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  1. Thanks Virgo...thought so but wanted to verify.
  2. Does the convent only cause one damage regardless of how many cards are discarded? And...does each Scout trigger each card indpenently? In other words, does Scout A trigger Convent X and also Y, then Scout A triggers X and also Y? Thanks, - netgest
  3. Fair enough! It is very appreciated. This one has a lot of answers in it that I was hoping to find. - netgeist
  4. Thanks Virgo! I don't know which version of the FAQ I read after a did a search. It covered indirect damage but not redirecting or moving damage. This one's perfect. Is it the latest version? - netgeist
  5. Loving the rules of this game and still learning the card relationships. Despite their being a lot of info about Toughness in terms of direct and indirect damage on the 'net, I can't seem to find info regarding the effect of negative modifiers. For example, a card like Malekith's Throne can cause -1 hit points for a unit with no developments in their zone. Would this negate toughness, since there is no damage assigned? Also, what about a card like Valkia that moves damage? Is that indirect damage? If anyone can point out where in the guide this is addressed, it would really help. Thanks, -netgeist
  6. The game rules imply that it's order versus destruction….but can they fight amongst themselves? I know a Destruction/Destruction or Order/Order battle is common in the minis game and the fiction. Thanks in advance for your answers, - netgeist
  7. Folks, I've got two games under my belt and just want to make sure we are allocating damage correctly. Here's the situation that confused me. I attack with two units. One with 2 HP and one with 4 HP. The opposing units defend with 4 power back. Can the opponent allocate all 4 damge to the one stronger unit or does it have to be allocated amongst both evenly? Sorry if this sounds like an odd question. I am a former player of the minis games and damage allocation was always complicated in both Warhammer and in 40K. Because of my experience with those other games, it feels wrong that damage can be allocated that way but I see nothing to the contrary in the book. Thanks, - netgeist
  8. Thanks for the information. Until you mentioned it, I didn't know that Deckbox had Invasion cards. That's a great way to find out more. Your help is appreciated. - netgeist
  9. Hello, I just purchased the core game and am interested in also planning what to purchase next. I wanted to narrow down my options by focusing on certain races but I am having a tough time finding a list the shows all playable races. Maybe I am using the wrong search terms….but so far, no luck. Which races are represented in the game as fully playable races versus cards that complement other decks? Also…what is the best purchasing strategy to concentrate on certain races. For example, if I wanted to play all Skaven, all Vampire Counts or all Wood Elf decks, how would I get the cards? Only by buying each expansion? Thanks in advance for your help and patience, - netgeist
  10. There are some great replies on here...thanks folks. I'll be giving them another run soon and in the meantime, I've also picked up Yula, Hoss and Hoax just to shake things up. Next up - the Hinhasho faction! - netgeist
  11. So I used to love Tannhauser and was excited about the new rules. Now that I've played a few games, I've got some serious balance concerns. My buddy and I have been playing core rules only, no bonus tokens and in Deathmatch (Union vs Korps) just to get a feel for the capabilities of the teams. It's my finding that the Obscura Korps doesn't stand a chance. I'm not sure if we are doing something wrong or the game is seriously out of balance. So, I figured I'd ask some things here. Questions: 1) Counterattack & Flash Guns: If I'm reading this correctly, the Flash Guns work as normal on a Counterattack. If that's the case, playing Obscura Korps seems like a losing proposal right away. The Flash Guns easily compensate for the lower attack value because they get enough dice that they are likely to roll a 0 and get additional dice. Since the Korps has no Flash Guns, my experience is that I attack with my piddly weapons, which do little to no damage, and then get killed by counterattacks. 2) The Patmos Amulet: Can Heizinger target his own team members? I got into a situation where Eva jacked up a Union minion pretty well and just missed finishing him off. I wanted to make Heizinger target her so she would potentially attack again and then run to safety from Barry's gun. We both were unclear on this. My buddy things it's wrong and I think it's sketchy, but since the Korps are the bad guys, they'd be fine with doing something sketchy. What's the official ruling? 3) Patmos & Overwatch: If Heinzinger uses his Patmos attack on a character with Overwatch, does it end that guy's Overwatch? Any help you can provide on these questions would be valuable. Things seem ridiculously skewed toward the Union right now and while I don't mind losing, I do mind never having a chance. When Barry can take out three named characters by himself, it feels like there is no chance. Thanks, - netgeist
  12. Good feedback here, folks. Thank you. During the game, I interpreted it the way Grandclam did, then I posted to see if I made the right call. Sounds debatable. FYI - this wasn't someone trying to be a jerk. This was a new player asking the question so he'd know what his options were. Thanks, - netgeist
  13. There are some situations where it would make sense for Barry to go into overwatch in that situation. For example, maybe the player wants to activate someone else (to take a med kit, for example) but doesn't want to lose a chance to shoot Eva while she's in his sites. - netgeist
  14. True, I expect there to be flaws in games. That one just struck me as odd. If trigger events include someone ending on a space on the same path, it would add more excitement. Instead of the dramatic stare down, there would the dramatic "Oh s---!" moment when someone sees the gun aiming their way and tries to beat feet out of the area. - netgeist
  15. That's how it reads but it's kind of silly to think they just stare at one another.
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