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  1. As I understood it, the Warrens is the last 1st-ed cycle. After that, it's 2nd-ed only - with rotation.
  2. I agree. Since new art is one of the arguments FFG gives for making a new edition, I think it should be given more room - and I don't mean in the rulebook. Let's forget the classic MTG-like format ! What they did with Conquest's warlord cards is great, I hope they can do the same for characters in GoT2.
  3. I also agree. Too bad, the game looks like a lot of fun.
  4. Indeed, this card's purpose is only to "push" the players towards the objective. You don't want to kill Kraxonis, but to beat the objective. It's not broken : objective has its importance, this card is more of a timer. Remember : when you play with the brown cards, there is only one kingdom card and each time a card says "it attacks each player", only one of the players has to defend (chosen by the first player). When the event phase is over, all players draw up to five cards.
  5. alecoi01

    Great news !

    As a french owner of the game (the french version was released a few years ago), I must say that it deserves a translation - and it seems it also got some improvement (especially the iconography on the "influences" cards, much clearer now). Congratulations for the authors, for FFG, and for all those who will buy it - you'll see, it's a great game !
  6. No change. The only card that puts a guest face-down is the assassin (by "killing" the guest).
  7. Exactly? And here is another reason why I think SW LCG and its deckbuilding can work fine : you'll never have "dead cards" : if a card is useless in your current strategy, keep it for the edge battles. If it has many 'Force points', you'll get the initiative ; if not, you can bluff your opponent and drive them to expend more cards pointlessly. Can be real fun, for 'imposed' cards… So it's fine by me.
  8. ChaosChild +1. I love solo games, yet I have friends, wife and children. And I love 1vs1 too, yet I keep friends, wife and children. When I learned that SW was turning from coop to PvP, the only thing that mattered to me was "the FFG team thinks the game sucks as it is, and they want to improve it". Well, good news, and after a year of work (for I'm sure they have not been not idle) I can't wait to see the result (actually, the GenCon demo got me thrilled). Tolerance, patience, respect. That's all that matters.
  9. Well, this game is truly amazing and what I'd love about it : - a french translation (yup, I'm french and sorry not to share this game with all my friends !) - expansions based on new characters - a french translation (yup, I'm fr… oh, you know) - that's all, I think, because the game is already great as it is ! - a french translation. Yes, oh yes.
  10. alecoi01

    Android rpg?

    I totally agree ! That would be great, even if Android is already a kind of "board RPG", with many story elements in it.
  11. I completely agree with the Old Man. Though I love deckbuilding with LotR, the GoT LCg has just expanded too much for me to invest (it would have been different, of course, if I had started collecting the cards when the core set was released). So the "simple streamlined" version of it will be enough for me, and I will easily make other people play (no DB, no prep time, and less exceptions and complexity than with expansion sets). This game would be a great way to play quickly in the world of Westeros, the only pity being that it's only 2 players and no more, but hey, it's not the first game that is so. Battles of Westeros is a wonderful 2P game, for instance. Right now, only the bad-looking cards (the colors are too flashy for me, but maybe it's not the final version) make me cautious.
  12. alecoi01


    Hi ! Question from the newbie : I own a Kobo… which version should I buy ? Kindle ? Is there some kind of DRM or are they (Kindle and Kobo) fully compatible ? Thanks !
  13. Thanks ! And great idea ! Another possibility : increase the group's tensions !
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