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  1. For some reason, I can't post in the Tarot thread. I seem able to post in other threads. With no other option, here's a new topic to answer the question: The Emperor's Tarot is a writer's device that can be manipulated and presented in any form the writer wishes, so there's no specific make up of its components. However, there are a few well-considered approaches that might help you: http://inquisitorminmi.deviantart.com/gallery/ This deviantArt user has had a long-running project to produce images of all the cards in his interpretation of the Tarot. They vary in quality, but are all useful and interesting. http://www.darkreign40k.com/general-background/the-emperor-s-tarot.html This is the start of a longer article that I begn but never finished years ago (Dark Reign picked it up from circulations online and were good enough to put my by-line on it when I claimed it as my own). My interpretation here is slightly different to that of InquisitorMinmi at dA. With time, I've come around to his POV somewhat, although I stuck to this version when I wrote "Phobos Worked in Adamant", in the Planetkill anthology, which has quite a long passage about an Astropath interpreting a portentous (but ambiguous) spread of the Emperor's Tarot. R.
  2. precinctomega


    Go to http://www.belloflostsouls.com for some preview images. R.
  3. Can I play as Battle-Brother Linda in DeathWatch? Because that would be awesome. R.
  4. I award 200xp per 3-hour session, with bonuses and penalties pretty much as I feel moved. This tends to mean that each player gets at least one advance per session. However, I'm pretty restrictive on what Talents and Skills they can acquire - they have to have shown some sign of trying to learn of acquire such skills in the course of the adventure. R.
  5. precinctomega


    Remember that conversion I said I was doing? I'm pretty happy with how he turned out... R.
  6. Just picked this up for a song on eBay. What a great product! I didn't even know it came with a new scenario and fistful of new rules, either. R.
  7. @Alasseo - The article was the one about the Tau Water Caste emissary and is the one I meant when I indicated the use of EMP technology by the Tau. That particular idea has caused me a lot of problems re-writing the rules for bionics. That said, I think your call on tech-scorn was about right. Warp effects aren't EMP - they work on a completely different level. There is, after all, a whole othe slew of reasons the Adeptus Mechanicus don't like psykers quite aside from the ones preached by the Imperium. Microtelekinesis is a major threat to AdMech interests. R.
  8. On the subject of play-written supplements, I keep hearing of something called "Ascension" that's supposed to cover players who advance beyond the realm of Dark Heresy, but can't find any sort of link of info. Can anyone help? R.
  9. I find that funny voices, accents and hamming it up go down well. R.
  10. I'm not quite sure what the OPs describing. Is he allowing his players to recover all damage to their PCs between sessions by spending a Fate Point? Because that's certainly not RAW. If, on the other hand, you take a minute or two to spend FPs at the end of a session to recover injury at D5 points per FP then that seems fair enough - they've preserved their FPs and the session's obviously not been too challenging up to this point (or they wouldn't have any left to spend!). Good for them. Let Fate smile upon them! I'm going to be introducing Fate to my players at the next session (didn't want them getting carried away in the first session) and I suspect they'll spend them quickly. R.
  11. I should add: temporarily, not permanently - tech-priests have back-ups! R.
  12. Actually, if we're talking rules, I'd suggest that he lose D10 Int and D3 random Talents. Maybe one turn of stunning, tops. R.
  13. This is one of those funny areas where the canonical material is somewhat inconsistent. The first point to make is that a Haywire device is not an EMP - it's something far more sophisticated, that uses field generation technology to affect devices within its sphere of influence, whereas an EMP is indiscriminate and consists of electromagnetic emissions. The second point to make is that Imperial technology at the level usually found in tech-priests is far beyond the point of being affected by EMP. It's all based on biological gel processors, crystal-core technology and quantum pathways. It's no more likely to be affected by an EMP than a human brain. Less likely, in fact, as it's also solid-state. However, it is also worth observing that there are canonical instances of the Tau using EMP against Imperial technology (which is odd, as their own tech is, technically, less sophisticated than Imperial tech). Perhaps Cifer's answer provides a degree of explanation: Imperial tech-priests are indiscriminate in their regard for technology. Whether it's steampunk or zero-point energy, it's all an aspect of the Machine God and may find itself incorporated into their devices and selves. So it's possible that neural implants based on silicon technology may well fail under the impact of an EMP. I think it would be a very foolish tech-priest indeed, however, who chose to have a potentia coil, inductors or bionic organs based on silicon technology. R.
  14. Some great and very sensible answers above. I just thought I'd add how I'm doing stuff with my players. At the outset, they get very little money - even less than their monthly income! This is to encourage them to get into the roleplaying aspects of the game (as they're all new to RPGs and admit to being a bit heavy on the combat side). They've already learned to loot their opponents, haggle with marketeers and beg their senior agents for extra kit and cash. I due course I'll raise their stipends but, as long as they're working as a team, they'll have it paid into a team pool that they then have to debate how to spend most constructively. If a player wants something particularly expensive or rare then he has to RP the acquisition. Even though we've only just started our first adventure, my scum player is already looking for every oppotunity to scam new stuff and, in due course, I'll encourage him to make contacts such as fences, dealers, black marketeers and collectors. This was, after all, why the Inquisitor took him on in the first place... R.
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