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  1. I have a complete set of Netrunner with 2 cores (played a handful of times) up through the current data pack. Every card is organized by corp, runner faction, is sleeved, and spread across 4 binders. It instantly gives you a full collection in perfect condition, organized, and ready to play. The retail value of the cards alone from OLGS' is close to $500. If you're not keen on X-Wing any longer and have a trade or trade + PayPal offer you'd be interested in proposing, just hit me up with a message at: https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/user/121369-kmedlinnc/
  2. I see that now! That doesn't mean that someone else might not find this post in the future though.
  3. It's just odd that every LCG has the same structure with the exception of Star Wars and Conquest...why not just keep things equal?
  4. A lot depends on theme interest and level of details you're willing to float. Every one of the LCG games is absolutely soaked in the lore. Little details are in there for true fans of the genre/license that will simply fly comfortably over the heads of the masses. This is even true within the Star Wars license which has, admittedly, the narrowest of the themes for canonical info from which to pull. So, you absolutely cannot go wrong with any of the themes and no one theme is better applied to the game than another. Then you need to weigh that against the level of crunchy detail oriented "hobbying" you're willing to go through. I can only, of course, speak to the games I've played. All the games provide a deep, engaging, and interactive experience that suits the material well in every case. However, there are distinct differences in the way in which you build your decks. Co-Op Play has but one choice and that's Lord of the Rings: The Card Game. An incredibly fun game solo or with others, deckbuilding for this game consists of customizing your fellowship and giving them the resources they'll need to support themselves throughout the adventure deck which is pre-set for you and the "enemy" deck which is also pre-seeded based on the adventure. Star Wars: The Card Game provides the biggest bang for the buck for your deckbuilding decisions. If you're someone who wants to build the broad strokes of a deck and then tweak it at the macro level, then look no farther. This kind of deck building groups cards together and you select a suite of those groups to build out your deck. It's accessible, thematic, and works incredibly well. It does not, however, provide you with a card by card selection process that some people like. A Game of Thrones: The Card Game 1st Edition. MASSIVE card pool at this point. You're picking every single card in your deck and mating it with cards in your plot deck which drive the thematic context for each round of play. This feels, to me, most like the level of deck building you're getting in something like Magic: The Gathering. Netrunner: The Card Game. Card Pool is mature at this point and you're not only building a deck here...you're building two decks because you need a corporation deck AND a runner deck. Both decks require an incredible level of attention to detail. For a lot of hobbyists, this is the level of detail and micromanagement they want to get to because it allows them to invent, explore, and you definitely FEEL like you're writing code as you build out the decks. That said, the level of deck building required to be successful here goes well beyond something like Magic: The Gathering / A Game of Thrones. By far, this is the most complicated, and potentially rewarding of the deck building experiences. Warhammer 40,000 Conquest: The Card Game. This lives squarely between Star Wars and A Game of Thrones. New, so the card pool is still easily accessible, memorize-able, and small. Deckbuilding is centered around choosing a warlord, who comes with a cadre of "Signature Units." You can build decks that involve (splash) another faction based on a chart of allied factions which again provides a happy medium. You still get to pick a specific card build for the majority of your deck, but your theme and strength of the deck is dependent in large part upon the warlord you select and that warlord's signature squad. I have not played Warhammer Fantasy or Call of Cthulhu. I suspect someone else can add more information for you on these two. Again - you seriously cannot go wrong. You MIGHT want to wait until someone dumps their A Game of Thrones 1st Edition set cheap (happening already) or hold out for GenCon and 2nd Edition Game of Thrones if that's the theme and deck building involvement you desire. I hope that helps!
  5. Is there any chance we could get a Deck Construction Sub Forum here?
  6. I'd love to see a mission builder tool that provides the resources necessary to lay out the mission and then add in the objective text. The Memoir '44 community thrived on this kind of fan created innovation and it never stopped them from selling a million of the expansion packs for that game!
  7. Agreed here completely. The combos that people have come up with are excellent because they often reveal nuances to rules that I had never considered before. It's hard to do that solely from solo play. That said, solo play is sometimes the only way to get some practice in or test out a deck for a few rounds before running it.
  8. This is a great podcast. The banter is casual and not forced. The guys genuinely do a nice job analyzing without over analyzing and I love that they take the time to listen to each other. Too many podcasters just compete for the mic or the banter takes over the show with inside jokes. There's a nice balance of table talk and game talk here with nice analysis. Keep it up!
  9. The "Season" really kicks off then in Mid-February and runs through early November for the FFG organized play games right?
  10. So THAT'S what they mean by Grim Dark! The "Grim Dark" future where none of your minis have current corresponding rules. lol They're still awesome to look at and play with though...
  11. OCTGN WAAAGH! Warhammer 40,000 Conquest LCG ~Season 1~ This is our first season, and as such, we're making the path as we walk it. Throughout the season, you'll get multiple surveys to help shape the way Season 2 is handled so be sure to save up those great suggestions and share them to help us continually make the league better! LEAGUE INFO PAGE: http://gamesontables....com/40kseason1 Sign Up Location @ Bottom of This Notification FORMAT: OCTGN Based League to provide worldwide access! Two Stage League Group Stage - 8 players per group participate in a Round Robin to send the top 2 players forward to the Single Elimination Stage. Single Elimination Stage - The final stage will be made up of those players who made it through the Group Stage. We will hold a 3rd Place game so the top 3 will be known definitively. League Signup runs through Friday April 10th, 2015 League Starts: Saturday April 11th, 2015 RULES: We will follow the Fantasy Flight Games Tournament Rules & FAQ. All cards from the Warlord Cycle are available immediately upon release. Should another cycle drop during the Tournament, an announcement will be made to all players regarding card eligibility. Players will self adjudicate match rules. If a mistake is made and play has progressed, continue moving and do not reset the game state to try to redo the missed rule. Consider this the built-in penalty for missing a game state condition. "Be vigilant!" You get to use any deck you'd like during the Group Stage and can change that deck, if desired. For the Single Elimination phase of the tournament you will be required to keep the same deck throughout. Deck lists must be submitted alongside match results in both stages! Please download the deck Deck lists must be submitted alongside match results. Please download the deck from http://www.cardgamedb.com 's deck builder as a Text File and upload it with your match results. Failure to post a deck list within 48 hours of game reporting will result in a forfeit regardless of match outcome. All games will take place via OCTGN regardless of proximity to your opponent. Good Sportsmanship counts. Report any issues to keith [at] gamesontables.com immediately for investigation. Please include screenshots or audio recordings if playing using OCTGN and Skype. The timer used will be Google's Timer. Simply search: 90 Minute Timer and Google will display a timer with an audio beep when time has expired. One player will be timer for the game elected by mutual agreement. Players are responsible for rules knowledge, errata awareness, and maintaining the speed of play (no excessive rule lookups, etc.). Each Game is provided 7 calendar days to complete from the date of notification of the matchup. Forfeits must be reported via e-mail, along with times and dates when communication to non-communicative and no-show participants was made. SAVE YOUR E-MAILS!!!! ENTRY FEES: This league is 100% free! PRIZES: 1st Place: Gift Card worth $25 (Online Retailer TBD) 2nd Place: Gift Card worth $15 (Online Retailer TBD) 3rd Place: Gift Card worth $10 (Online Retailer TBD) SIGN UP HERE: http://challonge.com...gnup/IikZ88AzXr League Hosting Provided by:
  12. Ultimately 3 Core Sets, generally speaking, aren't necessary as the card pool grows. In many cases 2 of a single card is sufficient. If you're in competitive play, you'll often find folks willing to lend you a card to fill out a deck if you're in a pinch too that should avoid it. The core set is just that ... this topic comes and goes with the ebb and flow of releases which is why FFG won't need to move. Pick up your third set from that dude who bought everything up front and then just faded away into the background...the Internet is full of those dudes...
  13. Malgamus said: The runner would be a fool to not run on a server with no ICE and a card with one advancement. Junebug comes to mind as a reason to be a fool if you don't have 4 cards in hand. Honestly board situation is such a big component of what to do in any given run. I think you're always considering both the corp and the current rig you're running prior to any run against even unprotected servers.
  14. Seems pretty cool. Good first step for FFG to get moving on providing broader avenues for prize support at local events.
  15. In the LotR game the deckbuilding options didn't get particularly juicy until Kazad Dun was released in my opinion. The first cycle typically introduces some great mechanics and essential cards, but the card pool is still limited. Once you get the first big box expansion in your hands, you can start to really see some differentiation. The one thing that Netrunner has over AGoT and LotR is the way in which decks are actually constructed. The whole influence concept makes intermingling of the card pools that much more interesting. So the ramp up time may not be nearly as long. I think the thing that's also incredibly challenging for Netrunner players who want to compete at a high level is that they can't be comfortable with a single faction. They're going to have to be able to construct a corp and runner deck AND know how to play them. Focus, card awareness, and board situation are key and during a tournament setting where you're looking at a situation from two perspectives to get you full points … yikes! It's going to mean that what deck building you do is that much more important. Netrunner could really become a showcase for competitive play. AGoT is the King right now for sure, but the way in which both Netrunner and Star Wars are set up could provide some really powerful competitive outlets for gamers over the next 2 years or so. I'd love to see FFG amp up their organized play support systems, structure, and prize support to encourage this growth.
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