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  1. Entry fee for that chance one random participation card that most don't care about and ONLY the winner gets the playmat? That motivation doesnt quite work. It's been tested in ANR, 40k:C & AGOT, and we're talking about running weekly tournaments, nobody runs kits every week.
  2. I have to say one thing to this topic. While LCG benefits player in expenditure wise for playsets and whatnot, it fails badly behind CCG in terms of tournament support. Putting aside major tournament prize, which is also somewhat lacking as ccg can provide topup booster boxes as prizes, where it really suffers is local tournament scene. On example, a random weekend tourney that we can run for CCG, is for everyone's entry fee to be a pack of boosters. we open it all up, ran the tourney and the winner gets the first rare pick and goes down the standings from there. So there's a motivation for those who dont spend much to get more cards and frankly l5r ccg players are clan based. Rares for clans they dont need or dont play will be easily traded away. With LCG, some players who know have full playsets, are not easily motivated to pay for weekly. Without any payment for prize, there's no extra prize support. Without any sort of prize support, they don't want to play... see the catch22?
  3. Late to the party, but if there's an iconic character in l5r.. but loved, is Bayushi Kwanchai. How can you say no to Kwanchai... KWAAANNNCHAAAAIIIIII