will be like nanites inside that thing.
  6. Episode IX will feature the MegaRaddus, which is 8 billion zillion kilometers long and shoots down entire galaxies in one attack. It is fighting against the SuperMegaUltraBase, which is the size of one billion galaxies and which blows up half of the material universe with each pull of the trigger. Kylo has already killed half the universe... can our heroes stop him from killing the other half? Eight hundred thousand trillion Resistance spies died obtaining the secret plans! Spoiler alert: it's a trap.
  7. This is probably going to turn out poorly for me, since I *do not* want to see an SSD or a Scum faction or Clone Wars stuff. I was hoping for a new campaign, the MC75, the gunship, and Admirals Raddus and Thrawn.
  8. Wait... is that true of regular rulers? Are you trying to say that kids 99 cent school rulers aren't all the same length? I roll to disbelieve. I succeed.
  9. Has anybody experimented with having all flotillas go on 1 activation? i.e. if you activate a flotilla, you activate them all. So there's some activation advantage, but it's not overwhelming. I have no idea if that would 'fix' anything, or if anything actually needs to be 'fixed' (n00b here), just curious.
  10. I thought Rogue One was pretty bad actually. I earnestly wanted to like it, but there was just too much garbage. CGI Tarkin tops the list, ruining immersion completely. Near the top is the crashing star destroyers stunt, which was so stupid it was actually insulting. And I thought we got over this with Ewoks, but once again Stormtroopers are killed by sticks. Tiny Erso with her metal stick, and Karate Kid with his wooden stick. It doesn't even break the armor (and nothing counts as armor if it's vulnerable to *sticks*)... no, not a cracked helmet here. They just flop over dead when you stick-tag them. Overall a rather moronic offering.
  11. Doesn't the mighty Stresshog counter both Scouts and Palp Aces?
  12. Stay far, far away. I used to play STAW. Ugh. It's just one absurd, broken combo after another.
  13. Requete

    First purchases

    By getting into X wing I mean starting out casual while I get used to playing and maybe in the future look at playing more competitive. I do want my first few list to be slightly competitive so they don't get steamrolled too. I have bought Red Core, Tie Fighter, Aces and Interceptor. I personally think you might consider a Decimator as it is fairly tough and the turret makes it easier to use. It makes a good "anvil" to the hammer of the interceptors. Interceptors are drastically improved by Stealth Device (in Slave I and something else) and Autothrusters (only in the StarViper). But they are playable without them. When I started out and didn't have very much, I was putting Shield Upgrade on them! I still did fine. One thing I would caution vis a vis reading these forums: the level of play/competition is rather high. A typical game uses 100 point fleets, and people here will worry about something being 2 points overcosted... obviously that's only a 2% inefficiency. So please mostly just have fun and don't get wrapped up in the numbers.
  14. Actually that's a pretty amazing idea. I'm not sure how to make it work, but I really want to. Perhaps having the PCs as bridge crew, or a star fighter unit? Well if the PCs are senior officers, and you play the X Wing miniatures game, you could even use that to game out dogfights, with the player of the CAG in charge of the Republic forces. You could have everyone make 2 characters... 1 to be a senior officer, and another to be part of the fighter squadron or recon unit that does most of the action stuff.
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