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  1. This game is still one of my favorites. Does it need an expansion? No. Would it be nice to have one anyway? Yes. I would love to see a mechanic that allowed someone to play the forces of mankind. To turn the peasants and heroes into some sort of playable mechanic complete with multiple win conditions. Perhaps another dial.
  2. Thanks for the info. I'm located in mid USA, Nebraska.
  3. My life has taken a bad turn and I am considering selling my entire Warhammer Fantasy 3e collection (minus maybe the hardbound Players Guide). Does anyone know an approximate price I could sell it for? It is all in near mint condition with multiple stanley containers. The only material I didn't get were the print on demand expansions. All pieces are present and all cards are sleeved. This isn't something I wanted to do but family must take precedence.
  4. Not exactly a highly populated area but there is a small group of us trying to build up a meta at a local gaming store [EZGamer]. Currently playing Game of Thrones and Netrunner weekly as well as several board games. Willing to teach and have extra decks to allow new players a chance to learn.
  5. flashgordon0569 said: I'm kinda new to tabletop gaming. I always wanted to play D&D with friends but my group of friends have split up in the last year so I really only have about 3-4 people to game with. My wife and 12 year old brother in-law. I am looking for suggestions of games to try and play with them. The brother likes star wars so i was considering the idea of the new star wars beginner game, but was also looking for something in the strategy category to try and keep my wife interested too. Does anybody have any suggestions of games to look into getting? I would avoid this game unless you are wanting to play an actual tabletop roleplaying game. This system is a fast and loose and if you are looking for a strategy game, I would not recommend it. (This isn't to say that I don't recommend the game for roleplaying, on that I feel it has great potential). If you are looking for strategy and want to stick with star wars, the xwing miniatures game is more tactical while the Star Wars Living Card Game offers decent strategic elements. If you are interested in games outside of the star wars universe, there are more games than I have the time to go into that might fit your interests. It might help if you gave some examples of games that you have liked in the past or a better understanding of how in-depth you want to go with strategy. A few games to check out that have a DND thematic feel while exploring a more light strategic element minus the roleplaying: I'll limit the list to mostly 3-4 player games. Descent: Second Edition Mage Knight, The Board Game Defenders of the Realm Claustrophobia (2 player only) Shadows over Camelot Catacombs Arkham Horror Thunderstone (maybe even Puzzle Strike though it isn't a DnD theme)
  6. Here is another site that is dedicated primarily to the LCG format. http://www.cardgamedb.com/index.php/index.html
  7. TheRealLeo said: byronczimmer said: The card base builds up at the same speed regardless of whether they do focused packs (1 per faction) or even distribution across all factions. No, I mean multiple expansion packs per month, not just the typical 60-card single pack for a whole month. They could do a corp expansion pack AND a runner expansion pack each month, getting more cards out than they normally do with their other games. I expect them to continue with the 60 card packs. Each pack will have a mix of cards for each corp and runner.
  8. BrashFink said: Me and my group have recently be on a 180 mechanical rules flip. After playing 3e and Pathfinder so long, then seeing what they did to 4e… we started thinking back to when we were young… when we didn't even use maps. All we would do is draw a rough room and X's for where people were… and they would ask stuff like "Can I hit him from here? How 'bout if i move here this round?" I must say, reading this thread has made me think of checking out this Warhammer Fantasy RPG. Also, I have already started pondering ways to use EotE in non Star Wars settings. This was me a a couple years ago. I have and still enjoy Pathfinder. I GM two different campaigns, one live that I have been running for almost 10 years (we converted it from 3.0/3.5) and one on a message board. When I began exploring "something else" I came across all kinds of things. I picked up the Revised Core Rules for Star Wars and shortly after, I picked up the Core saga rulebook. Saga for whatever reason just didn't spark my creativity. I don't think it was the game, I just think I wasn't really interested. Played a ton of board and card games for awhile and kept thinking about Warhammer Fantasy but the price kept scaring me away. Finally, I was tired one night and amazon had it for $59. I said, what the hell and ordered it. We played it once, everyone hated it. We had become so used to playing Pathfinder that it was just too big of a jump and I didn't really know "how" to play it. Then I tried out some old Alternity stuff and that didn't do it for me either. Tried Gurps and hated it. Tried Rifts and hated it more. Tried Ex Machina and Eclipse Phase and had a good time but the group kinda split when some of the players moved. And then I got into Pathfinder Society and had a blast with it in all its crunchy goodness. Then I just kinda got burned out for a bit. Returned to the board game and card game world for about a year. Then I decided to go back to roleplaying games and I found and messed around with Dark Heresy and Rogue Trader. This sparked my interest and I found myself reading a few of the novels. Soon enough I had a game going and I began lurking on the boards at FFG. For whatever reason, I decided to dig out the Warhammer Fantasy stuff again and really read through it and I had an epiphany. I had forgotten how to roleplay without maps and minis. In fact, my entire group had forgotten when we played second edition and even first edition ADnD. That isn't to say that we didn't roleplay. We did, but combat took on a more board game aspect. This was ok as many of us enjoyed the board game aspect but as I came to realize that we were playing half the time roleplaying and the other half was a board game. The thing that drove me away from WFRP3 is actually the same thing that brought me back. This is a narrative system. Its very open to player interaction and the players do such a good job of contributing that once everyone gets on a role, they do far more for the story than I ever could have on my own. The dice mechanic is brilliant. The other part I struggled with was all the chits and bits. Once I realized that all that stuff was really optional and only needed to be used as an aid, not a requirement, it all started to slip into place. Players went back to tracking things on pen and paper and spent their time playing the game instead of worrying about all the pieces. It was a fun and loose system. It isn't perfect as I had some issues with some of the mechanics but while playing, it just seemed to work and work well. Then I see the anouncement of Star Wars and how they seem to have removed all the pieces while maintaining a highly similar narrative dice system. I'm excited. I like the setting idea and know I have players that are interested as well. So, if you like the idea of a game that doesn't need maps and minis, get either this game or the Warhammer Fantasy Game. The investment for WHFRP has been big over the years for me but I love the system. Fantasy Grounds and Maptool have allowed me to play these games online as well. Its worth playing if that is what you are looking for. It is a loose system and once the players understand that it isn't a tactical game any longer, they will remember the best parts of how it used to be.
  9. It used to be much cheaper to get into this game but I recommend you try to link up with someone that already plays it. You can get the core set for about $70 on amazon and its the best bang for your buck all around but other than that you can pick up the Players Guide and Gamemaster Guide and Bestiary for about $60 in pdf format on drivethrurpg.com Honestly though, its something you should try out to see if you like prior to investing. It is a different animal and though I enjoy the system, It has been a heavy investment to complete my collection.
  10. $hamrock said: Web releases of a few species would be cool, and be a great way to get more people to visit the forums/website, and get the word out. I would want to see a "make your own" species creator ordeal, but I don't want to see it any time soon. There are two reasons for this, the book line is rather small (one book as of today), so there is no real base to start stating them from. Two, in my experiences, players who create their own races tend to over power them to a degree. I am not saying don't do one ever, but get a better pool of official races prior to that. Now, something akin to a "near- human" creator, would be cool, and available alot sooner. I am kind of disappointed that droid is in this book, never really been a fan of droid player characters. Mostly that stems from their being exceptionally difficult to play in a group. They can't cause harm to a sentient, with very few exceptions (IGs, HKs, but even with them something had to go "wrong" to allow them to do it.), that leads to party in-fighting because of perceived lack of contribution, by the party, in regards to the character's "programming". Couple that with the complete inability to feel/express emotion and it is difficult to stay within "official lines" and have a droid in the party. Anyway, thats my .02, $hamrock Though I understand why they tend to release races across multiple books, I personally hate that method. I don't mind the core book consisting of the most common races but I have to say that putting out a book specializing in races is the way to go. It worked well for Pathfinder. Put a ton of racial options in and add a race creator to the back. If the system is a simple as it appears to be, the pages of the book could be filled with flavor text for each race instead of rules text. I can all but guarantee this would sell well.
  11. BradPlogsted said: NAML said: It was with great surprise that I discovered that not only FFG was charging for the beta product but also it was almost U$ 30,00! So, really, the idea is to charge us AND ask for feedback? o_O As a concrete example I give you the famous RPG Pathfinder - Beta version. It was free, the game developed with fans' help and is a giant on the field of fantasy. The final version of the product is sailing great, by the way. What percentage of players bought DND 3.5 or SW Saga Edition when it came out (although they already owned the first version of the rules)? I did, and most of my friends did too. Yes, there was more than a year from 3.0 to 3.5, or SW d20 to SW Saga. But many of us pay again anyway to get that fresh ink smell and a book with accurate rules instead of our own pen and paper corrections. As for Pathfinder, much of that system was already created years ago, so there was little "back to the drawing board," whereas it looks like SW Edge of Empire required more originality. $30 for a year of playing a brand new Star Wars RPG seems like a good deal. It's a big book (over 200 pages I think). It looks like it's 90% finished, so I'd look at the official rules that come out in 9-12 months as errata/FAQ to this book. For what it is worth, the physical copy of the Pathfinder Beta was definitely NOT free. If I remember correctly, it was in the $30-$40 range. It sits on my shelf next to the Pathfinder Core Rulebook as a collectors item for me. We've already established that they dont have the option of free pdf's. As for Star Wars, given what I have seen so far, the system itself wasn't exactly going back to the drawing board. The attributes and dice mechanics are slight variations of the WHFRP3 system. Granted, it is being applied to a new setting and it has overhauled many other aspects but I don't think this system was exactly starting from scratch. I thought it was a cool surprise to come out of Gen Con. Here we have a fully playable system that nobody knew was developed as far as it had been and they not only announce it but provide a beta copy of the rules for us to pick through and offer feedback. I understand the irritation some are having but I think had they just come out with a final version, it would have had issues that people would have said, why did they do this or why did they do that or I sure wish there was a better job of editing. This is like giving players an opportunity to tell them up front where it may need to be fixed, mechanically, virtually, or whatever.
  12. Doc, the Weasel said: My only thought is, "Cool, have fun playing Saga." I have never understood why people who are not interested in a game go to said game's forums and explain why they are not interested. Agreed. To answer your question though I can give a few ideas. 1. Misery loves company 2. The misguided belief that their input will somehow reverse the entire process and they will instead get a revised version of whatever system it is that they like the most. Lets face it, the beta will be open to small changes but a complete rules overhaul isn't fiscally possible, especially considering there are many out there that are genuinely excited by the new line. 3. Trolls 4. Influence from the dark side of the force.
  13. phild said: And finally, for scenarios, I direct you towards the fascinating Designers & Dragons by Shannon Appelcline (hardback, published by Mongoose, not cheap but a cracking read). A clear trend throughout RPG history is that games and supplements make money, scenarios don't. Which is why pretty much the only game to produce dozens and dozens of scenarios over many years is D&D, in its various incarnations. (oh, Torg kinda did it too, see where that ended up ;-) i agree that Designers and Dragons is a great book. Has a cool layout that had me jumping back and forth to the companies I was most interested in. If I were to make a wager, I would say that we will see one more (maybe two) more products in this line. I expect to see perhaps a sequel to Enemy Within dealing with certain world shattering events we know of. I would love to see them do an elf expansion but I think that may be just hopeful thinking. Now, another possibility is this. They may let the line end with The Enemy Within. Then let the line sit until renewal time. If they renewed, it would be most likely a chance for them to revamp with a new edition. I'm not a fan of this but after two years of no products in the line, a new edition would generate sales. If the new star wars game does well, I would expect it to follow a similar format. On the other hand, if they didn't plan to renew, they could do a last hurrah and print up additional hard bound books that compounded the material from all the expansions (actions, careers, talents, etc). I don't recall if it was them or Green Ronin that did something similar with career compendium but I believe the book sold well.
  14. I guess I don't have a problem with anything they have released, nor do I have a problem with the low product schedule. I would love new material. I think any fans love to get more material but I just don't think FFG has the manpower to do it. The star wars game had to have taken some work to put together a nearly complete rpg, developed in secret with a surprise release. That had to take resources to do. I empathize with all of you. I really wish it could be what we all want but I understand the logistics of why it isn't. The thing I would have loved the most is just a setting book of some sort. Some book that goes into the setting as deeply and thoroughly as the 2e stuff did. I picked up a lot of the 2e stuff for exactly that reason. I agree that this indicates a problem with the current edition but I don't know that I have ever had everything I wanted in an rpg. As for communication, I'm right there with you. Paizo is such an amazing company in regards to that, I wish more companies shared their devotion to forums and such. I know there are others that do the same thing but I dont know the specifics of FFG and can't comment on why they dont. I can only sit here and wish they did. All in all though, they have provided me with an RPG that I am happy with. I can continue to play it to my hearts content and as long as I can continue to find players and other groups to play with, I will be happy with my investment thus far. I have no regrets. So my only advice is this. Be optimistic and enjoy the game. Share your experiences with other players and keep on playing. There are so many things across the rpg industry that I don't like. Edition wars, trolls, license limitations to name a few. This game did something beautiful. It revived my love for the hobby when so much negativity was dominating many aspects of the culture. I haven't forgotten that.
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