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  1. What impact has the current tariff struggle between the U.S. and China had on production? (i.e., Are things more expensive to produce? Does shipping take longer?)
  2. Hey Andrew, Three things: 1.) Are there any plans to improve the Upcoming page on the FFG website so that the information is more reliable and up-to-date? 2.) Can we get a new version of the official X-Wing app that has a more user-friendly interface? 3.) Please renew the Blizzard license! I'd love to see a reprint or new edition of StarCraft: The Board Game (the game that first introduced me to FFG!) as well as see new games based on Blizzard products. Thanks!
  3. Article is up. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2019/7/19/the-last-of-the-jedi/
  4. After watching that new Top Gun: Maverick teaser trailer today, I think we need an X-Wing wave with nothing but Navy fighter jet expansions. 😁
  5. Played Outer Rim this past Tuesday during X-Wing night. We used X-Wing starfield playmats that are sitting at the FLGS. In fact, we used two of them so that there was plenty of room for all of the game components with room to spare. Worked perfectly.
  6. I called FFG when it didn't get released alongside the game. The rep said that she spoke with a developer who said "sooner rather than later." But that's not much to go on, since it could be anything. Development? Quality? Licensing? Logistics? International Politics? Any or all? Other? I canceled my pre-order from my online retailer just so that I could finally get the game itself, which I didn't get until just last week. Not sure that I want that mat at all anymore.
  7. I gave up waiting indefinitely and canceled my pre-order of the game mat. So I finally got my copy of Outer Rim last week and played a 2-player game this past weekend. Super fun game, but I'm still a little jaded about that mat. *sigh*
  8. I think the OP's real question is "Is it still considered a tie for 'the most damage' if neither player actually rolled at least one damage?" And the answer to that would be....yes. The most damage rolled was zero, so both players are still considered to be tied. [Cue obligatory stormtrooper aim joke.]
  9. You can’t trust the Upcoming page. At all. According to FFG Customer Service, the mat was supposed to be released alongside the game but was delayed. The game developers say that the mat should be released very soon. I expect it to be within the next few weeks.
  10. I'm still waiting for mine because I pre-ordered it from MM along with the game mat, and if I cancel the game mat from my pre-order and order the mat separately, then I won't get free shipping on the mat. Once it does ship, though, I'll get it the next day via FedEx because I live just 3 hours away from MM.
  11. I was really excited to read about Vader flying a TIE Defender in Thrawn: Alliances by Timothy Zahn, the second book in Zahn's new Thrawn trilogy.
  12. Did you buy from Miniature Market like I did? If so, will they still ship the game mat for free by itself without requiring that I order more stuff for the shipment to qualify for free shipping?
  13. Got in contact with FFG Customer Service, and the woman I spoke with put me on hold while she went to ask about it. She then told me that, even though it isn't currently on the Outer Rim product page, it was delayed but is still going to be released and that the developers are "optimistic about it being sooner rather than later."
  14. I just tried to call FFG about it, but after waiting on the phone for a while, it ended up going to voicemail. I also called Miniature Market about it, and they said that they have contacted FFG asking about the Outer Rim game mat but haven't heard back from FFG yet.
  15. You nailed it, RookiePilot. The game has been released, but the game mat is not yet available, so I too must wait longer unless I cancel the pre-order of the game mat. 😡
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