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  1. I just found this YouTube video where they play an actual game of Cosmic Encounter Duel as well as explain how to play the game.
  2. I hear ‘ya. I was starting to get a little annoyed at the lack of rules on the game’s release date. Fortunately, I finally got my copy in the mail on the 25th, but having a digital version asap would certainly be nice. I’d scan the pages and post them here, but I’m not sure if that’s allowed or not.
  3. Sadly, this is very true.
  4. Here are some of the reasons why someone would get a game mat: Some games like X-Wing and Armada (any two X-wing sized mats) need something which clearly shows the edges of the play area. Some are prettier than others, like the Bespin mat versus the Starfield mat. Some mats are designed to make setup a lot faster, like the ones for Imperial Assault which allow you to just unroll a mat instead of finding and connecting all of the individual game tiles. This is especially helpful when using larger game maps. Some games have variable setups, which makes the Twilight Imperium 4th Edition game mat very useful because it shows the tile configurations and home system locations for all of the different player counts. Some game mats are helpful for teaching and for keeping a card game organized during play, like the 2-player mats for KeyForge, Netrunner, L5R, Star Wars: The Card Game, etc. Most smaller mats are designed for a single player to use during a card game because it has really nice artwork, because it clearly defines that player's area, and/or because the mat's surface makes it easier to pick up cards and is gentler on the cards than the table is. Then there are game mats like the one for the The Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle Earth which are almost entirely just for aesthetics. Storing a game mat really depends on your preference as well as the size of the mat. For my single-player mats, I use game mat tubes of various colors which are found in most game stores and online game retail websites. For my larger mats, I used to use the cardboard boxes or plastic tubes that they come in, but not long ago I switched to extendable poster tubes with hard plastic and a shoulder strap for safer and easier transport.
  5. Makes sense, but I for one hope that they do make an expansion because there are a lot of things they could do which would make it an instant purchase for almost any TI player, including those who are in the same boat as you. We'll see.
  6. So many little things have happened in the past couple of years alone that I'm a little worried about the future of FFG. But, I try to stay optimistic and remind myself that these things have a way of working themselves out, even if it's in an unexpected way. Our beloved games shall prevail. Some way, somehow!
  7. You think that knowing a French designation for an FFG product makes you "cultured"? Now that's just sad.
  8. Not sure how legit this rumor is, since whoever wrote it used a product number format of "FFSWL##" instead of "FFGSWL##" which means it's probably just someone baiting us. I hope it's real, but somehow I doubt it.
  9. I saw a copy of the game on the shelf at Barnes & Noble just this afternoon.
  10. I’m not sure what’s going on. For instance, now Miniature Market doesn’t even sell it. My best guess is that either a.) FFG sold out of them very quickly and has ordered a reprint, b.) there’s an expansion on the horizon that is not compatible with this mat, c.) the whole Hasbro/Star Wars board game distribution thing is causing legal problems, or d.) there are shipping issues coming out of China. (Andrew Navaro stated in his AMA video a few months ago that the effect of the tariff war between China and the U.S. was “not good” but declined to go into detail.)
  11. Yikes. Yeah, I saw this video earlier today as well. Canceling Saw's Renegades makes a little bit of sense, since you can already get a T-65 and the U-Wing should eventually get its own 2.0 version. Releasing a product that contains a U-Wing before a standalone U-Wing expansion is available doesn't make much sense to me. But I don't understand canceling the Raider or the Reaper. I already have a Raider, so that's not as much of a problem for me, but I still don't have a TIE Reaper because I've been waiting for the 2.0 version with everything corrected.
  12. Watch them announce a new expansion that uses a different mat. Lol.
  13. I think I get what you’re saying, assuming that by “going great,” you mean just a few years ago when it didn’t seem like everyone was trying to hop on the superhero band wagon to ride that wave. Yes, Endgame did spectacularly well for good reason, but there is definitely a large saturation of superhero content across a lot of different platforms right now, so it seems a little less special when something related to superheroes gets announced. Did I understand that well enough?
  14. Hang on...did you get it from a full-line game store (aka, friendly local game store) called "Cool Stuff" or from www.coolstuffinc.com? Does CoolStuffInc have a "brick-and-mortar" local game store as well? I thought they were just an online retailer.
  15. Was the point of this comment to be a complete @##? If so, then mission accomplished.
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