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  1. There are a few games of Rogue Trader (listed below), but alas they are all sold out. My suggestion is to find out where they are (use the RPG code in the GenCon Rubi system) and hope for the best. Many times there will be open spots for a game because someone who pre-reg'd doesn't show up. I'll be running Blood on the Scales Thursday night, and I'll be playing in The Quest on Saturday night. I hope to see you around! Oh, and ask around the FFG booth and try the open gaming area in the Hyatt for a chance to play. Blood on the Scales Thu 8:00 pm - Fri midnight (RPG1007937) 0/8 Quest, The Fri 7:00 pm - 11:00 pm (RPG1009937) 0/6 Sat 7:00 pm - 11:00 pm (RPG1009940) 0/6 So how does Rogue Trader differ? Fri 2:00 pm - 6:00 pm (RPG1009165) 0/6
  2. Thanks all for the clarification. Its nice to know that I have been playing it right.
  3. Well, here is my Rogue Trader- based off of the Captain Allister Caine model from warmachine along with a couple of simple bits from the 40k range (space marine and imperial guard line). I hope to have him painted up before our next game (three weeks)!
  4. Peacekeeper_b said: I dont care much for FFGs Con focus. At Origins, there was nothing for DH or RT, just board games. Phooey. Their presence at GenCon this year was nothing short of spectacular. They were by far the largest vendor at GenCon. It might be a matter of priorities.
  5. Simple, and probably covered in the rules, but I am full of Grog. If a room is at low water and a fire starts, what happens? - Nothing. No fire. - Fire plus low water. (water is hip deep, but all the stuff on the shelves are on fire). - Something different? Thanks.
  6. Well there is nothing in the book that addresses this point in particular. The book does talk about DH characteres joining a RT ship, primarily for information, hiding, etc. But I haven't read anything about having an actual Inquistor onboard. Depending on what Order the Inquistor hails from and how pure his soul is, you'd have some very interesting party dymanics (as already mentioned above). However, if you have a Malleus Inquisitor and your Rogue Trader is interseted in exploring Xenos planets for money/trade/conversion- you'd probably have an easir alliance. However, if your RT wants to obtain Malleus artifacts to sell in the black market, somebody will be rerolling a character before the end of the session. Its an interesting question/dynamic for the group. Unless the group is very experienced with GW/DH, then I'd probably put it in the 'bad idea' category.
  7. SideshowLucifer said: The game seems to break down and give Khorne the win if everyone tries to ignore the game and race on their own to victory. Khorne's victory condition ensures that players must be responsibe for their part of the game and try and not only win themseves, but keep everyone else from winning at the same time. Khorne realy is the balance to the game. If everyone plays thier own game without regard to what else is going on the board, then yes this will happen. However, if you interact appropriately with the other gods/regions/cards- the game become much more fluid depending on dice rolls, card, draws, and of course how you implement your strategy. Castling, ingnoring, or doing your own thing only ensures that you finish near the back while one of the other gods get an 'easy' win.
  8. There are a couple of issues when using a DH character in a RT game. One- it roughly costs 4,100-4,300 xp to reach the same level of skills and abilities as a starting RT. However, with that your DH character will have reached several second and third ranked skills and talents. Those same skills and talents are not accessible to your RT until rank two (or three). Two- Remember, your RT starts off with Universal training in weapon classes. A DH character will spend alot of xp and time to be fully trained in say, all basic weapons. Three- the RT character gets a free advance, and still can get four more. At maximum xp, he will always have +5% on a DH character. A DH character will need to spend nearly 2,500 xp just to equal in stats of the starting RT character. As was mentioned before, the peak of the DH character will come much sooner because of this. The RT character will start on a higher level, then peak with better numbers... though the same skills/talents. Four- As always consult your local friend GM for advice. I think that as the RT book become widely available, the issue of joining to the characters will become less and less, as older DH character will retire from service, to be replaced by fresher models.
  9. That is not available individually, only through the box set. However, there are several models in there than can and have represented players in our group. Also, thanks for the idea of PP... that will make one awesome Rogue Trader or Seneschal. Talex said: UncleArkie said: I know, I have them from time to time, it's rare, but it happens... BTW My sister will probably be joining the game as well and knowing her she will try and to some extend ressurect her first starwars character (a lady adventurer... read smuggler) any ideas for a female type mini with that type of dress? BTW this one isn't too bad either: http://www.games-workshop.com/gws/catalog/productDetail.jsp?catId=cat1300107&prodId=prod1070037 Don't know if it will help but this is a pritty cool femail model...don't think you can buy it seperatly though javascript:void(0);/*1252088612371*/ she's part of the witch hunter retinue
  10. GenCon Indy (where the book was released) is in Indianapolis. And its more than just RT/DH, I believe you would find plenty of other things to do to occupy your time.
  11. I dont have my book in front of me, but there is a section on skill mastery. However, it points out that if you are given the same skill twice, you get +10%. I.e., you get the skill from you home world and from your starting profession. The skills are listed in the Rank one only for completness sake. If you get Blather as a starting skill, you can't buy 'Blather' again at rank one for 100 xp and get a +10%. You will have to wait until Rank 2/3 to get the +10% version. Yeah, I agree, a bit confusing. It could use a clarification.
  12. he started and ended his turn in a room that was on fire. Sounds like a roasted gnome to me.
  13. A few random thoughts- My impression is that they had what they had from the printers and they brought all of them to GenCon. On Thursday morning, it was indeed a massive pile as my buddy got his as soon as possible. It was clear that the product was going to sell a ton of copies, regardless how you wanted to parse them out. Heck, BSG:Pegasus sold out within a couple of hours. People were disapointed at that too. Gaming at GenCon- it is true there were no scheduled games of RT which stunk. However, you needed to have submissions in several months ago to get in the catalog. It always seemed unlikely that RT would see this years GenCon. I did show up for a DH game, hoping for a spot. Not only did the table expand on the fly from six to eight, but there were six more people wanting into the game. Clearly, the interest is there and I think next year DH/RT will have several games available. If things go well, I hope to run one of them. FFG had a tremendous booth at GenCon. Far more impressive than anyone else's booth for that matter. The lines to purchase were always long, tons of people were playing table/card games on the convention floor, and the FFG game room was always jammed with players. Despite how anyone may feel how RT was handled or not... FFG wa a huge winner as a corp at GenCon this year. Congrats to them. Now get to work on the next source book!
  14. Note- the Origins path is mainly for quick starting characters. You can still choose freely from the paths if your GM allows. At first glance the system for origins looked kinda goofy. After going through a few trees, it looks and feels much better. Much better than in DH IMO.
  15. Well, I bought the last one around Friday at noon. I asked one of the staffers and they handed me a lone book sitting next to the cashier- he said it was the last, followed by groans all around. Oh well. So far its a blast- I'll get some time tonight to look through the book at large, and post in the other threads. They brought a ton from what I saw on Thursday afternoon- but this book was flying off the shelves. Sorry you didn't get yours.
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