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  1. kraedin

    TIE/ln article is up

    2.0 Stealth Device loses the charge whenever you take damage; it doesn't need to be from an attack.
  2. kraedin

    The Space Battles Begin - Gencon article and rulebook

    Either TIE fighters can equip two mods or quick build cards completly ignore squad building rules. Interesting.
  3. kraedin

    Conversion kit: 2 really isn’t 2

    It's probably intentional that the kits are hard to part out. I'm sure they'd prefer to sell 4 kits to two grumpy players than 3 kits to two happy players. The X-Wing player base accepted fix cards being packaged with $100 epic ships; there's no reason to think they're particularly sensitive to price or waste.
  4. kraedin

    Classic TIE swarm VS 5 X-Wings in 2.0

    The threat cards would need to be finalized before printing, but they could be messing with points right up to the release date, do it's not crazy to think the threat cards represent a rough draft for casual play. I certainly hope I'm not stuck running 8 TIEs against 5 T-65s.
  5. kraedin

    Sharp drop in Tournament kit printing quality?

    I have a Juke, Scairf Base Pilot, and Saw, and I think the print quality is awful. I can't imagine using one.
  6. kraedin

    Bomb and shield tokens in conversion kits

    1e shield tokens are not the same as 2e tokens. 2e shields have a blue side and a red side.
  7. kraedin

    Pilot Skills in 2.0

    Initiative (the new name for pilot skill) ranges from 1-6.
  8. kraedin

    Any point of using Tie Bombers in 2.0?

    There aren't a ton of options, but stop, 2 turn, and 3 turn all clear the blast. If you are willing to barrel roll, 1 straight and 1 bank are also options. Ablative Plating, if you want to spend some points, gives you two freebies.
  9. kraedin

    Bomber & Punisher Love...Can It Be True???

    Of the Gunner upgrades available to the Empire, the TIE phantom could only equip Fifth Brother. I doubt they'd give a slot where there was only one choice.
  10. My advice: 1) Don't preorder. 2) Don't count on FFG doing something they only implied they'd do. 3) Don't make a purchase with any expectation of FFG taking an action in the future; make sure you're happy spending the money you spent on the product you picked. FFG isn't on your side, their marketing department isn't on your side. FFG exists to make money; producing games or making customers happy is a means, not an end.
  11. kraedin

    Any point of using Tie Bombers in 2.0?

    2.0 Deathrain with Trajectory Simulator can launch a bomb and then perform an action, which is more flexible than what he could do in 1.0. I think it's mostly a buff.
  12. kraedin

    Scum and Villainy Unboxing

    Correct - Scum or squadron including Vader.
  13. kraedin

    Scum and Villainy Unboxing

    The scum kit has three exclusive cross-faction cards, Maul, 000, and BT-1. Interesting! Those will be popular on eBay.
  14. kraedin

    Imperial conversion unboxing, a PSA.

    Guess I'm getting a bit over-hyped, lol.
  15. kraedin


    I wish it was 'up to' two defense dice. If the defender rolls blank+evade the talent isn't that great.