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  1. I DO know a computer program that lets you play board games online called VASSAL. It's not bad and even has some games that are licensed on it. Basically you move pieces around on a board just like any board game, you just have to know the rules. For example I could create a map for Descent on it and some tokens for heroes and monsters. To move a piece you drag it from where it is to where you want it to go. The program can even generate dice rolls. Everyone would have to understand the rules though cause the program doesn't care how far you move, where you move, or even if you move off the map, all it does is hold the board and pieces for you. Simple, but very effective.
  2. I've looked everywhere on the forums but I can't find the right place to put this so I started here. I'm looking for a board game that's a resource gathering, town building, player turn dictation game made by FFG. Luck needs to be kept to a minimum (dice rolling is taboo), so mostly skill is involved. I've played games like Puerto Rico, Gloria Mundi, Agricola, and Journey to the Stars (though the last has a bit too much luck for my tastes). I was hoping someone out there could point me to a FFG game in that area so I might pick it up.
  3. Yeah I had time to reread that little snippet. Still this discussion reminds me of a similar discussion with Boggs vs Gust of Wind. Once again a familiar in the forefront of weird rules. This and Boggs need some FAQ love.
  4. I don't see why you can't "gain" over the maximum because everything else states to the maximum except this. It's not like it matters too much cause I have yet to meet a player that doesn't burn fatigue, if not every turn, every other turn. If a hero can kill lots of monsters without using fatigue to get above more than 2 or 3 of maximum is ungodly for worse reasons than this. In all my experience in gaming if something says to gain (not regain, refresh, etc.), it ment possibly over "maximum" unless the rules state it can NEVER go over maximum. Since I can't find that rule and that every fatigue and health gain in the game says up to maximum, I'd have to say it's possible to go over. The skill also DOES NOT increase your maximum either. All skill cards and abilities that allow that say so. "Add x to your maximum fatigue". Since this card doesn't says the gain is permenent it's not. Once it's used, it's lost.
  5. I agree with Joram about the 3 MP to jump over a pit into the mud. First the jump PLACES the figure there. Second, realisticly (well considering how unrealistic other rules in Descent are...), if I wade through mud I'm slowed down as a move through it. If I jump into it that part of the slow down is lost because I'm airborne. Personally if I were writing the rules I would have the slow down occur as you were LEAVING not entering. Movement rules tend to get tricky when moving to as apposed to moving from.
  6. Lets not forget Master Spiders and web, an unmoving tank is a sitting duck. Use your threat effectively and useless cards for more threat. Force them to advance and not battle your beastmen so they can't multi-attack. Best of all is Dark Charm, catch them when they gotta bunch up, and charm the biggest, meanest, tank in the bunch. Finally of course as mentioned above due to lack of resources, they have to fight over limited equipment. Someone is going to be weak, razorwing them.
  7. Only a hand full of heroes are 3 black die attackers in Descent anyway, usually splitting them between 2 different attack types (or with Red Scorpion all 3). This also allows a character to make a "desperation attack" using a powerful weapon they picked up, have no black dice for, but cannot give to another player right away. All told it allows a character to save their fatigue to either move into position, power attack the next baddie, or activate abilities that cost fatigue. So even the earlier Descent it has lots of uses.
  8. Power dice can only be added during the Step 5 of an attack. Once player wishes to add no more fatigue to an attack his dice are set. When Step 5 ends the OL may then resolve his dodge forcing a reroll of ANY dice used. Since Step 5 concluded no more dice may be added. - End of line.
  9. I would think command applies because of the "another figure" line in JitD. Oddly enough NOWHERE in the core rules does it define EXACTLY what a figure is, because of this oddity EVERYTHING could be defined as a figure. This means doors, chests, pits, water, etc is a figure as well. What this boils down to is, because everything is a figure, familiars can be commanded. Just because the boulder says figures are killed doesn't overrule what I said above since technically only heros or monsters can be killed by the rules definitions. Finally I say let it be commanded anyway it got nerfed enough as it is in the errata give it some shred of a combo.
  10. Descent is also one of those games that's best played in a group and not in a 2 player situation. I'd highly reccommend finding 3 other people to play with rather than the "one more" from above. It's a much more enjoyable game when people work together shedding different insights and playing styles. As for challenge, I've never played anything but 4 heroes against me, but I can say I've done my fair share of party damage and it's gotten close a few times for them. Bad party planning and play can also lead to disaster, and the OL has to be more ruthless with more players otherwise he does tend to get walked on. In the end though, more players = more fun for all.
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