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  1. from france i had the dragonstar who used the old d20 of the open licence. sinc its over i wish to know what systems is used cause i loves the setting.
  2. from france similar situation and i post with justy 24h latter than you i am wondering how it could be convert just look at the storm trooper for example. to play it you need ascension
  3. from france hello back from a long abscence. i ve been offered only war and i don't know how much it s compatible with dh. i just saw that unatural toughness is +2 and not x2 or is it a typo? well i hope to read your opinions. it s ve son long since i last came that i didn't find a similar topics. thanks in advance.
  4. from france in fact they are. by some ironics jokes, logar wrote the "lecto divsionis" the book about his faith in the emperor as god wich has been the base of the imperial creed before being judged by the emperor and turning to chaos.
  5. from france "1-People breaking down as the supplement is in fact, a stand alone system. With all the stuff people wrote and asked to be in Only War, if you even thought everywthing would have been crammed in a 150 pages supplement, you're dreaming, or they'll write in 4 size letters, no pictures. 2-People who gives out heart-breaking text about how DH was like their wife/girlfriend/whatever, before turning into emotional blackmail going "Give me DarkHeresy and/or W40k RPG 2.0 of I'm leaving you and I'm taking my money with me'" since when voiced one opinion is whinning? i played dh an rt so yes i choose to not play the other game. that's right no one forced me tp buy them. i love blood of martyr, inquisitor handbook i said it . i hate the trilogies involving the eclesiarchy. i said it. only war was sait to be print a t the end of 2011 as a dh suplements. if is was so good that need so much pages like the inquisitor handbook i wil have now problems with that as long as it is part of dh. but instead ffg printed it as stand alone book witch means that a part of housse rulling for compatibility the guradsmen class won't be part of dh as like clerics. again shall we expected the same for the mecanicus? why ffg have to communicate when they have willing bully happy to shoot at people voicing their opinion. announcing new stuff is not the same as communicating. something they don't do. your second point is insulting and patronizing. at least a girlfriend talk. happy talk with your five marylin
  6. from france i do not say they need my permission but they could say a long time ago we had another idea about only war so don't expect it to be a suplement and we will talk about it latter. that way we could be prepared and not expected it for too long. i can't remenber a time in the forum that my ego goes too high. as i say i don't like "fait accompli"
  7. from france "Getting back to the title of this thread: put me in the column of being disappointed at the decision to make Only War a seperate game rather than a supplement to DH as it was originally announced. Both because it represents a withdrawl of support for DH, and because it seems cheesy to me to try to flood the market with a constant stream of 'new' games rather than focus on supporting a few good games." feel the same, it s like a betrayal. plus a stand alone 60 dollars book it s not the same as a 30 dollars dh suplement. a lot of people expted this book because it was announced as suplement for dh in 2011, the nothin some expected delay but not a separate game. that for me the second betrayal be taking for a fool ffg never comunicate with us a bout their desire to change plans. by us i mean all who commes on this forum not just the happy few. it s "a fait accompli" and like all "fait accompli" it give you a bitter taste. will we have the same surprise with the mechanicus? i don't care if it is compatible or not. what matter to me is trust. and tha trust is broken. does will still have a "book of judgement" like for the last class assassin, imperial guard, mechanicus, psyker......or now it wil be each time a stand alone? like i said don't care about compatibility i care about trust
  8. from france wasn't it suppose to be part of the dark heresy game. in the catalogue of 2011 it was presented as ex tension not as a stand alone. will it be compatible at least with dark heresy? i am surprised of this. will they do the same with the mechanicus? does this means that soldier and mechanicus wont be include in dh in a "book of judgement" like
  9. from france i confirme the first was sold in the following half hour after the opening of the convention in france. and after ffg take the job.
  10. from france Yes space jammers good idea didn’t thought about because I never played it. For the ship itself if it must base for looks on a 16 century ship I assume that it is either a lost relic of the age of technology or the age of strife or the great crusade or it’s a unique construction. I think also that the keyword should be flexibility. So in any case the purpose of the original owner warrants of trade must be important. I choose a commercial endeavor. The main purpose of the ships is to go to sea world or a least planet with sizeable sea mass in the expanse and deliver the goods in other similar planet in the expanse or the imperium. So I need to choose a hull ship. For the moment the candidates are: Conquest star galleon.( p23/24 of battlefleet koronus) space 56, defiant light cruser, yes a exeption to the no warship ( p 26 battlefleet koronus) space 55, the carrack class transport (p 29 of battle fleet koronus ) space 38, the goliath class factory (p 29/30 of battlefleet koronus), space 40 the jericho class pilgrim (p 194 of rogue trader) space 45 and vagabond class merchant (p194 of rogue trader) space 40. The other ships aren’t appropriate I think. The conquest star seem excellent. So l chose it but if you prefer another ship tell me.. I think we should start things by separate the ship time/ space and functions. I see for the movement. 4 basics points. 1) Travelling in warp 2) Traveling in space 3) Entering/departing atmosphere 4) 4 navigating water. Other important point are a)Endeavor: commercial. So no warship. b)Being able to defend itself. c)Have a certain number of unique components. d) Being lavishly impressive good looking next post i detailed i am working.
  11. from france i have a probleme with a simple question how can he enter atmosphere? if he can salt wtar shouldn't be a probleme. does we know if all ocean ocean on or all planet who have water are salty? i think the ship will aslso carry a lot of chimera for the troops aboard.
  12. from france thank i work on it tomorow. i also thought about "marines" barrack well "the borg cubes" doesn't seem at any disavantages in star trek but i must admit i am not familiar with star trek
  13. from france i was wondering if the hull of a ship can be of any form. i just watch "elizabeth the golden age" and the look of the ships are amazing. what if a excentric rogue trader whith knowledge of ancient earth wish to build one like that? will it be possible? i thought that the sails could be use as gathering the solar energy for the plasma reactor and just decoration other time execpt combat of course. it would have only port and starboard batteries and for landing just the neccessary gungutter walkyrie or arvus. could it land on a surface ocean? your thougth on that?
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