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  1. Ok yeah I see that now. Just been reading the Rules Reference and dice adjustment order.
  2. Some interesting thinking going on So what I taking from this is that based on the wording for Impact you'd only change the hit to a crit if attacking Armour. To me that makes sense as there is no need to do it for normal hits. As I write this though I would then wonder how that affects cover? I haven't go the rules to hand but don't crits ignore things like dodge and cover? What is the feeling though on the first part of the query regarding the changing of surges to hits? Does this apply to ALL Stormtroopers that make up the unit, even if the heavy is an upgrade? Or does the heavy only get the 1 modifier, which is the one on it's card?
  3. Will we see expansions for other armies/forces sooner rather than later? We've already seen 2 other troop choices announced. The imperials, based on the fluff have Dark Troopers, Imperial Troopers, Imperial Soldiers and Spacetroopers to call upon. Rebels have Hoth & Special Forces troopers? So wondering if we will see Wookiees and Mandalorians sooner rather than later?
  4. Played my 3rd game at the weekend, 1st one using the upgrade cards. Has thrown up a couple of queries. Running Stormtrooper squads with a heavy. Stormtrooper card says that they can change a surge to a hit. Heavy card says he can change a hit to a crit. So as it reads we played it as thus. Changed a surge to a hit and then the hit to a crit. Is this correct basically? The other query is the Aim command. Does that apply to melee? I can't see anywhere that specifically stats it only applies to Ranged weapons. Really enjoying the game. It's good to see that any failures are down to dice rolls and not any overpowered units
  5. It's a dig at the delay... sheesh!
  6. Could I just simple have the lost interest reimbursed please? I pre ordered one of everything from my FLGS, which was a tidy amount. It would be a nice gesture in return for the upfront money FFG got from me.
  7. I look at it this way. The figures will allow me to play the FFG system and the old Star Wars Minatures ruleset, so win win. Especially if they are planning on bringing out more races/forces
  8. As the sets are "on the boat" can we please have the rules posted? It would be nice to be able to get a feel for the game before the stuff arrives.
  9. I've order one of anything, pre Snowtrooper and Veers and although I'd like all of it at one time, the Core will be fine. As I have a mate who has tons of the WoTC stuff we can practice with
  10. Just seen an update from the store I ordered my stuff from (UK), who funnily enough is responding to some posting about the Aussies getting stock. He is saying that pre-orders have now closed, and this usually means he will get stock in a week or two. Fingers crossed then
  11. Given that they are likely to be in the finishing stage and the product is no longer a surprise, it would be nice if FFG could actually give us some idea of release date.
  12. What is FFG's stance when it comes to slow play in a tournament? I will be running a Store even later in the year and a couple of the players who are likely to take part are notoriously slow players. In the last even they were taking an hour just to play one game. Although it means you are not going to come first slow play does mean that you will get a point due to it being a draw, which means you could technically do better than people who have played in the spirit of the game. Is there something in place to deal with this or would some sort of penalty be fair if 'x' amount of their games are draws?
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