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  1. Sothis2

    Custom Heralds

    I haven't been here in a while, but I'll certainly take time to see your latest mind-meltingly powerful creation Avi. XD haha 5 toughness Cultists! Not to mention the other aquatic creatures... I love the idea that Arkham is flooding as part of Cthulhu's return. That's a thematic punch to the face I didn't think of in mine, and makes aquatic monsters much more important. Very cool. I also like the way you handled the R'lyeh encounters. Simple and easy to understand. The stacks of monsters are definitely a novel idea, but I don't think I can decide if I'd like them without trying it. Experience tells me to be wary because it may just be an Avi-style difficulty boost meant to torture the players. But it certainly sounds cool! Hopefully anyone trying it will post feedback. Lastly, making Cthulhu stronger is always nice. Not sure if he's killable in this form unless the investigators gear up big time, but hey who cares? And yes I remember that picture, it's a good one! Nice job on the flavor text also. Most people don't bother. Anyway see you in a few months!
  2. Avi_dreader said: Jack the Ripper needs to be modified again due to Innsmouth's martial law. It doesn't thematically make sense that the isolated spawn of Deep Ones would recognize a human serial killer (or if they did, care), unless perhaps of course ;') he had a little bit of a fishy look about him. I'm not clear on why you say he needs to be modified. Just because being arrested is more common? And the reason he is devoured when arrested is because he's been murdering people, which I'm sure would piss off the people of Innsmouth just like anyone else. They don't want some outsider coming in and killing their neighbors (or hookers!). If he gets arrested they're not letting him out. With most investigators arrest is just a hassle tactic where you're kept overnight or whatever. With Jack it's the end of the line because he's a dangerous criminal.
  3. I know it says Sheol has no worshippers, but the picture definitely shows a few nice people enjoying themselves. How do I get into that cult? XD
  4. lol yep that's true, Chuck can definitely spend other people's Sanity. I stand corrected! I'm surprised it's taken this long for someone to make an investigator for him. Nice!
  5. Well there's rules lawyering, and then there's nonsense. Nowhere in the game is there ever any indication that you can spend other characters' Sanity (or anything else). There isn't even a precedent for it in gaming in general. What would make you think a character could spend someone else's stats to power an ability? There's airtight, and then there's silly.
  6. It's an alternate play method similar to a choose-your-own-adventure story. http://homepage.mac.com/nephilim/arkham_investigations/
  7. Avi_dreader said: That wording doesn't state that he can't spend other people's sanity. LOL! If someone says that just kick them out of the game. That is not something that needs to be said.
  8. I agree, having a rule that says "you can't retire" is not a good idea. It has always struck me as unnecessarily forced each time I've seen it on these boards. If there's something about your custom creation that makes retirement seem like a good strategy, fix it in a clever way. Simply forbidding the most obvious strategy is a transparent move that smacks of a creation that doesn't quite work. For instance, in this case you're worried about people retiring to get rid of their Madness cards. A simple mechanic to fix this would be to rule that investigators draw a Madness along with their normal starting equipment. However I don't really think that would be necessary in Molesh's current incarnation. Now that Madness cards are only drawn when Dolls appear, and Dolls appear only as random monster draws, you're not going to have tons of them like before. Plus you would pretty much always spend the Sanity to prevent a Madness anyway. It seems like you have two options. If there are lots of Madness cards flying around, you might consider a way to get rid of them. For instance killing a Doll could let you discard a Madness. On the other hand if there aren't so many Madness cards you don't really need to have mechanics like "you can't retire" in the first place. Just some thoughts. In general though it's a very cool AO, and I love the Doll monsters! The child's nightmare theme is an awesome one that hasn't been done yet. It reminds me of Pan's Labyrinth and other great stuff like that. XD
  9. Sothis2

    Custom Heralds

    Lich King is very cool. The day/night mechanic that changes the overall difficulty in many ways is a neat idea that would have a huge effect on the feel of the game from turn to turn. Nice job! That said, here are a few suggestions to throw around: I don't know if adding 4 toughness to undead monsters is necessary. That's pretty extreme. Rain of Maggots is a cool mechanic, but doesn't fit the name at all. I assume Defend the Master refers to each round in the Final Battle, but it doesn't say so. Maybe put that on there. You may want to reduce the number of turns between night/day changes. 3 turns is a lot of time. And on that note, it actually works so that night stays forever unless a day environment happens to be drawn. This may never actually happen, and often will happen only after many turns. The game is likely to be night most if not all of the time. The day/night mechanic might be better if it always switched every three turns. Lastly, the picture is a cool one but it's way too fantasy/D&D for Arkham. There has to be a picture of undead that would better fit the mythos feel. That pic just seems goofy in a Lovecraft universe.
  10. If you do that, put the ability on another investigator. It's a good idea and would be a shame to lose.
  11. If you want to download torrents you can get Azureus Vuze for free by downloading it. It's very simple to use.
  12. Oh yeah and you might consider starting the ability with "When using the special ability of a location..." Otherwise he will also be able to spend Sanity in place of monster trophies in situations that don't care about the toughness, just the actual trophy (such as when fighting Shub). I don't think you intended it to be used in place of actual trophies.
  13. Change Avi's wording to this for simplicity: "Any phase: Aubrey may spend points of Sanity as though they were 1 toughness monster trophies." As for theme, I like to think of that ability as Aubrey having other ways to prove his worth than simply killing monsters. As a horror writer in a Lovecraft setting, you would have some special insight into what's happening. Weird Tales is an awesome ability, and I like that he starts with an ally. That's always fun. Nice job!
  14. Nice job Tibs, this is the best suggestion for all-expansion mythos play I've seen yet. Even though I don't use all the expansions at once, if I ever do I will definitely try something like this. Dilution is public enemy number one imo!
  15. I just used google image search and found it pretty quick. Go ahead and make whatever you want! And kroen, no one needs to repay you because no one owes you anything. As many people have tried to tell you, your posts are often very harsh and defensive. Your last two posts here are just more examples proving the point. There's little incentive to critique your creations because you rarely listen anyway, and you're certainly not nice about it. Yes there would be a lot less posts without you but it's nothing anyone would worry about. This forum did fine before you and will continue fine once you're gone. And frankly it would be nice not to have your brand of attention-seeking yet negative personality splattered on every forum. It's not all about you. No one "owes" you respect or anything else. You have to earn that.
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