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  1. soooooo..... For those of us still awaiting the book in question, any more reviews and or comments on it?
  2. LMAO not available on Amazon.ca but as stated its available on Amazon.com... with $50 in shipping costs (plus duty and exchange it will be a $150 book). lol I will wait
  3. Thanks for the heads up, figured it was something like that (an rpg group)
  4. Thanks HappyDaze. I will suggest to our GM that he spice things up a bit and challenge us... we don't mind...
  5. Yeah we managed to convince the leaders to work together, so that side is good to go. The "problem" or really the concern is that we (players) will succeed too easily on the mass combat rolls. As stated by HappyDaze we have 4800 man hours available to us and that will equate to 10+ extra blue dice plus multiple ability upgrades on each mass combat roll. Seems like the odds will be so heavily in our favour that it won't be enjoyable. Curious if other groups found this to be the case. Any suggestions on making the mass combat more of a closely fought battle?
  6. Hopefully I can get some feedback from others that have encountered this. Our group is playing the Friends Like These adventure and while attempting to organize the defences of Xorrn we decided to figure out what the Engineers, General Labourer's and Security Personnel would work on for the 48hrs of time before the Imperial attack. Since the 3 groups of workers can work on separate tasks simultaneously we wrote out 3 columns and decided to quickly calculate what they could build. It quickly became apparent that something wasn't adding up as you can see below, the sheer number of extra dice and ability increases we would be adding to the Mass Combat roles would be ridiculous. This example is for the Engineers, of which there are 150. We accounted for what the job was, how many the job would take and how many hours would be required. Engineers (150 ) Acclamator (graveyard) 75 Eng +25hrs Acclamator (orbital) 75 Eng +25hrs 10x Emplacement 10 Eng +10hrs (foundry) 10x Emplacement 10 Eng +10hrs (graveyard) 10x Emplacement 10 Eng +10hrs (orbital) How have other groups found these additions to the Mass Combat system to be? Does it make it far to skewed in the players favor? Thanks in advance for any help you can provide
  7. That worked P-Dub, thanks. Nice work on that My particular favorite is the sauna base building
  8. Maybe provide your thoughts first and see if that gets people to react. Instead of expecting everyone to do it for you, offer something and see what others think.
  9. Link doesn't seem to work. Really interested though
  10. Please share the list, would be interested to see what you put together.
  11. Looking to see if anyone has come across or written their own lists of possible uses of Advantage dice results when making skill rolls? I know the core books have some examples, just looking for a printable list. Thanks Fist
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