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  1. This is great work! I've been thinking along these same lines! Thanks!
  2. My D&D 5e group has been playing Adventures in Middle Earth for nearly a year now. Those books, also available as PDFs from Drive Thru, are full of great source material in a game-mechanics format. Might be useful for you.
  3. Thanks for the feedback, guys-- especially the spelling error! Doh!
  4. I preparing to run a short duration campaign that takes place in Dark Ages Northwestern Europe. The campaign will include limited magic. This is the character sheet I've made to use. Yes, I know it's ink-intensive, but I like these sorts of things. Genesys Character Sheet.pdf
  5. Does anyone have this list in a .doc format?
  6. I'm working on a Late Dark Ages in England & France setting. I think I want to separate Christianity and Pagan Knowledge skills for this. In those times, people didn't openly study/know both. For Knowledge skills, I'm thinking: -Geography -Comportment (getting along in various cultures, settings, & courtly graces) -Theology (Christianity) -Paganism (Odinism, Druidism, Mithraism) -History (names, dates, places, etc....) I'm not sure about a military history skill, yet.
  7. EDIT: Googled the topic, and found answers. Sorry all! I played a lot of Edge of the Empire, and then got out for a while. I just bought Age of Rebellion and Force & Destiny. Why has the damage on lightsabers changed from 10 down to 6 (in most cases)? What are the ramifications in a game that is not Jedi-heavy? Simplistic questions, I know, but I'm returning to the system after a long break, and what to make informed decisions before launching a new campaign.
  8. Naboo for me: lush feilds, dense forests, artistic architecture, plenty of water . . . .
  9. Is a roll limited to using the fourteen dice in the set provided, or can dice from additional sets be used.
  10. Thanks guys. If I have this right: Just because a card is focused does not mean that the attached cards are focused? In this case the characer can be exhausted, but not the action, and then the action is exhausted to unexhaust the character. It makes sense now, I just want to be sure I'm doing it right. Thanks again.
  11. Thanks, I've got that part. Where I'm having trouble is with seperately focusing cards that are attached to each other. Sorry if I'm missing something obvious here, but this is my first card game, and I'm feeling a certain culture shock trying to grasp all of the nuances and vocabulary.
  12. So I've attached the Enhancement "Trust Your Feelings" to a character, how do I focus it independently of focusing the character? I'm just confused about the use, timing, etc . . . for this card, and whomever it is attached to.Cheers,Perry
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