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  1. I too might be interested; let me know if you still need. Big into the horror elements, and adept is my personal favorite. What Ordo?
  2. I GM my group, and I've been thinking about using something similar to the Murder Room a few plot lines down the road. My intention was for the investigation to start of seemingly mundane but with a rapidly rising level of horror and paranoia until the situation ultimately spirals way out of control. I'm big on the horror elements in my games, and I like my players to feel that the adversaries they oppose are existentially dangerous to them, not merely another heretic to zot with their flashlights. I was thinking of playing the Murder Room two ways - one half, the inexplicable but horrendous murderer, the other the sinister semi-cognitive evil of the 'Room' itself. To add an oppressive atmosphere to the game I was going to have the players called into investigate a string of ghastly murders taking place aboard a massive starship (like the Misericord, for example); literally boxing my players into a living, breaking labrynth replete with its own dangers and politiking would help me set the mood. Considering this now, I might start the players arriving to investigate the aftermath of a series of murders suspected of warp connection, with the murderer himself having been killed (or perhaps even gruesomely murdered himself), to defuse the immediate tension with a red herring (and playing to DotDG reference that the murderers are never taken alive). I'd begin to build the terror through the seeming irrationality of the killings, particularly in describing the character of the murderer through the player's initial investigation. As the players investigated the previous details the ship's community would be on the verge of recovering from their previous terror - when the cycle of murders begins to appear again. Here's where I'd start to make it spooky; I'd give the players the sensation that the new murders (happening quickly and gruesomely, and undeniably 'the same' to the earlier ones) were somehow in response to their presence - indeed, rapidly converging on them. Thus, people they've met aboard ship (perhaps in order) would begin dying off. I'd start to make them feel hounded as they tried to find out what was going on, what with troubled dreams, lights in corridors inexplicably failing on them and the passing sensation of someone stalking up behind them, and perhaps even glimpses of a man with a bloody cleaver down long corridors of flickering lights. The rate and brutality of the murders would then perhaps send the ship's community into a panic, with officers declaring lock downs and panicky riots in the lower decks resulting in their own amount of violence. If the ship were at warp, it might be especially threatening if navigators started dying off as well, potentially stranding the crew. Particularly nervous officers might start getting overly paranoid or downright crazy, maybe even blaming the acolytes and sending them scurrying for cover from desperate armsmen who think they're hunting the true murderers. Meanwhile, the players should be becoming paranoid enough themselves such as to believe that anyone could secretly be the killer. Meanwhile of course the players need to be making progress, even as they start to feel hounded and desperate; cryptic messages, psykers speaking of warp taint, patterns emerging in the murders and the like should all begin to guide the players towards a likely (but, of course, unbelievably mundane or familiar) suspect. Somehow, you'd have to slip in explicit references to the Murder Room such that the players would learn broadly of its myth and the supposed existence of a true and literal "room," - maybe something they have to glean from copycat killers they have to first apprehend. Finally the players should settle on a likely refuge for the killer and attempt to take him, passing into his den or quarters - only to find themselves transported to and now locked within the true Murder Room itself. Now the players may realize they're up against more than a brutal killer but the room itself. I think I'd play it not so much a conscious daemonic entity so much as a semi-intelligent but utterly malign -essence-, something innately corrupting and sadistic. Within, the players would find themselves perhaps in an altogether differently horrific type of labrynth, maybe chased by the spectres or daemonic embodiments of the murdered victims. They should somehow attempt to battle to the heart of the room even as it attempts to destroy their sanity, assailing them with horrors both mental and physical. An interesting twist would be for daemonic dopplegangers of the characters themselves (or other allies) to slip into the group, casting doubt even among themselves as to who to trust. These may only be detected, say, as they attempt to kill, with a glowing red blaze in their eyes. The players ultimately must succeed, somehow vanquishing the Room's malevolence, perhaps by overcoming its essence with acts of trust or denial of the very fear they have been facing all along in order to break its hold. This climactic act would regurgitate them back into reality, now (having confronted perhaps the murderer's true, trapped self in the room) they would be armed with the identity of the doppleganger-murderer, who they could finish off in a suitably climactic and desperate fashion (he of course being near-unkillable and able to rapidly re-possess NPCs). To make things amusing for yourself, you could even, after the murderer and room are destroyed, somehow leave inklings that all may not be well, with a new murder or a suspicious glint in an ally's eye leaving the players in suspence at the very end. I always like dubious ending. Phew; so, there's my hypothetical rpg in short...or long. You're welcome to chop shop it for your own use, but I suppose I'd be interested to hear thoughts on it. Good luck with your own, anyway.
  3. For what it's worth, I run an online DW game using Skype. I usually GM, but I'm able to be a player as well. For those of us not on European timezones, I could take a few more players. I often use Vassal40k to handle the table-top aspect of things (I can provide download links). Let me know if anyone is interested.
  4. Hi everyone. I've finished my read-through of the core rulebook and I've been thinking (I'm my group's typical GM) to myself what sort of missions to throw at them. I felt as though the sections detailing potential missions in the DW CRB were a little less in-depth than, say, the Endeavor summaries of the Rogue Trader book, and while there is endless potential in the Jericho Reach, I always find my own most original missions come after seeing how my fellow players and GMs find their own inspiration. So long story short: I'd love to hear about any missions you've thought up, have done, or would love to do - anything from a short plot-bunny to a full description with kill makers, themes, and the req values. One of my favorite parts of playing these RPGs is reading what other people have done, so go nuts. I'll add some of my own ideas soon, but I'm pressed for time at the moment. Together we can perhaps put together a generous repository of potentiality within the Reach.
  5. Thanks everyone for your replies and thoughts; I'm glad to see I'm not the only one stumped on this matter. I've tried to submit the question to FFG, however the server won't process my request. I'm not sure if the issue is on my side or theirs, so if someone else would try submitting the question, I think we'd all appreciate the answer. I've worded the querie as follows, but feel free to write your own: I"'ll spare the details and get right to the question: Would a Crusader Suppression shield with Hexagrammatic wards offer protection against the Holocaust psychic power? Our debate on the matter comes from our ambiguity in reading the text, as follows: Holocaust (pg. 175 of the DH rulebook) "...The fires of a Holocaust always burn outward from you, dealing 1d10 Energy Damage per point of your Willpower Bonus to all creatures and objects in the area. This Damage bypasses Toughness Bonus and Armour...There is no immunity to the fires of a Holocaust, and Warp Entities, as well as other immaterial creatures, are burned as readily as the fleshbound. Those slain by Holocaust are killed forever." Crusader Shield (from page 143 of Ascension) "...Crusader suppression shield s are designed for combating the malefic and warp-spawned powers, and are inscribed with hexagrammatic wards. These grant the wielder a +20 bonus on Tests made to resist any psychic power that directly affects him. Additionally, a crusader shield grants double Armour Points against damage-dealing psychic powers, and keeps its AP value against attacks with the warp weapon quality." Similarly, the question was subsequently raised as to whether or not the Holocaust power would be negated by a psy-null. Finally, as a last personal question, would the fires of Holocaust burn/melt objects and floors? It bypasses armour, however the text reads 'all objects' are burned. Thanks very much for your help."
  6. Ok, so we've had a little problem in the game that I GM, and I'm not quite sure how to answer the question; figured I'd pose it here. A player psyker wants to use the Holocaust pyromancy power against a target wearing Crusader shield (from Ascension). The power suggests that it cannot be countered in any way, whereas the Crusader shield is specifically designed to counter such things. I'd appreciate any suggestions or clarifications. The rules for each are quoted as follows: Holocaust (pg. 175 of the DH rulebook) "...The fires of a Holocaust always burn outward from you, dealing 1d10 Energy Damage per point of your Willpower Bonus to all creatures and objects in the area. This Damage bypasses Toughness Bonus and Armour...There is no immunity to the fires of a Holocaust, and Warp Entities, as well as other immaterial creatures, are burned as readily as the fleshbound. Those slain by Holocaust are killed forever." Crusader Shield (from page 143 of Ascension) "...Crusader suppression shield s are designed for combating the malefic and warp-spawned powers, and are inscribed with hexagrammatic wards. These grant the wielder a +20 bonus on Tests made to resist any psychic power that directly affects him. Additionally, a crusader shield grants double Armour Points against damage-dealing psychic powers, and keeps its AP value against attacks with the warp weapon quality." So you see my difficulty, I'd appreciate your suggestions. In any case, its a moot point since my player figured out another way to kill the fella, but I'd still like to know for the future. Thanks in advance.
  7. More great responses from everybody! Together, we have quite the arsenal of inquisitorial arcana and curiosities. I've been continuing to work on my adventures, and I figured I would post a few more items that I've whipped up stats for, all of which will be available to my players depending on whether or not they take certain actions. Note that a number are relevant specifically to Malfi, where my rpg is presently taking place. (Once again, Siranna, stop reading here) A fine gown of Koronus shifting Fabric in the latest Malfian style: (notion borrowed from the RT rulebook). The fabric literally shifts colors in certain light and in some cases reflects the wearer’s attitude. It comes with a set of matching jewelry of significant worth (clear crystal) and is sure to make a striking impression when flaunted. A quiet seal of the noble house gifting this suit of clothes is embroidered across the right breast. When attempting to exert influence while wearing the gown upon one who understands its symbolism, and with one who isn’t hostile to that particular noble family, it adds +5 to acting influence. “Being a lesser record of the Greater of the Malfian Sub-sector of the latter 40th Millennium, under the humble compilation of Sister Famulous Patheria, with addenda," A finely bound text covered in Famulous seals and containing fairly accurate family records of numerous powerful noble houses in the Malfian sub. Taking 5 weeks-INT bonus to read and a +0 Literacy test, grants the reader the skill: Common Knowledge: Nobility as a basic skill (due to behavioral patterns of nobles contained within the book), and Scholastic Lore: Malfian Nobility on at least 2 successes. “A Concise History of Bejeweled Malfi, Rightful Seat of Calixian Authority; a social and political analysis, volumes XXXII-XXXV,” A stack of gilded tomes compiled by a full wing of the Malfian administratum at the behest of a number of wealthy noble backers, leading to a detailed if not somewhat biased local history. In addition to an illuminated history, it contains numerous colourful illustrations. Taking 6 weeks minus INT bonus to read and a +0 Literacy test, grants the reader Scholastic Lore: Malfi and and Scholastic Lore: Heraldry. A -10 Literacy test and a -20 logic test allow the reader to also gain Forbidden Lore: Occult as a basic skill, or at one higher than the owner's previous rank, due to all the cultic details that must of course be noted in such a debauched history. A compact wardrobe of stylish Scintillan ladies fashions, and a talented body servant. This is a gift from a friendly noble on Scintilla, it is a small (though physically large), hand-picked wardrobe of fine Scintillan clothes in the latest fashions, and includes 5 outfits; 2 for formal occasions, 2 for more informal (but still regal) occasions, and 1 for “intimate moments”. The package also contains a talented (though overwhelmed, ultimately) body servant, with whose creative assistance one can gain a temporary +10 bonus to charm skills for specific occasions, and a +20 when disguise attempts are made with her help and several hours to prepare. The clothes themselves mark one as a member of the stylish and informed nobility, and give a +5 to interaction tests in noble company. An elegant, personalized Naval Officer’s Pistol. A gift package from Admiral Strophes (see Purge the Unclean; still alive as an ally in our rpg), the weapon is his personal side-arm from his time as an admiral in the Imperial Navy; the weapon is an exquisite piece of Best-Quality worksmanship (giving a +1 bonus to damage, the Accurate quality, and a +5 in general to firing tests as well as its usual Tearing quality). It is also a priceless collector’s piece, and is engraved with the admiral's vessel's name: “Redoubtable Victory”, one of Battlefleet Calixis’s flagships, still in service in the region. To those who recognize it for what it is as are well disposed, it gives a +15 social test bonus, but may inspire some jealousy. A Sororitas Hunter-Pattern Psyocculum. A regal gift and sign of respect from a certain Legantine Sororitas, it is a best-quality fitted eyepiece used to detect psychic presences; it allows the wearer to gain a +20 Awareness bonus to notice immaterial/insubstantial entities, and allows the wearer to make a +10 awareness check on a nearby individual to determine if they are psychically active(unless their actively shielding themselves), and a +30 to psynicience tests if looking at or near the subject in question. Fernestrarum Empyricus. (Literally, "Window of the Empyrian), it is a battered copy of a malefic tome recovered from a suspected heretic, bound in deteriorating yellow leather and gold leaf. Taking 8-Int weeks to study and a +10 Lit test, success allows the reader to learn the Whispers of the Warp sorcery and a sorcery equivalent to Zone of Compulsion (at Thres 21) (a psyker may learn Zone of Compulsion as normal from this, but must take 3 corruption to do so). Reader gains 1 corruption for each complete reading, and another 1d5 on a failed +10 wp test. Consulting the text completely allows a +10 bonus to 1 relevant Occult, Psykers, Warp, or Daemons test. (My personal favorite:) Deus Ex Mechanicus, A precious text repressed outside the mechanicus itself, bound in well-polished sheets of adamantine, it is a tome requiring 7-INT bonus weeks to read; upon completion reader must make a -10 Literacy test (+0 if having scholastic lore Mechanicus) and a tech-use test at +10 (+20 if having mechanicus languages). Success grants Common lore: mechanicus at 1 level higher than it presently is (nothing – basic – trained -+10, etc). Success by 2 or more degrees gives the same for Scholastic lore: mechanicus. A secret -10 logic test reveals the pages to contain secret mechanicus ciphers, increasing the bonuses gained by each of the above results by another +10, as well as allowing the player to learn techna lingua as a basic skill with a -10 literacy test. "A small, irregular statue of a Beast in Robes" This is a 10-inch tall irregularly shaped black stone statue of something with uncertain bestial figures mostly obscured by a frayed robe that seems to quiet things around it when looked upon and is always pleasantly cool/warm to the touch, depending. A single circuitous symbol is worked into its base, but no other ornamentation or apparent use. If psychically probed, it has a carefully shielded but otherwise potent warp taint that acts like a cold beacon in the warp currents. Psychically attuning one’s self to the statue with an extended (14 successes) invocation test allows one bearing it to lower all power thresholds by 3, however this action requires a -20 WP test or gaining 1d5 corruption points for opening one's mind to such a tainted artifact. The statue also whispers quietly, and can communicate certain instructions subconsciously. Proper chains and bindings will reduce this malefic influence but reduce its effectiveness to a %33 chance. If approached and beseached as per its own instructions, it can be used to invoke and communicate with a specific entity. “A closely engraved set of blackened chains” These blackened chains seem to burn the psychic without heat, and are meant to shackle the hands. They are engraved with arcane runes (pentagrammatic and partially malefic in nature) but their nature can only be discerned with difficult Daemonology/Warp/Psyker/Occult tests, and translation time. The wearer of these chains has the threshold for all psychic powers raised by 15 and their power dice pool lowered by 1. Every hour of use gives the wearer a level of fatigue, a wound on a 30% chance, and a corruption point on a 50% chance. When the shackles are removed after at least 3 hours of being worn, the psyker’s power spikes briefly, giving them a bonus power die for the next day. If they are ever broken, their release sparks 1d5 psychic phenomenon, and permanently raises the bearer’s power die pool by 1. A final item I plan on providing is not so much an item but a potential resource, and a direct product of my players' present investigation: A (the only) stable, artificially created psyker of formidable psychic potential. However, his mind is by nature now opened to the warp, allowing for much greater power but equally greater risk. He is an emaciated and bodily wracked man of incredible ugliness, prone to fits of madness not by his warp exposure, but by his bodily state and recent circumstances. His potential as an 'item' is in the questionable use of such an individual for any number of arcane purposes - I'm sure you can imagine some. Sorry for the ear-full; that's my afternoon's work. I apologize for some of the choppiness in my writing style; I copied much of the descriptions directly from my own notes, which are rather less formal than one might wish for.
  8. Sorry for not replying earlier, we've been away; thanks to everyone for the great suggestions! Dartenis, I think I will (if you don't mind) definately borrow your book mechanic, I think it's rather clever and a good way of marking time passage for players as well. Bombernoy, I cringe to think what my players might do with that weapon of yours (or Hobo's) - and what it might do to them in turn! In practice I'm most in line with GrimZiek's situation - loot has always been a little hard to come by for my poor players; and thus, this thread. Zilla, I really like your suggestions as well; I suppose, in retrospect, it really is most about the story behind the item, rather than the item itself; there's only so much one can do to tweak the rules with items. The Mordian sword is a good case in point though; just a little bonus that makes a good old fashion power sword into something more real. Ironic, though, that Sirana (again, both my wife and player) should suggest looting a library...(Dear, this is where you stop reading) That happens to be exactly what she'll be doing in the immediate future (albiet to save the artifact cache of a deceased inquisitor, in particular a tome relevant to their investigation, before the entire Librarium can be burned down by the bad guy's pet flamer). I figure since everyone has been so forthcoming, I might detail some of the items I was planning on handing out as well: Aside from the Codex Exsiliorum, a somewhat malefic text that they need for their present investigation (no real in-game stats on that one), I was also planning on having a small malefic tome bound in corroded brass with a couple tempting arcana inside, plus incomplete instructions for pentagramatic wards. Additionally: Justicar, a blessed Mono-sword with charictaristic inquisitorial "I" worked into the pommel in a stirring red crystal that seems to grow brigher (not dimmer) in the face of the daemonic, providing a mild WP bonus to help offset the daemonic aura abilities. A scroll I'm calling a Writ of Damnation, which, when afixed to one's armor, gives daemonic entities a -15 Weapon skill to attack its bearer if they first fail a -10 WP test. Also, a Purity Seal enscribed with the Catechism of the Unbroken Zealot, which gives its bearer (if chanting the writ aloud as a half action) a +10 bonus to parry against the unclean; or alternately allows the player to scream the benediction with a successful -10 WP test to completely ignore the damage of 1 daemonic attack, but at the cost of permanently immolating the Catechism and taking 2 levels of fatigue instead. I have few other goodies to hand out, but not much else worth mentioning; I'm loving the suggestions though, they have my gears turning.
  9. Hobo Hunter, many thanks for the suggestions! You know, I actually read your story about the Red Sigil in another thread here just the other day, had me cracking up. And, I'm certainly not opposed to martial gear - they are, after all, often the most useful. I must say, I do like the Hide of the Arch-Heretic - something suitably grim-dark and useful at the same time, and that unassuming beret is also a clever little treasure. Thanks for sharing.
  10. So, as a GM, I've been thinking about something. Since the release of Ascension, I've been making a more concerted effort in my games to give my players access to valuable contacts and allies that they can draw upon in the future, and giving them more of an opportunity to expand upon their influence web through their own actions (instead of simply handing out influence as a reward). However, this (and in particular, the Ascension book cover) got me thinking: what about all those neat gizmos and gadgets, purity seals, unassuming-but-malevolent tomes, and other assorted oddities that Inquisitors and their acolytes are always lugging about? What about the inquisitorial swag? As a GM, I'm usually rather skimpy on the gear I let my players take - I'm a big fan of the good old fashion auto-pistols at stubbers, and my minions go down too quickly if everyone in the party is packing plasma and power weapons; those sort of rewards come from in-game play whenever possible. But what about the other stuff? The non-combat artifacts, tools, relics, trophies, and leavings of warp-worshippers? I feel like I want my players to have a far bigger assortment of these types of items than they do already, so I'm going to be trying to work more of these into my plots. The 'how' isn't so much a problem for me as the 'what'. Any old chap can think to offer his players a rosarius or a malefic codex - but how about the really unique stuff, the oddities that can't be manufactured, only found? I'd love to hear some suggestions for gadgets and swag that fit that category, whatever comes to mind; I'm always keen to see what other players and GMs can come up with. Feel free to also give any suggested rules for anything you might suggest, but not every item need have an in-game function - sometimes it's OK for it to just look 'cool'. Thanks in advance.
  11. I've heard a lot of interesting ideas here that have definately expanded my spectrum of understanding. To flesh out where I'm coming from though, I'll share a few of my thoughts on the warp.To a human mind, any mind regardless of training, I believe that the warp presents an immense personal danger - the greatest danger seems to come to those who think themselves safe. If, as has been stated, the Warp is Chaos - Entropy - then it should completely repulse contact with the natural materium - which is why daemons are unstable. Thus a psyker drawing on any use of the warp is introducing a physical embodiment of 'wrongness' to the materium - things that could not and should not exist according to the (few) natural laws of order. I strongly approve of Jack of Tears notion that the psyker (if not every one else) should be aware of what exactly he has conjured up. But the warp has always struck me as something fearful to the sane, even our favorite literary inquisitors - something you ought not to look directly upon, even while you manipulate it. Of those individuals seen to have 'fallen' or to be more privy to the nature of the warp, they seem to me to fall into one o two patterns of behavior due to 'over-exposure' to the warp: either a sensation of complete personal futility and irrelevance (such as you may get if you consider too long that, really, you are nothing but a walking bag of carbon-bonds that has no business possessing a sentience), or the exactly (rather Tzeentch-like) opposite - an awareness of the extreme -connectedness- of absolutely everything in the universe, how every mundane action, every fales preception of free-will, fits into an orchestrated, entropic plan - that of course, comes full circle back to futility. It really is mind-boggling. But, when one draws upon the warp, I try to invoke those notions, and the invocation is usually dark-seeming.
  12. With regard to the warp, I think I personally lean towards very dark overtones when I GM. I'm of the belief that touching the warp cannot feel -good- to any completely sane individual, and thus I try to make it out to feel as alien, and even perverse as possible. I tend to use imagery that suggests something wet, sentient, and utterly expansive - very much the sort of "the abyss looks back into you" sort of imagery. All that I have read regarding imperial psykers suggests that they are utterly shunned, and on the whole, very, very strange individuals who make others uncomfortable - I think there's a good reason for this. When we play, using even a mundane psychic power is an action not taken lightly, given the implications and the likelihood that there will be visible ramifications. Then, altogether I suppose its a matter of personal taste, regarding tone. I too prefer the grim and gritty feel to my games. If your players are kvetching, clearly they are less than completely satisfied. Perhaps there's some way you can have your cake and eat it too; do you imagine they feel that their players are getting limited by the magnitude of your descriptions?
  13. I can't hope to equal what's been said, but... "The guns of save-our-own" (...Navarone...?) "Some like it hot-shot" "Life comes cheap" "Being a detailed study of the mercurial mindset of the many mercenaries of his Most Magnificent Majesty of Mankind, with the purpose of dissecting and disseminating the damaging and deconstructive dementias known to perpetually perpetrate painful paranoid pageantries in the psychies of purchased purveyors of physical punishment, often rendering such persons posthumous...." sorry...got carried away with that one...
  14. An entire forgeworld is indeed sucked into (and later out of) the warp in the second Grey Knights novel. The means by which this happens is never stated, I believe, but the planet does emerge intact and unharmed (I mean, if you ignore being made virtually into a daemon world) about 1000 years after its disappearance. If you're planning this, definately get your hands on that book. Great source material
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