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  1. Just added this to my RPG group channel. Looks great! Thanks for the awesome work!
  2. Kidnapping off-screen relatives may be over the top, and a less extreme version could certainly be used that would make more sense. There's also the option of introducing the PCs to the intended victim as a boss in the first scenario or two and then kill him off and proceed to the intended premise. One of the things about the idea was that I thought that this guy had fingers in lots of pies, including many legal ones. Reading the entry on Baron Kaldo on Centerpoint Station got me thinking that someone like him would provide a lot more potential suspects that just an internal power struggle.
  3. The idea was that he had concerns that there were (many) people after him, so he set up contingencies (the PCs) to make sure that his killer(s) were brought to justice and he was avenged. Yes, family kidnapping, if that was the avenue necessary to encourage participation, is pretty heavy-handed, but he'd be dead, so he wasn't exactly worried about the fallout. The logistics of who actually is holding the blackmail or family would have to be worked out, too, since he obviously trusted very few people to resort to hiring the PCs this way, but that was the direction I was thinking of.
  4. They might be suspects due to working with him in the past, but my thought was that the work relationship had been relatively harmonious prior to this instance. The idea was more that the PCs were the only people he was sure weren't involved and he needed outsiders that would be motivated to get it done while having no ties to the many potential suspects.
  5. I'm relatively new to Edge, collecting all of Force and Destiny first. However, as I acquire the many books of Edge, I find myself with ideas percolating through my brain. Recently, a friend and I both had cool hooks for campaigns within a day of each other. He's already starting his game up (on a day I can't make it, sadly), but I am still in the fledgling stage. Here's the hook: The PCs are all have their assets seized/are blackmailed/had their families kidnapped by a crime boss or other n'er-do-well that they've associated with and can only get themselves clear by doing one "simple" thing: Discover who killed him and why. This opens up a whole bunch of directions the campaign can go, with many mini-adventures to discover clues or find potential witnesses or suspects. I'm pretty excited about the idea, and I thought I'd float it out here and see what more experienced Edge GMs might have in terms of ideas to make it epic.
  6. Agreed. For what you get, this is a great deal. I've managed to play the scenario with two different groups, and I feel that I've more than gotten my money's worth with it. Of course, I didn't hate the movie, even if it was a clone of the original New Hope, so I'm more apt to like this product, too. My young daughter is also eager to play a game in the world of Rey and company because she loved the movie (and Rey), something that is easy for us old-time Star Wars fans to overlook.
  7. I'm somewhat late to the FFG Star Wars RPG party, getting to play a couple of sessions of Edge that my buddy owned before the inevitable failed attempts of adults trying to find time together to game happened. However, in the months following Force and Destiny being released, I decided to take the plunge and get into that version, and have since gotten all the books for it (and started on Edge of the Empire, getting 5 books in thus far). At the same time as I was acquiring those, this Beginner game released and I decided that it would be a good addition to the collection, especially since I got another set of dice and then a whole game session for just a little more. However, again, time conspired against me and I've only managed a couple of sessions of Force and Destiny and hadn't played this. Until this past Thursday, Star Wars Day 2017. My local shop ran an event and I volunteered to run the TFA Beginner Game, and then I ran it again at my bi-weekly RPG group (that has a Star Wars hater in it and flatly refuses to consider a FFG SW campaign, but stayed home for the one-shot) this past Tuesday. These are my thoughts. Overall, I felt that the adventure was relatively easy, but fun enough to overlook that. It definitely was made for people that were new to the game, but in the two games combined I only had one person that had ever tried FFG SW other than me, so that part worked well in the game's favour. Both groups were quickly able to understand the dice and it was easy to see how many dice they had for any kind of skill checks. The Pre-gens were all nicely tied into the story, there was a nice mix of skill checks and combat, and the reveal of Captain Phasma for the final encounter added a "cool factor" to the adventure that the players weren't expecting. There's a lot to like and recommend in this package. The Lite Rulebook provides a solid base for a beginning player, and the scenario does everything it needs to do to walk a new GM through the game session. The NPCs were well developed and their folios had everything the players needed for the entire game. Like the other Beginner Games, FFG has done an excellent job introducing their game universe to new recruits. And it's hard to argue with the value, when you consider the price of the dice on their own. As pointed out in other threads, the dice are about half the cost of this, so you get all the rest of it for $15-20, which is excellent value. My players on Star Wars Day enjoyed this enough that there's interest in doing the online follow-up scenario, putting more value into this package. I look forward to continuing the pregens adventures in the TFA era. I definitely recommend this product, even if you weren't a big fan of the movie. Its well worth it.
  8. Survivor's theme of "winning by losing", as Jonboyjon1990 puts it, is not a traditional CCG theme where you want consistency and not to be in a position of losing. However, in this game, you can actually manipulate your draws to have a better chance of putting yourself in the position to succeed through failing. As Jon points out, Lucky and Look What I Found are two of the best cards in the game for tests and fairly easy to control the triggering of them. As for Wendy's signature, its very good if you can play it later in the game. Playing it too early means that you can't benefit from all the Events in your discard pile, but giving yourself an effective double-digit hand to work with (albeit in top-down order) is a very powerful ability if it gets set up right and you have the resources for it. Being able to replay 3rd or even 4th copies of powerful cards is nothing to sneeze at.
  9. I've been enjoying playing Ashcan Pete thus far and he's one of my favorite characters. Duke is so very good. I also liked playing Wendy in the Core Set. In Wendy's case, there are some solid Rogue cards that are able to minimize her weaknesses. 2x Backstab and Sneak Attack seem to be essential, and she's excellent at Evading enemies to allow the hitters time to deal with them. With Ashcan Pete, you get a free action to move thanks to Duke's search ability and he's a 4 Fight to throw down with. There's some interesting Level 0 cards to flesh him out with. Mystics have some interesting options and you can't go wrong with a Guard Dog or Beat Cop. And given his discard to straighten Duke ability, card draw of some kind would be useful, like Laboratory Assistant. Figuring out the best 5 choices of out-of-class Level 0s is still a work in progress for me, mind you, so experiment.
  10. I thought the same when I read the rules reference on Nearest when I got home. The bolded text you highlight seems to clarify the answer. Unless someone has a counter-argument, I'll play it that way next time. Thanks!
  11. I felt the same way, as it seemed almost like cheating to have it go on our own location. As you say, the Forced Entry also seems to indicate that it would go on the next site in line. However, he's played more than I have at this point, so I didn't want to argue. And I got my revenge by having Duke the Hound accidentally kill his Investigator on two straight misses against monsters he was engaged with (before I was very quickly also killed).
  12. A buddy and I were playing Carnivale tonight (me for the first time) and when Acrid Miasma was revealed, his take on the "Revelation - Attach to the nearest location clockwise" was that it meant our current location (can't get much closer than on top of us), while I countered that it had to mean the next clockwise location. Was he right or I? Thanks in advance!
  13. I don't think it has anything to do with the Hasbro machine, because we can't overlook the powerful distribution of FFG/Asmodee, either. Granted, the limited distribution chains of FFG products (for example, only available through one company, Lion Rampant Distribution, in Canada) may play a role, but I also recall that FFG/Asmodee was trying to help FLGS by limiting advance stock for the Amazons of the world. However, the reality is that the RPG market isn't anywhere near as strong as it used to be, so its not surprising that places don't carry the amount of product they used to. Being hung with dozens of $40 books is a big inventory sink, and even the exclusive distributors like Lion Rampant will err on the side of light for their order size, since they don't want too much overstock.
  14. Love the Dreadstar shout-out with Cathedral. Seriously old-skool comic love there.
  15. Nice. My local store hasn't got any of the core books at the moment, sitting comfortably on a couple of copies of Onslaught on Arda and a copy of the old Age Beta book. Their supply of RPGs is predominantly D&D and Pathfinder with a few core books for other games mixed in. The place I picked up most of my Force and Destiny from hasn't replenished their supply since I bought them out of them months ago, and their RPG shelf is woefully underfilled. There's not a ton of demand for RPGs, at least at the shops I usually frequent. I did get one F&D book from a store that carried a few more RPG books than the other two, but it certainly wasn't overwhelmingly supported. With so many RPGs being Kickstarted and limited demand, stores investing in keeping a good selection in stock are becoming increasingly uncommon.
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