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  1. This had better not deley the next wild cards book~
  2. Glad to see you are still kicking ass and taking names! Thats my post for the year!
  3. Jux69 said: Hey Nick, I am looking for three more core sets for my friends, getting hard to find any here in Canada. I live in Vancouver, BC and could probably come down to Seattle to pick up your collection. Let me know and we can work out the details. -Lance Hey Lance, This sounds good, I'll go ahead and PM you my email and we can figure out the details. -Nick
  4. Figured this was the best place to post this, but I am moving into a much smaller living space and as such need to get rid of a lot of stuff I have sitting around. One of these things is my AGoT LCG collection. It is 3 sets of the core set and the first 8 or so chapter packs, and then a bunch of other random chapter packs. Not looking for money or anything, I would just rather see it go to someone who will use it instead of throwing it out. I would prefer someone in the greater Seattle area so I don't have to deal with shipping it, but if no one local wants it then I'm sure something can be figured out. Just send me a PM, or post here or something. -Nick
  5. Great book for sure. It's no Twilight though ~
  6. rings said: greybinder said: Okay...rules clarification. If i have a better record than Myers in the joust can we make him play Greyjoy or Martell in the multi? aloha, binder Sure, we can even make him wear a dress...but that wouldn't be much of a disappoinment for him... Nickchat - we will make a deck for sure...is Dragon Flight still legal? How about Queen of Love and Beauty? It's Taking Flight, not Dragon flight! HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO TRUST YOU TO MAKE ME A DECK WHEN YOU CAN'T EVEN REMEMBER THE NAME OF MY FAVORITE CARD!!!!
  7. Mat, you need to help me make a deck for this. I havn't even looked at AGoT in forever! =/
  8. dormouse said: I think that in our games, generally speaking, is that everyone is trying for 1st, right up until the last round or two when it becomes obvious where everyone lies in relation, and then everyone tries to pull the first player down to better their chances of moving up the ladder. If you think about it, unless time is going to be called, 3rd and 4th should be ganging up on the 1st place player to extend the game which is their only chance of moving up enough to really matter. 1st trying to fight off 2nd rather than going for his own final push bogs him down against the person who is most likely to have the next strongest board position. Now if 3rd and 4th try and attack 2nd they open themselves up in their weaker board position to be farmed by the first player and have the game end, and possibly lose any power they gained from the 2nd player. It just seems safer to play for the win where they are concerned. The real struggle comes in with what do you do if you are in 2nd? Do you try and farm the 3rd and maybe 4th places hoping to keep them far enough away to secure your own 2nd place? Do you attack the 1st player all out hoping to pull ahead? Do you defend the 1st player by kneeling out the 3rd and 4th places so the 1st can get the win? It is all these interactions that make melee so fascinating to me. I don't look at king making as king making, I look at it in what do I need to do to get more power and defend it from everyone else so when the game ends I have the most I can possibly have. I think this is why I love so many other 3+ player games, and hate melee AGoT. Tourney games should have only two outcomes IMHO, win or lose. I play an insane amount of a multi player magic format called Elder Dragon Highlander, amazing format for the casual card gamer. And in my 100s of games, I have never really seen someone play for second. People try to win, and IMO thats how it should be. To quote (or missquote no doubt ;P ) a book that some of you may have heard of "When you play the game of thrones you win or you die, there is no middle ground." Anyhow... uh KUBLA!
  9. rings said: Being married only works so long...trust me i use that excuse a lot! It's true!
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