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  1. What do you meme by that?
  2. Assuming that they actually put $5,000 worth of value in the box, I’d buy it. But there had better be rare gem units for that price.
  3. They kind of addressed this at 25:31, where Corey Konieczka said, "What color do you even do, then? There's 17 different races in the game. 'I'm glad I got the plaid plastic for the L1Z1X! We've got fuchsia over here for the Letnev.' It would just look awful."
  4. So 17 different flagships in each of the 6 different colors? Nah. Not worth it for me.
  5. Interesting. I hadn't even considered that the app would turn it into a co-op game. I just figured that it would still be competitive but that neither player would have to worry about setup minutiae. That's even better because, while I like to play games competitively, my wife just enjoys hanging out and playing games and would rather play co-op games so that she doesn't have to worry about trying to outthink me or keep track of all of the cards and abilities by herself. Can the app be used if you want to play competitively?
  6. I had a friend teach me Imperial Assault once a couple of years ago (I've forgotten most of what was taught to me then). I found it somewhat interesting and enjoyable but ended up not buying into the game at that time because of time constraints and the fact that I'm almost always apathetic toward "dungeon crawlers" (I've never played Descent) and because I simply couldn't justify yet another FFG+Star Wars vice. That changed recently because my wife and I got into Mansions of Madness, Second Edition. We love the exploration of each story that unfolds, so we are interested in the Campaign Mode of Imperial Assault. Plus, we LOVE the MoM2E app because it takes care of the tedious minutiae of the game. Now I have finally procured a core set of Imperial Assault for a decent price, so I am looking to just play the game casually with my wife from time to time. So, I won't be splurging on getting all of the expansion packs right away, and I don't see myself getting into the competitive scene anytime soon. In fact, I received my core set over a week ago and haven't even removed the shrink wrap yet. This is mostly because my wife and I have been extremely busy these past months. But it's also because--much to everyone's irritation--the IA app is not yet available. With all of that being said, here are my questions: 1. For those who have used the Descent app for that game, how well does it remove the minutiae from the game compared to MoM2E? 2. For those who played Descent first without the app and later with the app, did the app improve the game to the extent that you think you would have enjoyed the game more if the app had already been available the first time you played? 3. For those who have been playing Imperial Assault for a while, perhaps since the beginning, which would you consider the "essential" expansions for IA for a new, casual player? I'm looking for just a small number of expansions--perhaps more if we end up enjoying it a lot--so that we are not overwhelmed with the gameplay possibilities.
  7. WHAAAAA?? Where can I get those?
  8. With most things in TI that seem "overpowered" on the surface, the dynamic of the game changes such that the other players begin forming and breaking alliances to combat an overwhelming threat. That's one of the things that I love about the game; if someone is super-threatening to everyone else, that person has basically painted a bullseye on himself. Basically, this game is an exploration of the dynamics of interpersonal and interracial relationships on a galactic scale. Although, if players cannot get past their own insecurities in this world and instead take things personally, then the game is not as enjoyable.
  9. Me, too. But I am glad that they didn't make unique ship models for each race. Let some other company make custom pieces that you can buy separately; I don't need them. I would much rather just look at a specific shape on the board and know right away what kind of ship it is, regardless of the race the player is using. And I don't need unique colors for each race's plastic units. Six different colors that can be used interchangeably works great, as far as I'm concerned. Anybody else feel like this video spent a lot of time trying to justify its "huge" $150 MSRP? Personally, I've never had a problem with the $150 price. I've always felt like it's a fair price for what we get in TI4.
  10. But on the flip side, those extra sleeves can be used for so many FFG titles.
  11. Yes. As printed on the back of the game box and at the end of the Rules Reference booklet, you would need 10 packs of "yellow" FFG card sleeves.
  12. What part of "more likely" do you not understand? When did I ever say that having to buy 3 copies of a core was the only reason I wasn't buying back into the game?
  13. I beg to differ. You'd have more people buying and playing the game, as it's more likely that I would be one of them.
  14. I stepped out from Netrunner back in late 2015. I would have jumped back in with this if it was version 2.0, but if I still have to buy 5 card cycles, then I'm gonna pass. It's a shame, too, because I really did love the game, and I miss it. But I live in a campus town, which is very transient. It's extremely hard to get people to buy into an LCG when they have to buy multiple card cycles when they enter in order to be competitive. That's what kills LCG's every time in this area. College students can't afford to drop that kind of cash on a game they are not already experts at playing. So I'm not going to waste my time with L5R for these reasons. That, and my wife and I don't have complete deckbuilding flexibility unless we buy 6 core sets instead of just 3. That's not going to happen. One of the things we loved about Netrunner is that it was built for 2 players, not 1.