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  1. How to pronounce "Gila" Both are valid ways to pronounce 'executor'.
  2. 'No Future Scum Epic Planned'

    As someone who doesn't like epic, great! No more epic ships ever please. Alternatively, stop packaging normal game content with epic. Both are fine.
  3. Cpt. Your will probably remain relevant on the strength of his ability, but I doubt you'll ever see an OGP again.
  4. Fairness in a single-player game is pretty different than fairness in a multi-player game.
  5. Eh, just play it his way. It never says when you take the stress for Push the Limit - save them all for a few turns later! Make your second attack with Twin Laser Turret in the End Phase after all the defensive tokens are gone. Maybe you took some damage, but you executed a green maneuver a few rounds ago - now might be a good time to finish resolving R2-D2, etc., etc., etc.
  6. New FAQ

    That's not correct. Check the Rules Reference, page 8, under card abilities. All abilities are mandatory unless they have the "may" or "action" keyword.
  7. Anyway, boba fett just won a regional

    What's the list? Which regional?
  8. I'd like to see this. There are so many issues that could be fixed easily by changing costs.
  9. Double Edge+Predator+TLT+Unguided Rockets

    If you attack with Twin Laser Turret first, both Twin Laser Turret attacks need to miss in order for Double Edge to perform his Unguided Rockets attack. (His ability triggers when a secondary weapon doesn't hit, not on a miss.) You can use Predator each time you attack - if you perform a Twin Laser Turret attack and an Unguided Rockets attack, you can use Predator for each of your three attacks. Both Twin Laser Turret attacks *must* be directed at the same target. The Unguided Rockets attack can be directed at the same or a different target.
  10. That ruling doesn't make sense, does it? Genius "replaces the normal bomb drop"? After you reveal and execute a maneuver, if you did not overlap a ship, you may discard 1 of your equipped <bomb> Upgrade cards without the "Action:" header to drop the corresponding bomb token.
  11. What about Jango Fett's seismic charges being slowed down by all the, uh, air in space?
  12. TIE/fo Interceptor(spoilers)

    Do you have a still image of the ship we can look at? My memory was that it was a standard TIE/in in the hologram.
  13. Visualizing the Crimson Specialist danger zone

    Well, yeah, that's how you know they're synonymous when reading X-Wing rules. "Immediately" is just for emphasis, so "after" and "immediately after" are identical in meaning.
  14. Visualizing the Crimson Specialist danger zone

    The entire game, after the first turn, is after you reveal a maneuver dial. "After" is a synonym for "immediately after" in X-wing.
  15. Obligatory film ranking thread

    Empire Strikes Back Star Wars Last Jedi Rogue One Return of the Jedi Force Awakens Revenge of the Sith Phantom Menace Attack of the Clones Last Jedi rating is provisional, of course, I've seen all the others several times (hundreds of times, probably, for the OT) but TLJ only once. Interestingly, I didn't notice I had left Force Awakens off the list until I was triple-checking. I liked it, but I probably have the least intensity of feeling about it of any Star Wars film.