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  1. They (Bethesda) announced "DOOM Eternal" at the E3. Might be a glimmer of hope.
  2. I WANT TILES!!! Descent 2 core game: 48 tiles / IA expansion "Return to Hoth": 37 tiles / DOOM core game: 24 tiles (???) Seriously? I think the editor that has been featured in the PC game was called "SnapMap". I guess there has never been a feature in video gaming so close to board games, and we only get 24 tiles? We love to create our own maps and campaigns, but with that little pile of tiles, there are not many options to be creative. And unfortunately the design of the rooms and corridors is quite boring. No Mars surface, no infested rooms, no eye catching objects. I really hope, there will be an expansion featuring lots of tiles so that we can create dozens of deathmatch maps (assuming there will be a future deathmatch expansion).
  3. Although the W40K factions are not that strictly classified as "the good and the bad guys" as they are in the Warhammer universe (order and chaos), I think, the next expansion featuring (at least) two new factions will include Tau and one of the other bad factions (Necrons, Tyranids, Dark Elders). Am I wrong, that much more "evil" races exist within the W40K universe? Who of the good guys remain? Imperial Guard, Tau, and that's it, I guess (not to mention the other different Space Marine orders). Beside new factions, buildings and game boards I'd like to see special characters. Heroes, Commanders and individuals who support the troups in battle (by adding extra morale, providing extra dices in combat,...).
  4. Remember Memoir 44? Additional gameboards (snow and desert), many different terrain tiles featuring several buildings, rice fields, jungle, canyons, mountains (yes!),... I think, BattleloreV2 could be a more narrative game, when it comes to campaigns. And I would love to display that on the gameboard. I know, it does not affect rules, but why does every building have the same design? The Star Wars playmat simply makes the game look better. You really do not need it. But it strongly pushes the look and feel. That's what would like to see for Battlelore (plus terrain rules of course). Putting two BL2 gameboards together? I guess due to the three sections, that is not possible. Did I get something wrong?
  5. I hope to see an expansion featuring nothing but a wide range of new terrain hexes. I really like the look of the board and terrain tiles, but hills, forrests, water and houses are not enough in my opinion. What about mountains, swamps, lava, debris, roads other buildings like castles, camps, ruins...? in one word: All the cool stuff you find in the iOS-Version? And one more thing: Providing the option to combine two gameboards for epic battles was nearly the best feature of BLV1. Why is that missing? What do you think? By the way: I'm not a native speaker - so please excuse my strange choice of words here and there .
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