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  1. With all the characters that might not neatly fit into either faction, I can see them doing something like the Dire Foes packs for Infinity. A good story, some interesting figures, maybe new objectives and terrain with a fluff-filled mission to go along. This would also seem like a good way to get Jabba, Jawas, tusken raiders (or any iconic character which really makes no sense on the battlefield) into the game. My 2 cents.
  2. Talking about troop transports makes me think of what an awesome terrain piece a 1/48 Resistance Transport would make. Alas, can't find a kit online.
  3. One thing I think is worth considering is troop transports. Most games, including Dust which is fairly similar, have troop transports. Fleet troopers would be a good choice for deploying in a vehicle and being dumped at closer range.
  4. I prefer playing epic and will always choose epic over a standard game. I know many people will go to Armada for capital ships, but with Armada I don't feel a narrative, it feels less personal. I like it when Vader gets shot down by a rookie pilot or when Luke crashes into a Gozanti. I also love ramming huge ships with huge ships (can't wait for the hammerhead). There just seems to be a bit more chaos with epic.
  5. Something you don't want, but comes with the upgrades you need?
  6. Played a game tonight. Raider was rammed in the aft section by the gr-75, crippling the section. Raider then reveals a 1 bank maneuver. Crippled aft card says cannot do 1 bank maneuvers. What should we do? Couldn't find the answer in a quick flip through the the rulebook, so we treated it as a one forward. I had a look in the support section, but couldn't find a clear answer. Anyone know how it should have been played?
  7. A pittance for a miniatures gamer! Since when have we ever wanted to pay the price of the products we need?
  8. Saw this on a model blog. Should make a great Most Eisley spaceport terrain piece. http://www.model-space.com/gb/build-the-millennium-falcon.html
  9. I'm sure it's fine. I'll be using a 6x4 FAT mat. You can always limit the deployment area. I also have no problem putting cards on unoccupied parts of a 6x4 play area and moving them if needed. The 6x3 feels narrow to me. I think the biggest challenge with larger play area is making sure you have a lot of terrain.
  10. I just pre-ordered the game from mm. FFG - would you please announce wave 1 now so I can top off my pre order for free shipping? Just pass over any IA news and go straight to Legion Wave 1. Yours truly, A.
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