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  1. kuffdaddy

    Amount of tokens

    In two weeks I will finally have some t8me to get a game in. I am curious how many of each of the tokens is good for an 800 point game I don’t want to carry so many that it has become unrealistic. I had this problem in swing but cut that out after playing for a while. Seeing as I have no frame of reference for legion hoping you guys could shed some light on it
  2. kuffdaddy

    Sorastro's Painting

    As always Sorastro, first class thank you for the inspiration!
  3. kuffdaddy


    was just n the main IA page and everything is unavailable? Is this intentional or is the game in trouble?
  4. kuffdaddy

    3rd imperial commander/ special forces?

    Inferno squad would be fantastic
  5. kuffdaddy

    Things I want to see (if I get into this game):

    Attachments to go into the troops upgrade slot. Named heroes, medics, armor specialists, tech, so many things to fill an upgrade slot letting us customize our basic squads to new awesomeness
  6. kuffdaddy

    First list

    So this is my idea for first list. The idea is troops, troops, and more troops. The ATRT’s. Follow up the flanks of the troops to be denial and support. The lone ATRT is a solo/vehicle hunter. http://tabletopadmiral.com/legion/rebel/p04u20u09uEMp06u10u0cuEMu1ep06u10u0cuEMu1ep06u10u0cuEMu1ep06u10u0cuEMu1ep0euEMuEMuEMu1ep01u02u03p01u01u14p01u01u14c02c09c03c03c0bc07
  7. kuffdaddy

    Prequels vs Sequels vs Scum

    As much as the movies let me down (TPM). I still want Grevious and a ton of tinnies. Maybe Ga’Nacht and Durge to boot
  8. kuffdaddy

    Tabletop Admiral list building site

    Love the site have gotten my account created now. On the inventory page the formatting seems to default to 5 of everything and the cell box is cutting that number in half. Hope this helps keep up the fantastic work
  9. kuffdaddy


    I have not looked nearly hard enough but I am wondering what all the tokens mean and shape/size. Are the triangle ones the same size as stress tokens in xwing and such I’ve only seen pictures and can’t find a rule book yet. I am trying my hand a 3D rendering and would like to make a deck/token holder for my printer
  10. Very nice love the idea of a journal of the dead and the times he wakes up. Sounds all too familiar from a military background
  11. kuffdaddy

    FFG if you're watching no news is bad news

    Yes we are not in wonderland were everything can be at your finger tips by eating a cake or tart
  12. kuffdaddy

    Lore - Collected Sources

    I play with my 7 and 10 year old
  13. kuffdaddy

    Lore - Collected Sources

    I was wrong while they do have blurbs it is really just a paragraph of background on the heroes and monsters. Could still be a bit of a beastiary of the world and best part is you can download most of them from the support page.
  14. kuffdaddy

    Lore - Collected Sources

    let me go back to the rule books but each expansion was in a new locale with a bit of fluff and new characters
  15. kuffdaddy

    Lore - Collected Sources

    overlooking both editions of decent and all expansions for them they have a bit of fluff in them. Its what attracted me to the Terrinoth realm