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  1. What I find interesting is that the shield sliders on the base of the ships go up to 6, but the ISD only has a value of 4?
  2. I play Star Wars LCG, Star Wars CCG and Star Wars X-Wing. When I first saw the image, I thought: "Cool, another big box for the LCG, seems very soonish though... " Then I realised, this is a new product, that has nothing to do with the LCG or the CCG. I won't be investing in this, and lately the products that have been announced lately feels like over production on the part of FFG. None of them have caught my interest, and as many companies before them, it seems they're about to neglect their staple products in favor of their popular existing products. CCP (Eve-online) made this mistake and are now paying dearly for years to come for this.
  3. Hi! I'm in the other camp. I bought Runebound 1st edition and quit it when second edition was announced. From what I heard, a lot of mistakes were made to runebound 2nd edition, like cardbacks not matching, messy rules and imbalanced. Personally I'd prefer a 3rd edition making it's way, where all these learned mistakes were corrected. That might entice me to by the game. Only one caveat exists for me and that is the gameplay itself. One of the problems with the old game, was that "catching up" with the lead player is hard. A condition of me buying a 3rd edition is that this is fixed so that you don't have to play a 3-4 hour game, that was decided in the first 10 minutes, because someone took the lead.
  4. Steve-O said: NoNamium said: Remember, the 8-player game requires two basic sets Um, no it doesn't? I've played plenty of 8 player games with one copy of the base game + Shattered Empire. And we've never run out of FT or GF tokens, even when some of us WERE turtling. Sure we've run out of TGs now and then, but they're a limited resource for a reason. NoNamium said: Besides, wouldn't you like an Ultimate edtion? I'm sure it would be very pretty, but it would also be way too much money to spend on one board game. Especially a board game that I already own. Ok, I take it back then... wasn't expecting this kind of negativity from a constructive suggestion. Apparently we play differently between our groups, but I also believe that there should be room for this. I for one would love an Ultimate edtion instead of just buying an extra copy of the base-game
  5. Megatol Rex was taken over 3 times, 3 people had their home invaded, wast fleets were destroyed and rebuilt. I don't think we were turtling, but an 8-player game takes it's toll on the counters. Remember, the 8-player game requires two basic sets and has 4-rings outward from Megatol Rex. This means a lot more systems with a lot more planets needing more tokens. Besides, wouldn't you like an Ultimate edtion?
  6. Hi! We played an 8-player game this weekend and had a lot of fun. All of us agreed that everyone of us would love to have an edition with plenty of everything, because sometimes something lacked. Right now there are not enough +1 ground troops +1 fighters and sometimes the trade goods ran short. Customized ships and units to each race would be nice, and even nicer art on the tiles would be great. All in all we all would buy an "Ultimate" edition of Twilight Imperium in an instant should it ever emerge. To the producers, even some sheets of +1's would also be great if that was what we could buy from the store. In otherwords: More! We played with both expansions, and there are now plenty of +3's, but not enough +1's for an eight player game. Please post comments if you would also like to see an "UItimate"-edition of this game.
  7. Sea of Blood Spoiler alert! In the avatar dungeon Area 1 for the Razorwing overlord, there are more Razorwings than are provided in the box. Normally I would not be able to spawn them all, and I know that some dungeons from the Compendium have been Errataed. However, this is an Avatar dungeon, unlike any other, I think it quite odd to put more monsters in the same area than there are in the box, and since this is a campaign and the last level I believe this to be somewhat a different case than just not being able to spawn. Ex. Wedensday when we had our weekly campaign game, the team was in the Rumor dungeon "The White Drake", and they opened a door in the middle section before the razorwings had been killed, thus leaving me with 4 almost useless spawns. These were however in different areas, so I assume this is then also a different "ruling".
  8. These minis are now neigh impossible to aquire and one just sold for £26: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/FFG-DESCENT-%2F-RUNEBOUND-PROMO-TOBIN-FARSLAYER_W0QQitemZ370308239831QQcmdZViewItemQQimsxq20091218?IMSfp=TL0912182010001r2233 Maybe FFG should prioritize getting these more available to the public.
  9. Thundercles said: XmenDynasty said: They sold well to me. I bought 'em all. Unfortunately, that seems to be due to a basic character flaw in my nature and not necessarily because they're GREAT overall. Having read most of the posts on this forum, I feel it's safe to say I'm not alone. +1 in shame +1 (you're not alone, says eyes in the dark)
  10. 1. Modifiers to attacks are permanent and works during every attack and even during a dodge. 2. yes, yes and yes. He can interrupt the OL at any time and make any sort of attack he wants. 3. What the skill says. 4. If you're customizing the rules then it's difficult to help. Descent you'll find is VERY MUCH not about logic. As you will soon discover as other situations arise.
  11. avianfoo said: NoNamium said: Nope, the players can rewind one step. This means that if a player is being hit with a Crushing Blow, then they can rewind that step and play a feat, making the hit miss. The overlord however will then still have the card in hand (again) and is able to play it with his next hit. I do not disagree. But I would like to know where this is stated in the rules/FAQ (if at all). From the FAQ: Q: How does the timing of Guard interact with Dark Charm? Can I use my Guard order to attack when the overlord plays Dark Charm on me so I don’t lose it? Can I use a Guard order to attack the hero the overlord is using Dark Charm on? In either case, can I do so before or after the die is rolled to see if the card takes effect? A: Guard orders can interrupt the overlord at any time. However, each action should be resolved in its entirety once it’s been begun. (For example, although you can interrupt the overlord if he declares an attack, if you choose not to the attack is resolved in its entirety before you have another chance to use your Guard order. You can’t wait to see if the attack missed or not before deciding to Guard.) So, for Dark Charm, once the overlord has played the card you must immediately decide whether to interrupt it with a Guard order. If you choose not to, the overlord proceeds to roll dice and you must wait for the card (and its attack, if any) to be completely resolved. If you interrupt the Dark Charm and kill the target hero, then the card is canceled without further effect. I can't remember where the thread about the "Cancelled" card is, but the conclusion of this and other rules found in some of the books were that cancelled meant: "Goes back into hand and threat cost is retrieved". It could be this from the "Descent: Journeys in the Dark"-rules, but I'm not sure: At any point during the overlord player’s turn (not during a hero’s turn), a hero may use his guard order to immediately “interrupt” the overlord player’s turn and make one attack (following all the normal rules for line of sight and attacking). The overlord player’s turn is immediately halted (even if the overlord player was about to attack with a monster), allowing the hero to resolve his interrupt attack. After the interrupt attack is completed and any casualties are removed, the overlord player may continue his turn. The overlord player must allow for an interrupt attack at any time, and must reverse any movement/attack if it was made too fast for the hero player to have a chance to declare an interrupt attack. If a hero player declines to make an interrupt attack, however, he may not change his mind later.
  12. Nope, the players can rewind one step. This means that if a player is being hit with a Crushing Blow, then they can rewind that step and play a feat, making the hit miss. The overlord however will then still have the card in hand (again) and is able to play it with his next hit.
  13. It's not aproblem anymore. Everything is working fine now and LOS is even calculated with the ruling in mind. Right now I just need to implement LOS for stairs and pits.
  14. Ok, maybe an explanation should be in order. This program traces lines from a valid algorithm used in many other programs. Right now it simply makes one assumption that a monster cannot block line of sight if the line of sight is blocked to it. Right now this is done by a square to square basis, not recognizing that the monster can be in several squares. So all squares seen to be visible from the green square are indeed objectively correct under this assumption. I'm now looking for a fix, but I think I may have found it, but I need to test it out: A monster can be seen if any of it squares can be seen and then blocks LOS in any of its squares. And a monster cannot block line of sight to itself. This should fix it, but makes it a bit harder to implement.
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