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  1. Entry fee for that chance one random participation card that most don't care about and ONLY the winner gets the playmat? That motivation doesnt quite work. It's been tested in ANR, 40k:C & AGOT, and we're talking about running weekly tournaments, nobody runs kits every week.
  2. I have to say one thing to this topic. While LCG benefits player in expenditure wise for playsets and whatnot, it fails badly behind CCG in terms of tournament support. Putting aside major tournament prize, which is also somewhat lacking as ccg can provide topup booster boxes as prizes, where it really suffers is local tournament scene. On example, a random weekend tourney that we can run for CCG, is for everyone's entry fee to be a pack of boosters. we open it all up, ran the tourney and the winner gets the first rare pick and goes down the standings from there. So there's a motivation for those who dont spend much to get more cards and frankly l5r ccg players are clan based. Rares for clans they dont need or dont play will be easily traded away. With LCG, some players who know have full playsets, are not easily motivated to pay for weekly. Without any payment for prize, there's no extra prize support. Without any sort of prize support, they don't want to play... see the catch22?
  3. Late to the party, but if there's an iconic character in l5r.. but loved, is Bayushi Kwanchai. How can you say no to Kwanchai... KWAAANNNCHAAAAIIIIII
  4. I know I'm late to this party, but this situation came up in our group before and what the GM allowed for the shugenja to cite the spell from memory, but at TN of 30 vs raw INT. If pass, then he can proceed to spellcasting roll and yes, memorization the spell costs less 1xp.
  5. Went with Game of Thrones 2.0. Dabbled a bit with Force of Will, but dont think will be serious with that. Was going with doomtown, but the player base died off due to distribution problem.... So yeah, AGOT 2.0 for now.... also spend a lot of time with the young ones on Disney Infinity 3.0 on PS4.... they love the game...
  6. I think they should maintain any clan mixing just add a penalty to buying the personality. Some L5R decks simply works well as a superfriends deck, i dont think i want that flavour to be lost really.
  7. Thanks for the info guys. Looks like I will start off with Targ. with night watch on the side since it's 'underdeveloped' core wise.
  8. I'm quite new to the AGoT LCG, so just a quick question if you guys dont mind. Comparing this to L5R or Magic the gathering, what would be the playstyle of the factions in AGoT? I suppose it's easier to compare to MTG since most people at some point or not in their lives have played mtg, so maybe you guys can help? I prefer jumping into a playstyle i like and learn to like the game from there... after a while of familiarity, i might 'dabble' into the other colours/faction to increase my playability. But at start, I prefer something familiar... Thanks again.
  9. This is pretty much. It's noticed that with taking L5R, they also have stop CoC LCG. So I would say if they decide to pick any other LCG, one of the others have to go.
  10. Having the shock announcement wore off now... I think that FFG is in a good position to just reset the game. mechanic wise, It's best that they introduce something new entirely if it would fix the existing baggage that current L5R have now. Better to create a new game from ground up rather than trying to keep the old format and fail badly at it. Story/Lore. That's what mostly concern the current players. I think the players have accepted that FFG will change a lot of things mechanically. But of course, being L5R, most people are invested into a clan or two that they like and would prefer that they preserve them. That's cool. It's what makes L5R being L5R. However, I think it's also quite good for FFG to just make a time skip of a few hundred years. The onyx edition will forever be known as the "The Dark War of Seals/Spider's Betrayal" in which the story probably takes place within 10 years after Evil Portents, which of course can go either way... But for FFG new product, it's been 200 years later since the dark war of seals. The land was at peace for the last 150 years...... and of course, at the start of the new LCG, trouble starts brewing around the corner by a new/old unknown threat. That would solve FFG need to preserve the story, since it's their IP anyway, to retcon the entire thing would be a waste since they own the material anyway. Why retcon your own stuff? Just move forward wayyyyy beyond it. So FFG can throw a bone or two as easter egg mentioned in flavour text for the rich history of l5r, yet at the same time move ahead with a new story. So it's a new fresh start for everyone.. veteran and new players alike. New Emperor, new clan champion. Some clan might no longer exist... that sort of thing. They will have more freedom to go wherever they want and yet have the current history at the background. Personally I'm more excited to see Emerald Empire (R2K).... flying Fortress of the Crab? Yezza... but that might clash with their netrunner series... but who knows, it's their IP now. If they think samurai in space works, if properly done, it might just work.
  11. No longer playing/suported: 40K Conquest (never quite get the lore) Star wars (dislike the mechanic) Netrunner (Liked the mechanics, but not much lore behind it) AGOT 1.0 (Locally not being played. New players got turned off by the super huge set) Call of Chultu (Starter only. Non existant local player) Upcoming with some interest: AGoT 2nd ed (Good restarting point) L5R LCG (3 years is a long time) Non-FFG products (Playing): DoomTown Reloaded L5R (AEG) Weiss Schwarz
  12. Just a question on the fifth round of the game, when we reveal Blood Bowl tournament, do we still have to roll out the other highlights? So fifth round is a) Blood Bowl Tournament only. b) Blood Bowl Tournament plus 4 highlights Thanks.
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