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  1. Tibs said: My vote's for LiTaS. Yog-Sothoth is intrigued by this possiblity...
  2. kroen said: qustion: when tony tarades monsters for money does he get money equal to toughness or money equal to toughness+1? "Tony's monster trophies are worth one extra toughness each when spent." "Tony may spend one monster trophy to gain money equal to that monster's toughness." Since he's spending the trophy, I would assume that the extra toughness applies there as well.
  3. GOOs: 1.) Eihort - The idea of brood infestation makes my skin crawl. Love it! 2.) Nyarlathotep - Because he's just so cool no matter what form he takes. 3.) Cthulhu - Obviously. 4.) Atlach-Nacha - For when you really want a brutal game. 5.) Glaaki - Braaiiinnsss... Investigators: 1.) Bob the Salesman - Great stats, good ability, and you gotta love that he gets mixed up with everything just because he wanted to earn a quick buck. 2.) Sister Mary - I just love her thematically. 3.) Tony the Bounty Hunter - Finally a high-stamina fighter with decent Will. Also a great ability. 4.) Wendy the Urchin - Awesome character to play, and hilarious to imagine running around with a shotgun/tommygun/etc. 5.) Darrel the Photographer - Makes exploring Arkham so much easier.
  4. I really like Eihort's art. The creep factor is huge. My favorite investigator art is probably Sister Mary. It's just so atmospheric somehow. My favorite monster art is the Shadowy Figure Mask.
  5. ricedwlit said: Back to the main issue, I'd have to say Arkham is fun because it is so varied -- each game is different, be it in the way the AO interacts, to which expansions you use, etc. Never a dull moment. ^This. Even when you think a game is going smoothely, it always manages to throw a curveball your way that completely destroys your current strategy, forcing the players to adapt. The replayability factor is huge. Of course, what initially drove me to buy the game was the theme, even though I wasn't that into Lovecraft before I bought it.
  6. Solan said: 1. Where exactly are Kingsport, Dunwich, Arkham and Kingport in terms of closeness to each other? Hunting Horrors and Hounds both go to "the closest Investigator", so we need to know where one goes if, for example, it emerges from a gate on the Innsmouth board (which has no Investigators), the Arkham board also has no Investigators and there are Investigators in Kingsport and Dunwich. 2. If Yibb-Tistill is the AO and an Investigator who already has five clue tokens ends his move in a location with a clue token, does that clue token remain in that location or is it discarded? Considering that the number of clue tokens on the board is Yibb's combat modifier, this is an important point. 3. If you have the Dragon's Eye and want to use a sanity to draw a new gate card, you MUST make that choice before you try to make a skill check for the current card or draw a monster for the current card, correct? 4. If you fail the Rift Rumor in Kingsport, all three Rifts appear at the same gate location as the card which placed the final token on the Rumor, correct? 5. If you draw a monster surge card, do you roll randomly to find out which is the primary surging gate? 6,. I assumed that the AO's Stirs in his Sleep ability always carries over into the Final Battle, but looking at one of Glaaki's Sinister Plot cards makes me wonder. The Plot I'm talking about allows the first Investigator to voluntarily be Devoured and then make a check. On a success, the Terror level is decreased by three, on a failure it is reduced by one. The problem with this is that one of Glaaki's Stir in Sleep powers is that the Terror level increases by 2 whenever an Investigator is Devoured! If this ability does indeed carry over into the Final Battle, this is a VERY bad deal . . . 1. All the boards are the same distance from each other. When counting distance, count from the Train depot on that board. A Hound would thus go to an Investigator in a location one space away from the Central Hill Streets in Kingsport over an Investigator two spaces away from Bishop's Brook Bridge in Dunwich, for example. 2. We've always played that you can't collect new clues at all if you have 5. Otherwise Yibb would be far too easy. 3. I'm fairly certain you have to decide to draw a new card before any of the effects of the drawn card take place. 4. I believe that when you place rifts that open by other-than-normal means, you draw one Mythos Card for each rift and place them on the corresponding locations, and then discard the Mythos cards. 5. The first player decides the order. 6. I would think that the special effect of that Sinister Plot trumps the Stirs ability in this case. Other than that, the ability is in effect during the whole final battle.
  7. jgt7771 said: Oh my......not beneficial??? If your monster limit is completely tucked away, Gates would open CLEAR. Monster Surges would EVAPORATE. Rifts would just float around the streets like pretty snowflakes. Your Investigators would be FLYING all over Arkham, bouncing in and out of gates like Whack-a-Moles! You could...could... I like this House Rule. What about the Terror Track? If the monster limit is always full it will increase very quickly. Besides, it not as if all monsters placed in Kingsport are going to stay there. Flyers, special movers like Hounds of Tindalos and Aquatic monsters (yeah right) could still return to Arkham at any time, and the Colour and Cthonians will still cause problems. Also, don't forget that open rifts advance the Doom Track as well. And with Kingsport full of monsters, closing them would be a huge pain.
  8. If you really feel that the bank needs a new function, how about a safety deposit box? Investigators could leave items there for safekeeping, or for indirect trading between themselves.
  9. I think I've only used Bank Loans once, and that was in my last game when the Mad Bomber appeared. Still, I feel it's a mechanic that really doesn't need any tinkering.
  10. Since movement immediately ends when you enter combat, I would rule that you would have to wait until the next turn.
  11. jgt7771 said: Heh. Consider casting Milk while in Kingsport...Monster Traffic Circle, safely tucked away for however long you want. Until you want to get by to close rifts, that is. In my house rules the monsters in Kingsport count toward the Arkham monster limit, too, so it wouldn't be all that beneficial (other than getting rid of Gate guardians).
  12. I don't think I've ever had a game exceed 6 hours, and the games are only that long when we play with 6 players.
  13. For me, the Administration Building and the River Docks. And most of the stable locations in Dunwich.
  14. avec said: How does this variant work with Shudde M'ell's world cracking ability? Do you place a rubble token when you are instructed to place a gate on a location that already has an open gate, or do you place a rubble token only during a monster surge? If the latter, then Shudde M'ell would probably be much less dangerous when using this variant. The former. The same applies for the Children of Abhoth. Those AOs would be too boring otherwise.
  15. For thematic purposes, and to at least slightly alleviate the "unsealable rift" problem, I generally house-rule that an Investigator with Basil as an ally can visit the Lighthouse, but no one else. He does have the keys, after all...
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