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  1. Wh0isTh3D0ct0r

    End of Netrunner

    Bummer. I loved this game and used to play it all the time, casually and competitively. But I got distracted from it for a couple of years, after which it was too expensive for me to get back up to speed. I was more focused on other games, so I sold my collection. Maybe I'll pick up Netrunner stuff in clearance sales and just play it casually, because it truly was a solid game.
  2. Wh0isTh3D0ct0r

    Fast Enough - Lando's Falcon 2nd Ed

    Looking forward to all the Solo/Fett bromance lists. 😄
  3. A co-op version of the SW LCG? I'd be the first in line because I would play the **** out of it.
  4. Wh0isTh3D0ct0r

    What FFG should have done was...

    A.) Make version 2.0 completely free because I don't want to spend any more money. OR B.) Pump out more and more v1.0 stuff, and I'll pay whatever it costs and print out an FAQ the size of Alaska that fixes overpowered card interactions so that I can make sure that I am building a legal squad list. Those are your only two options, FFG.
  5. Wh0isTh3D0ct0r

    Whiners gonna whine

    Seems to me that the people who are whining the most about the price of the 2.0 stuff are A.) completionists, B.) X-Wing addicts, and C.) looking for someone else to blame for their financial issues. For me, a $40 core set and $50 conversion kits are a huge bargain for something that allows me to convert my existing collection to a newer, improved version of a game that I already love so much so that I don't have to completely dump thousands of dollars-worth of X-Wing 1.0 products.
  6. Wh0isTh3D0ct0r

    Whiners gonna whine

    So yesterday in my local community, it was all "X-Wing has too many problems! Too many things are O.P.! The game is too bloated! FFG, please make it better! Give us more ships, more upgrades, anything! We'll do anything! We'll pay anything! Just fix it! Take all my money!" Today, it's "*gasp* How dare you change things, FFG?! I'm gonna have to spend more money?? The game was great the way that it was! Everything is ruined forever! Now I can never play X-Wing again, and I'm boycotting you and all your families and their dogs, too!" 😭😭 Anyone else having this problem in their local X-Wing community?
  7. Wh0isTh3D0ct0r

    Share Your Questions About X-Wing™ Second Edition Here

    It's all in the article on their home page: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2018/5/1/upgrade-your-damage-deck/
  8. Wh0isTh3D0ct0r

    Share Your Questions About X-Wing™ Second Edition Here

    They said that there will be a printable PDF file for reasons just like that.
  9. Wh0isTh3D0ct0r

    Share Your Questions About X-Wing™ Second Edition Here

    Like others have mentioned, will there be a damage deck available as a separate purchase without pre-ordering a 2.0 core set? Please do! Also, is there any chance that FFG will release even smaller conversion kits that include just one ship's new components? A lot of our local players are frustrated because they can't pick and choose what they need converted to 2.0 without ponying up for extra conversion kits or buying full 2.0 ship expansions.
  10. Wh0isTh3D0ct0r

    Share Your Questions About X-Wing™ Second Edition Here

    Andrew Navaro said that the dice are the same.
  11. Wh0isTh3D0ct0r

    Star Wars The Card Game - Card List

    Added the Promise of Power force pack. ....now...the list is complete!
  12. Wh0isTh3D0ct0r

    Omens of Ice rulebook on iOS device

    Never heard back from FFG about this, but I just checked it again, and the Omens of Ice rulebook opened fine in the iBooks app. This must have been addressed by an Apple update.
  13. Wh0isTh3D0ct0r

    Star Wars The Card Game - Card List

    Added the Trust in the Force force pack.
  14. Wh0isTh3D0ct0r

    Future of the Game

    Yeah, I missed it when I first glanced at the article. In fact, I kind of chuckled to myself when I saw the article tease that said "Announcing the Final Force Pack of the Alliances Cycle." I actually found myself thinking, "Wow. That could be misread very easily." I took a look at a few cards, got a little excited, ignored the article itself, posted the article to my local FB group, and even commented a little on the Jedi objective set. Then I went back and actually read the article, and I realized that my initial reaction to the article tease was spot on!
  15. Wh0isTh3D0ct0r

    Future of the Game

    I can understand that. However, I personally disagree. I like that part of the game, as did others in this area. But I acknowledge that a lot of people didn't like it.