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  1. Not for several weeks. Not until the new year at the earliest in any case.
  2. H.B.M.C. said: The PDF never comes out at the same times as the book. What made you think this time would be different? BYE That's not entirely true. It has occurred before but I attribute it to some kind of clerical error. Heck I had a PDF copy of Tome of Fate before it was released in hardback and legally too from Drivethru, but I'm sure it was a mistake like I said.
  3. Plushy said: My thread about Autocannons as a Favored Heavy Weapon had me looking at that entire system, looking for fun choices. I was surprised to find Boltguns and Hellguns as viable choices. Then I realized that Storm Trooper Carapace Armour is only Very Rare, and therefore could be added to a Standard Kit… Well, I'm starting to wonder if it's better that I'm always the GM and not a player. These two work best with folks playing as Weapon Specialists and Heavy Gunners. The additional Bolter for Sororitas is for anyone not playing a Weapon Specialist, Heavy Gunner, or Priest. Sororitas regiment Schola Progenium (3) Supine (1) Line Infantry (2) Favored Foe (3) (FL: Heresy, Hatred: Mutants) Well-Provisioned (3) Total Points spent: 12 Favored Basic: Bolter Favored Heavy: Heavy Flamer Standard Kit: Carapace Armor (20) One Favored Basic Weapon per Squad (Bolter) (10) You know that for Sisters the standard troop unit wears power armor, carries frag and krak grenades, a bolt pistol, and a bolt gun. I think you made a good attempt, but unless you are deeming these to be some sort of recruit or trainee it doesn't accurately reflect their gear
  4. Thebigjul said: Indeed and i'mashamed not to have think about it myself… I will go to the chapel and confess my sin of ignorance to the chaplain, then I will beat the weakness out of my flesh and mind…. But to be pure enough I need one more answer, if smite work only on living things do it works against NPC or PC with machine trait? While I'm hardly a rules authority, I would say it depends. For something that is totally robotic like a Necron I woudl say no, but for something like a Tech Marine or your 'average' tech priest, I would say yes.
  5. The Smite power is defeated by something as humble as a van. Smite has no effect on non living targets. Without the ability to penetrate people inside a Rhino or the above van, its easy for them to duck back inside with a Challenging Dodge test. Facign an armored vehicle is not outside the realm of possibility for a deathwatch kill-team. Besides it might encourage people to actually use a melta-gun or missile launcher in a game.
  6. My suggestion woudl be to work out a deal with your GM and see if you can get the pair as an elite advance. Maybe a little more expensive than signature wargear (Master). Presumably your PC will have done something to deserve the honor of carrying this piece of sacred wargear too.
  7. .113 said: If 1 magnitude is 3 people then 40 magnitute is 120, but that aside the space marines are pretty badass in general, just compare towards a regular guardsman and consider how insanely powerful they are Where did you get that number from. Horde magnitude I thought were basically what the GM wanted them it be. The numbers are relative.
  8. I was running a game where the Blood Angel Apothecary killed a Tervigon is close combat. There was a 4 man team on a Hive Ship and they ran into the Tervigon. The Stormwarden Librarian was soon knee deep in Termaguants with the Ultramarine Devastator lending fire support. That left the Apothecary and the Raven Guard Assault Marine. Both the Librarian and Devastator had one initial shot at the Tervigon and did a bit of damage. The Assault Marine attached a meltabomb to the back of the Tervigon, but the Apothecary literally shredded the thing with a whopping 70+ damage after armor and toughness using a chainsword. He was in frenzy and used his solo mode ability. It was truly epic though. the fight ended very suddenly and he was covered in viscera and panting basically after his epic tearing of the monster. It was awesome. The Stormwarden and the Ultramarine were slack jawed in awe while the Raven Guard moved on to the objective. The Blood Angel just cleaned his shiny blond hair and went with him. The UM and Warden who had a nice rivalry going decided to join forces so to speak so they didn't look bad.
  9. Boss Gitsmasha said: At least, up until the Grey Knights show up and use their blood for war paint. You know that little passage would have been so much better if the Grey Knighst asked for their blood to combat the demonic invasion. I am certain that the Sisters happily would have all given their lives to do so. Sacrifice freely given is often more powerful than one taken by violence. Had teh Sisters refused I am sure the Grey knighst woudl have taken it anyway, but I don't think thats what would have happened. Now I just see Grey Knights as murderous sorcerors rather than the unstoppable heroes I think they should be.
  10. A heretic can be as simple as believing in democracy and equal rights for all Imperial citizens. The state is heavily tied to the religion and one its cornerstones is obedience to the Imperial machine. Simply disobeying that and having an open minded. What we Americans might call Liberals is enough to be called a radical. That has nothing to do with Chaos, but it does leave oneself open to Chaos. In any case, none of that prevents an absolute faith in the God Emperor of Mankind, but you will still be called radical. By the way the kind of faith Pure Faith represents is absolute. Its probably not pleasant for normal people to be around becuase of its intensity. I'm sure most of us have met people liek this. Magnify it by several factors and thats probably what a person with Pure Faith is like. Its probably just one of the reasons why many people don't want to 'hang out' with the Sisterhood. That same faith though is what lets normal women hold out against demonic forces that would otherwise corrupt them by just being near it. It lets them stand against impossible odds and sometimes even triumph over it.
  11. Thebigjul said: Hi, Some times ago I run a little story with chapter marines, all of then was playing Iron Hands. I have to say it had been a good game for my part and it looks the same for my player. The problem with this kind og game is the way chapters are organised and you will never see a devastator,with an assault, with a tactic … in the same squad. Of course you can play chapter master or captain level and play with the command group but then why should they been their without chapter or compagny… But for one shot scenario it is quite good. Why not a devastator? Surely every tactical sqaud has one heavy weapon. There is no reason why a few people can't be assault marines either in a tactical sqaud,. Every one is trained with a bolter, heavy bolter, etc. They just favor their hand to hand training more. What you probably won't see though is an Apothecary or a Librarian or a Tech Marine unless assigned to yoru battlegroup for a campaign.
  12. Dulahan said: But as it stands, the Marines we play seem to have even forgot how to be Scouts, let alone any of the other roles… How so, all Marines in Dw have Silent Move and Concealment thus enabling them to be stealthy. Also all Marines have Awareness at trained along with their elevated senses enabling them to be observant. Those seem to be the hallmarks fo what it means to be a basic scout. The only thing any marine can't do despite the fluff of training is use a jump pack,. In my opinion all Deathwatch marines should have Pilot: Personal at the start of the game.
  13. Dodge can be very powerful I suppose, but I pitted my groups PC's against 3 noise marines and a choas sorceror. The group had 10 guardsmen with them too. They were in a relatively narrow corridor and those noise marines had a field day killing the Maccabean Janissaries. My PC's dodged or spent fate points and dodged to live. Doom Sirens are nasty. If the two groups hadn't just just stumbled on one another, it would not have been pretty for my players, so I guess it just depends on how you do combat scenarios. The noise marines supporte one another very well. Suprising it was the group guardsman that won the battle for them by charging down the corridor behidn the battle sister and killing the sorcerer with the melta bomb he had. He almost killed himself in the process, but fight was pretty epic.
  14. The Death Korps of Krieg quite probably uses cloned(or vat grown) troopers. There really isn't a possible way for them to meet their tithes otherwise given the small habitable areas on Krieg.
  15. On page 51, the Commisar suggested advancement chart refers to Iron Discipline as being available but possibly being granted by this specialty in character creation. On page 50 under starting talents, Iron Discipline is not available.
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