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  1. Yes; both games groups I'm in use it, but the group with teenagers and more technophile members only sees it barely tolerable. It is not a flaw with the tool oggdude created that they don't like; it is that your information isn't stored online, cannot be accessed from a smartphone/tablet, isn't updated soon after a new supplement is released AND does not have descriptions of talents. It also has the flaw that making custom things for the group (like a stock ship with particular attachments) isn't easily or quickly sharable. Oggdudes tool is AWESOME, but it won't be enough to save a game that is forbidden all electronic support. It is the only game I've played in the past few years that you can't even get legit books for electronically. As an old guy, I like the stack of books on the table, the next generation and technophiles of all ages demand electronic media. As a star wars fan, its scary to see the game dying and even other star wars fans are just not willing to play because the lack of electronic support is offensive to them. (Equally scary to see players who don't like DnD, specifically dislike the 5th edition rules, still PREFER to play DnD 5th edition purely because of DnD Beyond)
  2. I know EA doesn't have a ton of motivation, but teenage audience members are an absolute requirement for the game line to continue, and as things stand now, once they discover DnD Beyond, their attitude is "I won't, under any circumstances become an audience member for a game without online character tracking". I know some of these teenagers, and their parents (also gamers) agree that they now prefer DnD Beyond, with all of its problems over any other game system purely because of the ease provided by online content. Not having online character trackers means the game line will die completely when us old folks no longer have groups to play with. (Nursing homes also aren't going to support large book collections for our gaming habits)
  3. Just adding another voice in case anyone from Edge Studios is watching. I would very much like to see a second or revised edition. The game is mostly great as-is for very short and focused campaigns, however, for longer campaigns the character creation rules need a little adjustment, starship combat and vehicle customization rules need a lot of work, and the rules for everything related to the force need some work. These could be fixed via a large errata document, or even three or four "rules options" style books, but I don't think those would provide the longevity for the game that a new edition might provide. Same dice system (even though the custom dice do dissuade a lot of potential players), just a lot of refining. An online character and campaign tracker would also be helpful in bringing in new players, and would help a lot for younger players who expect to be able to use their phones to track characters. DnD Beyond is the only reason I can tolerate 5th edition, and is the main reason younger players I know prefer DnD 5th over all other games. Not losing all of your character information because of losing a few pieces of paper or having computer problems is going to be a requirement in the future to get a teenage to even be wiling to try a game; same for online die rollers and virtual tabletops. If they can't provide any sort of online content at all, then only us older fans will even be willing to consider buying the books.
  4. I believe the standard benefit from a holocron is to aid a check with a skill of 3 if the skill is appropriate to the holocron. Better holocrons might exist that offer higher skill ratings for aide checks or which could outright answer questions the individual holocrons specialized in, as would other devices that offer similar benefits. It is my understanding that only a force-sensitive indivivual can actually benefit from a holocron, but that their are other similar devices that non-force-sensitives will use (i.e. hologoggles). Holocrons would just be faster sources of information. Many holocrons also require a potential user to convince it to functions, which can take the form of additional skill checks. My interpretation of the setting would be that all jedi and even most allies and friends might be able to get easy access to a "common" section of the archives that give access to knowledge equivalent to aiding a check with a skill of three; either through access to basic holocrons for jedi or access to more common electronic systems for friends and allies (same benefit, research takes longer, also applies to jedi keeping their research lower profile or those who are not in good standing according to the libraries keepers). Certain forbidden knowledge would not be available in these more common archives. Better holocrons with higher skill ratings for aide checks, or possibly access to forbidden knowledge. Jedi of high standing or who have gained the favor of the librarians would be able to access these higher quality resources and allies in good standing may be able to convince the librarians to research difficult topics in the secure archives for them. If the jedi in your campaign hold some favor with either the librarians or the council, or just have a mission from the council that requires rare information, then access to resources that grant an aide check with a skill of 4 should be easy to acquire; perhaps with an average charm check to get on the good side of the nearest librarian. More difficult social checks or a direct mandate from the council might be required to access the most secure resources that might simply be able to answer a specific question or provide a higher skill rating to aide in a check.
  5. Another classic. Someone has to hold up the closing door/falling wall so everyone can escape. Holding the object up long enough for the last slave to escape leads to exhaustion and the character collapsing with the obstacle. Maybe the last person through is a slave who has some attachment to the team, but he still feels bad enough that he wants to take the dead characters responsibilities (or if its just a maiming, become the maimed character's apprentice for the role the maimed character had on the team).
  6. I'm running a game now where I started the characters with 500 earned xp, but they had to spend it on one of two specific universal specializations (and completing the specialization), then use the leftover xp basic force powers and on raising class skills up to rank 2 (or skills I named as in theme for the campaign and one of each player's choice being limited to 3 instead of 2). I also assigned some in-theme gear and a pair of sil-3 ships and some NPCs and astromechs. So far it's worked out well after awarding almost 400 additional XP as the game has gone on (15 base per night, usually ends up being 25-35 xp total). Even with all of them as lightsaber-wielding force users, a couple of 6-man storm trooper squads and a weak inquisitor or two is still enough to challenge them for a couple rounds. (giving the storm troopers grenades occasionally is also fun) I've asked them not to increase their skills past starting limits for the time being, and that keeps it easy to challenge them (that limit will increase by one soon as they start a new chapter), but still leave them lots of options for spending XP. Each has three or four specializations to work on, lots of skills that have ongoing effects in the campaign (even with only 2 or 3 ranks), and with force powers for added flexibility in spending xp, they only barely feel the limit to skill increases. As a GM, I try to make every skill matter, and make sure that multiple people having a particular non-combat skill doesn't make one of them feel like it was wasted xp. I also make sure they feel appropriate pain for any lack of social skills (Coercion shouldn't be the only social skill in the group above rank 1). I don't do enough with the Survival skill or do a great job making all of the knowledge skills relevant (I'm working on that part), but I do get the rest of them in regularly, and I have a group that actively seeks out using non-combat skills. TL;DR: If you feel the characters need more starting resources, grant them with your campaign theme attached to their use (I really like granting complete universal trees to starting characters plus a gear package appropriate to the campaign). Talents and powers are more fun than high skills (most of the time), but high skill ranks is where real power comes from; so if necessary, simply limit the highest rank available to the characters, and limit the number that can have that rank. Use larger minion groups with combat-focused leaders to make the choice of which to focus on in combat a more interesting one and issue grenades to minion groups who are feeling unloved.
  7. Would it be possible to have an option to print Adversaries and Encounters with talents in a list without descriptions? Some of my more complicated Adversaries have a ton of talents, which results in a full wasted page of "please see page ##..." text. Even if all of the descriptions were there, the full descriptions aren't useful to print for every encounter when an NPC have two full talent trees worth of talents. I don't want descriptions permanently removed from all adversary and encounter stat blocks, just the option to remove them when they would be more annoying than useful.
  8. I'll have to find a clearer way to word the swirling energy bonus. I intended for the bonus from swirling energy to mean "against one attack per strategic turn, you can increase your shield rating by one". My understanding of the rules is that your shields regenerate between attacks, so your shields might regenerate several times during a turn. This would increase your shield rating by one if you only had one opponent who always fired all of his weapons as one barrage. Against multiple opponents, then you have to choose which oponent you get the bonus against. Its not very disimilar to the bonus from castellan shields. Would increasing the armor bonus for the indestructable feature make it more in line with the others? I thought three extra points of armor was a little high originally, so I'd be reluctant to increase it further. For multiple blessings, the intended result is only two rolls; once more on the main table and one on the multiple blessings table (maybe I should have called it additional blessings). I based the powers off the table in Stars of Inequity, but I felt that two rolls on the table would be way more powerful than I intended. Other than "Dark Age Ship", all of the possibilities on the multiple blessings table shuold be weaker than the possibilities on table 2-31.
  9. Just looking for comments, any suggestions are appreciated. The goal is to make recovery of ancient ships more significant than simply not having to acquire it with the acquisition rules or looting any remaining components for your current flagship. In my opinion, a recovered and fully repaired archeotech ship should be about twice as powerful as a non-archeotech ship. Dark Designs – Archotech Hull Types Fluff: The warships of mankind's ancient past are the truest horrors of the battlefield, able emerge victorious from battles with xeno fleets of similar ships. The primary reason the emperor directed mankind towards modern ship designs, was to limit the damage we could do to ourselves when we inevitably fought one another. The best modern ships would need to outnumber one of these archeotech monstrosities at least two-to-one to stand a chance. Even then, the modern fleet must be directed by superior captains and gunners, and the ancient ships had their own ways of compensating for the limits of merely average leaders. Crunch: The book Stars of Inequity has inspired me to new thoughts concerning truly ancient ships from mankind's past. My intent with these rules to to make true archeotech ships that are roughly equivalent to two ships of similar class. To do this, I've created a new category to add to each full entry on table 2-31, on page 86 of Stars of Inequity, and modifications based on on craftsmanship as well. Ship Hull modifications based on results from Table 2-31 Imposing – Hull: Use ship component rules (no change necessary) Compact – Hull: This ship isn't really smaller, however its internal structure is much more efficient, making more space for other components. Increase the ships available space by 10, and all components added with a space requirement of two or greater have their space requirements lowered by one. This bonus does not stack with the space reduction from good or best craftsmanship installation of the component. Steady – Hull: This ship's basic systems are vastly superior to modern systems. Increase the hull's detection and maneuverability by +10. Additionally, any tech-use tests made to affect the ship durign combat receive a +5 bonus. Potent – Hull: This terrifying ship has power to spare. In addition to increasing the power generated by it's plasma drive by 10, any unused power may be directed towards any installed lance weapons, or other energy based weapons. Each two points of power directed towards weapons increase their damage by one. This does not stack with any damage boost a weapon may already have due to effects from table 2-31 that the individual weapons may already have. Swirling Energy – Hull: This ship has energy to spare, and is constantly storing any unused energy in the thousands of capacitors place in any open space around the ship, including charging the hull. Any components added to this ship with a power requirement of two or higher have their power requirements reduced by one. This effect does not stack with any power requirement reductions from installation quality. Additionally, once per strategic turn, the ship's shields may be increased by one. This shield increase even functions on a ship with no shields. Incalculable Precision – Hull: This ship's system are more finely turned than is possible to reproduce in modern times. The range of the ship's auger arrays, lances and macrobatteries is doubled. Targeting objects beyond the newly doubled range incurs a -20 penalty on detection or BS rolls, and weapon damage is reduced to 1d10, or 1d10-2 if the weapon's maximum damage is already 10 or less. Indestructible – Hull: It is not possible to truly destroy a ship with this quality. Critical hits that cause a plasma explosion or warp breach are reduced to considering the ship to be hulked. Regardless of the damage such a ship suffers, a hulked indestructible ship's hull cannot be damaged enough to make the hull itself non-recoverable. Additionally, indestructible ships have their armor increase by three, and any test made to put out fires or repair damaged or depressurized components are automatically successful. Multiple Blessings – Hull: Roll again on the rare blessings table below, and again on table 2-31, treating another result of Multiple Blessings as a result of Imposing. 1 to 2: Powerful shields – The hull has best quality overload shield capacitors already installed and they cannot be removed. These capacitors can restore shields twice per combat, instead of once per combat. 3 to 4: Torpedo Specialist – The ship has an extra prow slot with an archeotech torpedo launcher preinstalled. This does not require any additional space, but does require power. If the ship is not a cruise or larger warship, then the torpedo launcher has half the normal capacity. 5 to 6: Colony ship – This ship was designed not only as a warship, but to carry passengers and cargo to either populate existing colonies or create new ones. This ship has two additional main cargo holds and luxury passenger quarters (or one main hold for raiders and frigates). These components do not require additional space, however, power must be provided. Additionally, as a hybrid ship, it can mount transport components in addition to components it can normally mount. If a component is available for the base hull type and transports, use the one that requires more space. (Roll again if the hull in question is a transport. Keep rolling until a different result is rolled) 7 to 8: Ship of the Line – This ship was better equipped to handle multiple opponents, having two of its weapon slots moved to keel slots (in the case of ships with only one slot, it loses its main weapon slot in exchange for two keel slots). In addition to the weapons that can normally be mounted on keel slots, these slots can also mount landing bays and lances that can normally only be mounted on cruisers. If the hull in question is a cruiser or larger, then it can also mount lances that would normally only be available to grand cruisers. 9 to 10: Dark Age Ship: This ship is just generally better than other ships. It gains an additional keel weapon slot. It's speed, armor, turret and shield ratings are increased by one, and it's detection and maneuverability ratings are increased by 5.
  10. For the broadside turrets, I feel their should be some bonus if an opponent has to dodge more attacks over a 30-minute round than they expected, but I don't know any other way than a minot bonus (I say minor because in the game I"m running, the characters so rarely miss that +10 isn't really meaningful, and I assume most groups have a master gunner with similarly high results). I'm open for suggestions on something else though (remember, this bonus only last until an opponent knows about it). How's this for rewording the Warp Artilery (renamed from teleporterium artilery)? Replace the long descriptions of the torpedoe and macro shell abilities with the following: Warp Ordinance: This frightening system may be used to deploy torpedoes or minefields anywhere within 5vu. When used to deploy a mine field, use the rules on pages 38-39 of Battlefleet Koronus, except that the tech-use test is at -20, and failure results in the minefield appearing around the ship. If used to deploy torpedoes, they appear anywhere withing 5vu with a challenging tech-use (-0) test and act normally as if their movement ended at the location they appeared, however, if the tech-use test doesn't have 2 degrees of success, the direction the torpedoes start moving on the following turn is determined by a random roll on the scatter diagram. This component has storage for 3 torpedoes or one minefield, however, it can deploy ordinance from other components if the ordinance is available. For the teleportatium launch bays, adding 1d5 corruption and insanity points for a failed tech-use test for deployment seems reasonable. Being pulled back through the warp for less than 1vu for recovery shouldn't have a real chance for failure, but taveling 5vu away seems like the risk should be real. Repalce the No Landign Strip Required ability with the following: No landing strips required: Up to three squadrons can be launched via teleportation and automatically appear anywhere withing 5VU of the ship. However, even with homing beacons in every squadron, squadrons can only be teleported back if they are within 1VU. Launching a squadron this way requires a successful tech-use (+0) roll with a -5 penalty for every squadron after the first, and an additional -5 if any squadron is carrying torpedo bombers is loaded with void torpedoes. Failure results in squadron being scattered and any crew member in the scattered squadron gains 1d5 corruption and insanity points. Scattered squadrons take three strategic turns to regroup at the original target location before trying to continue their mission.
  11. I'd like to hear some comments on a few archeotech ship components I'm planning on adding to my game. The campaign centers around the rogue trader's quest to recover his dynasty's lost ships and restore his family's wealth. I'd like to have the ships he finds have one ore two really interesting and impressive components, but the components currently available are mostly just more powerful versions of standard components. In my opinion, a ship fully outfitted with archeotech components should be about twice as powerful as a modern imperial ship of the same class. Not just because its weapons do more damage, but because relics from the dark age of technology can do things that other ships just can't do. So, tell me what you think: Broadside Macro Turrets (2 power, 6 space, cruiser only) An expensive and wasteful attempt to fix the fie arcs of early grand cruisers before the Imperium simply abandoned grand cruisers all together. This modification allows one non-broadside weapon on each side of the grand cruiser to fire into the forward arc, as well as the arc it can normally fire into. Forward Arc: One non-broadside weapon in a Port and Starboard slot may also fire forward. Against an enemy who isn't aware of the weapons ability to fire forward, the ship gains a +10 bonus to BS when firing the weapon. Teleportarium Launch Bay (9 power, 9 space, strength 3, cruisers and transports with 75+ space) Not seen on naval vessels since the time the Emperor battle his enemies beside his sons, this launch bay can actually get small craft into and out of the ship via gargantuan teleportariums. Considered dangerous in the extreme by modern savants and wasteful by most naval captains and rogue traders, the ability to put fighters or bombers directly into combat with another ship makes for a devastating surprise. Because most of this component is internal, this launch bay does not require a weapon slot. No landing strips required: Up to three squadrons can be launched via teleportation and automatically appear anywhere withing 5VU from this ship. However, even with homing beacons in every squadron, squadrons can only be teleported back if they are within 1VU. Launching a squadron this way requires a successful tech-use (+0) roll with a -5 penalty for every squadron after the first, and an additional -5 if any squadron is carrying torpedo bombers is loaded with void torpedoes. Failure results in the squadrons being displaced a number of VUs away from the target location, with the direction of the displacement determined by a roll on the scatter table. Limited land strips when required: If this component looses power for any reason, each squadron takes two turns to be recovered, and only one squadron can be in the process of recovering on any given turn. Anywhere in an instant: Any bonus achievement points a squadron earns are doubled. Inertial Damping Capacitors (4 power, space 2) The pattern for this system is long sought by the priests of mars. Massive banks of capacitors sit ready to discharge into enhanced inertial dampers to allow a ship to perform maneuvers that would normally break a ship in half. This makes for a nasty surprise when a ship suddenly spins around to chase an attacker. Inertialess turn: When activated, a pilot may attempt to turn his ship by any ammount at any point is his normal movement with a difficult (-10) pilot check. If the check fails, the ship moves its full normal movement, then faces a direction determined by rolling on the scatter diagram. Once used, this system requires two turns to recharge. Teleportatium Artillery (2 power, 2 space, strength 1) Another ancient and feared weapon from the dark age of technology. This weapon is one of the few weapons that does not require a weapon slot. This relic sends powerful artillery shells through the warp to appear next to enemy ships. In ancient times, torpedoes would be hurled into the warp, exiting next to enemy vessels and immediately attacking. Since the Emporer's Internment in the golden throne, those few ships lucky enough to mount one of these devices and have a crewman who knows how to use it (or even what it is), use it to place macro shells in front of enemy ships in hopes that the enemy will run into it. Particularly strange or powerful ordinance seems to be trickier than conventional ordinance. Whether this problem existed when the weapon was created is not known. Cheap shots: When used to fire standard cheap macro shells, make a challenging (+0) tech use test to place the ordinance in front of any opponent within 5 VU. If the test fails, then the macro-shell is off target and is not likely to hurt anything. Otherwise, the target takes 1d10+1 damage that ignores void shields like a torpedo. Warp Torpedoes: The scariest use for this weapon is to teleport torpedoes around the battle space. If the ship has some spare torpedoes, then whoever is manning this weapon may make a challenging (+0) tech-use test to place the torpedo (or volley) anywhere within 5 VU. If they appear next to a ship, then they attack normally. Otherwise they start moving on the next turn of the firing ship, acting as normal torpedoes from that point on. However, unless the tech-use test to fire the torpedoes succeeded by at least two degrees, the direction they travel is determined by a roll on the scatter table. The tech-use test to fire the torpedoes suffers a -5 for every void torpedo in the volley. Cogitator Control Link: A ship may mount this component up to the number of turrets the stock ship comes with. Any more cannot be managed by the ship's core cogitator. When more than one is fired in a given turn, the firer may group the torpedoes however he wishes, allowing the available strength of the weapons to be added together as higher-strength volleys or salvos. Small Craft Storage Bays (1 power, 2 space) Each small craft storage bay increases the number of squadrons it's parent ship can hold by 2, however, it has no launch capability on its own. Under-barrel Launch Bays (2 power, 4 space, strength 1) These little known, and less often used, launch bays are small enough to include on any large ship without drastically impacting its fighting capacity. These launch bays are mounted under the standard port and starboard weapon slots, so long as the weapon they are mounted under is not a broadside weapon or another launch bay. Small Bay: Each of these launch bays only holds two squadrons. Cramped Construction: These launch bays are mounted in port and/or starboard weapon slots that already contain a weapon. The weapon mounted with an under-barrel launch bay is minimally inconvenienced by this, and suffers a -10 to any BS rolls to fire. Also, during a turn that a squadron is launched or recovered, the arc that the squadron launch or recovered from does not benefit form any turrets, and the fore and aft arcs lose one point of turret rating. Something else I'd like for my campaign is archeotech small craft. I could just use the published imperial small craft and assign a higher bonus, however, I'd much rather have more interesting features. So if anyone has any ideas for ancient imperial fighters/bombers/assault boats, please share your ideas here.
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