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  1. Lol, I bet they planned it that way.
  2. I have lost the tutorial twice, and won on both easy and normal. I believe the tutorial is weighted to knock you out once it's taught you how to play so you can start your own game. Both the games I won ended in the sixth round.
  3. Nvm. Found it in the faq.
  4. The game comes with 4. Is that the max you can roll for a single check, or do you just roll them all twice? We had a Squad Leader rolling 8 dice at once with 2 vets, 1 squadie and some piece of tech that made ever task gold bordered.
  5. Solid Board Games has it available for pick-up in Mississauga. That's where I got mine.
  6. Is 2e well balanced? Nope, not even close. Monster groups are not balanced. Large > Medium or Small Heroes are not balanced. Some choices are just downright better. Quests aren't balanced. They'll favor one side or the other, depending on the version of them you're playing Mechanics aren't balanced. A hero death = -1 action, whereas some maps the OL can't even reinforce one monster OL vs. Heroes isn't balanced. Heroes have far more customization and growth than the OL's single card addition. Hey all. Don't mind me. Just checking back in, seeing if there was any new errata yet so put this game back in our rotation. I guess not. Carry on.
  7. You've got it absolutely correct. There is no reason to use anything other than Shadow Dragons or Merroids on any map. You could pick a smaller monster, but it's just going to get ripped to pieces on the first turn the party can reach it, then you only get to reinforce 20% of that groups strength, as opposed to reinforcing 50% strength of a large monster group. Some people might tell you that some maps you need medium creatures to block movement, but they just die in a hurry and tie up the reinforcement lane. You seem already well read and intelligent in your choices. You're using small monsters correctly for missions like the masquerade. They can also benefit you when you need to attack something other than the party, like killing villages in Castle Daerion. Use something quick and numerous to do lots of damage and kill targets that can't fight back before the party reaches them. You've also already learned to avoid the creation kit, which is going to save you potential headaches down the road. I don't know what else I could tell you, you've figured out the winning formula. I can vouch for goblins sometimes being useful. You can shoot and run and make that party waste time chasing you around, or chip away at their backs if they leave you alone. This works in maps where there are multiple paths to an objective, where the goblins can scatter in different directions when they are reached. Obviously though, don't bother reinforcing them if they get caught. Also, I like your suggestions for increasing reinforcement to balance the monster selection, and I hope FFG eventually does sometime like this to address the many balance issues with this game. The only choice Descent presents you when picking an open group is if you want to win or just get rolled over. Situations where a Shadow Dragon isn't going to be your best bet are rare.
  8. Put up a notice in hobby stores/game clubs in your area. Search online.
  9. LiTaS. He has no legal gate to exit.
  10. Runebound works too. I never played Runewars, but I very much enjoy Runebound. I've lost my share of minis in my time, so my Descent/Runebound just share a common set now.
  11. I believe you are correct. You roll a green and red and count the surges on both.
  12. I don't think this was a gimmick at all. I'm sure FFG thought of adding in these figures back when they were first designing the core set, but I'm betting that cost made it prohibitive. The core set already came with a great deal of material, so I have always been able to see why these were not included - especially if FFG wanted to keep it all in a certain price range. I disagree. I believe the figures were intentionally kept out, with the idea of selling them to us later. This is how it was done when they were originally released for Road to Legend. I'm not saying it's wrong, FFG is all about its add-on products and it is to be expected. Six addition minis might have raised the cost of each game a dollar or two, at most. But they can make a lot more doing it this way. Not that there's anything wrong with it; they have a business to support and speciality products charge a premium.
  13. I had a thought once of giving characters values between 1 and 4. I'm pretty sure Descent one did this too, but mine were going to be used differently. An average party would total 8 (very few characters are worth 4) and if the party cost goes above 8, the OL gets more advantages such as more cards, starting XP or an extra monster group. Likewise, if the group wants to build a party full of Eliams, it would lower the OLs starting hand. Just an idea.
  14. I know this one! Yes, being returned by a card or Find Gate spell still counts as having explored the portal, unless stated otherwise by the card.
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