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  1. I generally dislike JJ Abrams' work, so I'm not really excited, but if it gets good reviews/word of mouth I might see it first week.
  2. It's nice to see that cheating is now an automatic DQ. A match loss was just inadequate.
  3. At this point, I think it's pretty clear the devs don't consider generic pilots to be an important part of the game.
  4. Blaming playtesters is always odd. The developers make all the decisions. Playtesters reporting a problem doesn't mean anything will be changed. So often in games, the real answer to "how did playtesters miss this" is "they didn't, but the designers didn't agree that it was a problem".
  5. Moving from a three-faction game to a seven-faction game means that there will be fewer releases targeting your factions. I bought multiple ships almost every wave in 1.0 (I only bought 1 decimator in wave 5), but I haven't bought anything in 2.0 other than the conversion box.
  6. There isn't an explicit rule that defines which face of the die is the 'result', either. The game is written with the assumption that players know how to roll and read dice.
  7. Here's the forum, there's the door. Get over it.
  8. The TIE/sf doesn't meet the prerequisites for Veteran Turret Gunner. It doesn't have rotate as an action (only linked).
  9. It's so ships like the Jumpmaster that have turret arcs but don't have the rotate action on their action bar can equip them.
  10. That's not a maneuver. You'd roll for damage, but it needs to be a maneuver to skip the perform action step.
  11. They probably need to add a rule like 'ships at Range 0 are always at attack range 0' if they want to keep the old rule that ships that are touching can't attack one another. Otherwise it kind of looks like ships that aren't touching on a portion of the base inside the firing arc could attack one another. I expect that there will be a revised rules reference in a few months that cleans up wording.
  12. Is this builder going to be maintained now that the official builder is out? (Please keep maintaining it. Don't make me use the official one again.)
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