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  1. kraedin

    Question about Agile and Hotshot Gunners

    It's so ships like the Jumpmaster that have turret arcs but don't have the rotate action on their action bar can equip them.
  2. kraedin

    Tie Strikers Question

    That's not a maneuver. You'd roll for damage, but it needs to be a maneuver to skip the perform action step.
  3. kraedin

    Attacking a ship at range 0, attack range 1

    They probably need to add a rule like 'ships at Range 0 are always at attack range 0' if they want to keep the old rule that ships that are touching can't attack one another. Otherwise it kind of looks like ships that aren't touching on a portion of the base inside the firing arc could attack one another. I expect that there will be a revised rules reference in a few months that cleans up wording.
  4. kraedin

    Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0

    Is this builder going to be maintained now that the official builder is out? (Please keep maintaining it. Don't make me use the official one again.)
  5. kraedin

    Composure and Agile Gunner are $40 upgrades?

    Yeah, I don't hold out much hope that this will amount to much. Autothrusters was released for the Empire, but I still own two StarVipers. Without a commitment to a timeline, the 'eventually' doesn't mean anything.
  6. kraedin

    Composure and Agile Gunner are $40 upgrades?

    If you want to play with it on September 13, that's correct. FFG has said that they'll eventually release cards in every faction, but didn't commit to any timeline.
  7. kraedin

    Your first 2.0 list?

    "Whisper" (52) Juke (4) Advanced Sensors (8) Darth Vader (14) "Echo" (50) Juke (4) Seventh Sister (12) Omicron Group Pilot (43) Emperor Palpatine (13) Total: 200 View in Yet Another Squad Builder I've been enjoying this. The stygium+Vader+Juke combo is brutal.
  8. kraedin

    TIE/SF ability + Gunner + Everything

    Veteran Turret Gunner requires the rotate action; the SF doesn't have rotate as an action (only linked).
  9. kraedin

    TIE/SF ability + Gunner + Everything

    Veteran Turret Gunner requires the rotate action, which the SF doesn't have. Linked actions don't satisfy upgrade prerequisites (rules reference, page 19.)
  10. kraedin

    TIE/SF ability + Gunner + Everything

    I wish it could take Veteran Turret Gunner. Double shot forward attack would be neat at Range 1.
  11. kraedin

    [Small Thrawn: Alliances SPOILER] What if . . .

    Vader has a 20 point premium over Steele in the TIE/x1, so I'd expect him to cost more than 104 points in a TIE/D. 104 is 20 points more than Rexler Brath, and the Force and Vader's ability are both better on the defender than the advanced. Maybe 120 or so?
  12. kraedin

    X-Wing 2.0 and ListJuggler Announcement

    Huh. FFG is planning to revise costs 3-4 times per year. What data are they planning to base that on if they're not making any provision for collecting lists?
  13. kraedin

    I'm not thrilled with the idea of charges

    I think they're fine. The vast majority just recharge in the end phase or don't recharge at all, so they're pretty easy to remember. My worry is that they'll add a bunch of things like Elusive that have specific recharge mechanics, as that could start to get hard to track if you had several in the same list.
  14. kraedin

    2.0 is kind of a mess

    Yeah, exactly. It's the same designers, at the same company, working with the same playtesters. The outcome is going to look pretty similar. The main thing that I'm interested in is that they have added a bunch of new capabilities to fix stuff after the fact. Adding more ways to patch the game won't make it more elegant or the rules better worded, but it should make it better to play in practice.