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    perrywrogers reacted to TheSapient in Genesys Talents Expanded   
    TheSapient, ESP77, Swordbreaker, Richardbuxton, and drainsmith proudly present
    Genesys Talents Expanded
    Over 300 talents from Edge of the Empire, Age of Resistance, Force and Destiny, and Genesys collected, vetted, and adapted to the Genesys system.
    Version 5.0 (PDF) is Here
    But maybe you want to make some changes.  You can do so in THIS WORD FILE! (To make this format correctly, PAGE LAYOUT->COLUMNS->2)
    You need it in spreadsheet form?  HERE IT IS IN EXCEL!
    You really will need to download and install these TTF Genesys Fonts, which were posted HERE.  
    Changelog from Version 1.0 is HERE.
    Drainsmith's beautiful take on Version 4.2 is still available here.
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    perrywrogers got a reaction from theReplicant in Dark Age Character Sheet   
    I preparing to run a short duration campaign that takes place in Dark Ages Northwestern Europe.  The campaign will include limited magic.  This is the character sheet I've made to use.  Yes, I know it's ink-intensive, but I like these sorts of things.
    Genesys Character Sheet.pdf
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    perrywrogers got a reaction from kaosoe in Lightsaber Question   
    EDIT:  Googled the topic, and found answers.  Sorry all!
    I played a lot of Edge of the Empire, and then got out for a while.  I just bought Age of Rebellion and Force & Destiny.
    Why has the damage on lightsabers changed from 10 down to 6 (in most cases)?  What are the ramifications in a game that is not Jedi-heavy?
    Simplistic questions, I know, but I'm returning to the system after a long break, and what to make informed decisions before launching a new campaign.
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