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  1. Hopefully someone can help clear up an arguement we had during our last game. It was around a player using the determine policy to pull a law the xxcha player had previously cancelled from the discards, so of course the xxcha player wanted to cancel it again, the player using the action card was arguing that the card replaced the usual process and so the xxcha player could not use his ability. His arguement was based around the specific wording on the action card that a card is chosen for the council to vote on rather than draw a new politic card. And the xxcha power specifically states immediately after a PC is drawn and read, so because the card says choose instead of draw he said the xxcha power could not be used. So the question is should the xxcha player get to use his ability for a politics card put in play via the determine policy AC? Thanks in advance for any replies.
  2. This is entirely up to the GM and players, i like to mix it up a bit. Sometimes i use the fate point to say that the characters limb is blown off but instead of dying they just pass out from shock, but othertimes i might say that the fate point means they had a lucky break and the shot hit something they were carrying ie it hits a book they stored in their pocket which robbed the shot of its lethal force. So the character will be down and out of the fight but at the end will wake up with no serious injury.
  3. Yeah i would just have the inquisitor with a profit factor and they requisition what they need, money only being used when they need to stay under the radar (and then all the cool stuff would be too noticable anyway). I always hated how broken the money system was in dark heresy, aquisitions in rogue trader works so much better. It also removes the whole looting mindset from the players which i always felt ruins most RPGs.
  4. me and my group have played so much DH we are going to start just playing RT. Probably after the first or second RT campaign we will start blending the two together.
  5. Has anyone run this adventure with their group yet. I'm planning to run this as an introductory session for my group, just wondering if people out there have played it yet and could let me know if there were any points in it where it fell apart or where their group went right off the rails. In my experience there are always a fair few holes in these pre written adventures and often pre-knowledge of where other groups had problems can help to smooth over them if they occur. Thanks in advance for any replies.
  6. Luddite said: Hehe...i love watching the tracking. Its amazing where the packages go! The worst bit is when you come home from work to find a 'sorry you weren't in when we tried to deliver...' card on the mat. 'You package has been left at X post office' Aaaaghh!!!! Its 300 yards away and i can't get it!!! Makes you want to turn burglar to get into the PO adn get your package... Worse is when you have been in all day waiting for the parcel just to find at the end of the day that one of those **** cards is sat in the letter box, since the delivery guy obviously found it easier to just post the card than actually ring the bell.
  7. Adam France said: I was the first one to collect their copy from Leisure Games (by hand) this morning. I went in at about 10.30 while on the way to a job in North London and the delivery came in while I was in the shop! Quickest sale he'd ever had apparently. ;-) One of my players picked up a copy from Orc's Nest this afternoon at about 4.30/5ish and the chap there said he'd sold 30 copies this anoon alone over the counter, half of the 60 they'd ordered. Good going that. Well isn't that just bloody great, i'm never buying anything from leisure games ever again. I've had it on preorder from leisure games since july, they have been selling it from the store but they haven't even sent out my **** order. Its either that or their customer service is so poor they don't even bother informing you that your order has posted, either way i'll be avoiding them in the future.
  8. wazza said: Leisure Games have it in stock this week. yeah its up on their site that it is in stock and released this week. but still no contact from them about when my pre order is going to be sent out.
  9. sounds to me more like a problem with the GM than the actual rules. Sure it can be looked at that the NPCs don't have to worry about perils/corruption etc since they exist for this one session but thats just the mark of a lazy GM. Even if a character is only going to be in a single session the GM should still be portraying them as a normal character that has aims, cares about their future wellbeing etc. The don't need full stories about their objectives but they should be a bit more fleshed out than their sole aim being to fight the party to the death.
  10. MILLANDSON said: Leisure Games has just confirmed their shipment is coming in on Tuesday, and being shipped out for orders on the same day, so any of us who have ordered should have them for Wednesday. Unless the posties screw us over
  11. how many topics about this do we need? could you not just have posted in one of the other threads. oh and a final thing caps lock =/= win
  12. Check out rogue trader when it is finally released. I don't have the book yet so can't post any details but reports from those that got a copy at gencon say that plasma weapons have had a power buff.
  13. Excellent, should just be a few weeks till we can start traveling the stars searching for profit.
  14. I can't wait to get all my players arguing about the ship when they have to sit down and design it. I already know one of my players wants to design a sleek heavily armed raider like vessel, and another player wants a large but slow cargo vessel. should be an hour or so of amusement from them fighting about it.
  15. I haven't yet run dark frontier yet. But when i was reading the adventure i also thought the warden seemed a little weak, i'm glad to see someone else thought the same. The way i improved it was similar to you, i gave it demonic toughness. And i will let it use its healing ability as a half action, but on any round it uses the healing it can only attack a single target. It will be interesting to see how it works when my group do face it.
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