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  1. for some reason my email server has difficulty opening your emails. my address is jvargo42@mail.com
  2. i'm getting the feeling that FFG doesnt like michigan players roxas cuz i havent gotten mine either
  3. part of the translation is cut off when i view it on my computer, can you please check you site and fix if necessary
  4. what time are u thinking for on tue. depending on my womans mood, i might be able to make, but prolly not
  5. force them to move their friday events to monday or tuesday
  6. excuses are like cells, everybody has millions. either way, i wont be able to attend unless your touneys are on fri.
  7. no one plays anymore. the game practically died at CC. especially after roxas got crushed at our highlander 1-6...ouch. but Jacoby and i are the only ones that play there still, but even then, i prefer to play magic.
  8. so you play this deck and hope your oppoenent doesnt play stealth sneak and crush you? i really hope roxas either gets a way to deal with the sneak or a card that lets him take more then one hp away. that fact is the only thing stopping him from being really good
  9. i appreciate that, but i do want to go tons of forums that mention gencon. i simple answer of the players name and the prizes would have sufficed.
  10. dawn, stfu. i didnt feel like searching. and if u feel that it is below you to answer someones questions, dont answer them. instead you have to be a jackass.
  11. did anyone take part in the tourney at GenCon? (supposed worlds) who won? what were the prizes?
  12. dont start anarchy, lets just let this thread drift away into oblivion
  13. this is the same story with wakka. pooh effect continuously checks the player. at the store i play at, the effects go like this pooh sets player to 0 wakka/equipment adds to the total pooh sees that the atk value is not 0 and resets it wakka/equipment has already provided its bonus and is not applied anymore
  14. i like having sr's in every pack. being one of the more broke players, i enjoy feeling like i got my moneys worth. it really puts valure into subjection the way card games should be.
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