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  1. Ranged attacks can target any enemies in play. Melee attacks must target enemies in your engagement zone.
  2. That's correct. You'd have to choose another ready card for that ability.
  3. 1. The other side of the white die is another single success side. 2. You cannot ever exhaust the action card containing the refresh icon. You can see this icon printed in the lower right-hand corner of the Warrior Priest's Battle Prayers card.
  4. Your assumption is correct in that the order of enemy attacks is determined by their attack value. Enemies with higher attack values attack first.
  5. Not at all! It's pretty fun to control all four heroes actually. It's how I playtested it when Brady wasn't available.
  6. This game is not a remake of the original Warhammer Quest. I loved the original game and was thrilled to get the chance to design a card game inspired by the original. It is not meant to replicate the experience of playing the original board game, and if you go into the game expecting that, you'll be disappointed. If you go into the game expecting a challenging and engaging cooperative experience with all of the flavor from the Old World, you'll probably have a lot of fun. The original game was designed for four warriors, however there were rules for how to adjust the game for more or less warriors. It left a bit of work to the players. With this game, it's done for you. Just choose the number of players and you're ready to roll.
  7. In a solo game, one player controls 2 heroes. And how does that work when a party of adventurers should include four adventurers? The number of heroes in the game is determined by the number of players. 2-4. The exception is that when playing solo, the player controls 2 heroes. Because of the Aid action, there must always be at least 2 heroes in the game. In a two player game, there are two heroes. In a three player game, there are three heroes. In a four player game, there are four heroes.
  8. As mentioned in this thread, I designed the game with my brother Brady.
  9. In a solo game, one player controls 2 heroes.
  10. No, this game is not an LCG. One of the graphic designers just happened to have "LCG" in a filename. They can name files whatever they want when they are working on them.
  11. In the Warhammer world, they are known as spites. "Spites are inherently magical creatures who attach themselves to particular areas or people. They may occasionally play tricks or malicious practical jokes on that person or residents of the area they are attached to. Should the person or area to which they are attached come into trouble, the Spites react violently, with a malicious streak that rivals creatures many times their size."
  12. All I can say is that I really hope to have expansions for the game. I know FFG has a history of expanding their games that sell well. So, spread the word to your friends and family to get everyone excited about the game. Hopefully it sells like crazy!
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