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    wblackthorn reacted to Mikael Hasselstein in Tournament Card Proxies   
    Quite so, and it's not been a problem.
    Would I like to have more Intel Officers? Sure. But I'm just not going to buy another Victory-class to get one. I'm certainly not going to get a Nebulon-B either.
    (Though, maybe I'd get the latter and then sacrifice the model on my altar to the Emperor...)
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    wblackthorn reacted to Mikael Hasselstein in Tournament Card Proxies   
    As others have said - play in casual games any way that you want, with whatever components you and your opponent like. However, in official tournaments things do have to be a bit stricter. On pg. 6 of the Tournament book, right under Legal Products it explicitly states: "Only official Star Wars: Armada components are legal for use in tournament play. Proxies of cards and ship models cannot be used."
    I think you are mistaken when you say that the  cards are the rules. They certainly have the rules pertaining to those cards printed on them, but they are also components telegraphing clearly to opponents what you have, and in many cases they are turned 90deg. to indicate that they have been exhausted. (Rules & Refernce Guide, pg. 6 under Exhausted).
    The holding of tournaments is also part of the relationship that stores have with FFG. They are part of FFG's marketing strategy, and they represent expectations that customers have.
    Is it a pay-to-play mechanic? Yes, of course. There's even a participation fee for tournaments.
    It is a pay-to-win? No, it isn't. I've purchased far less material than most of the people I play with, yet I have more tournament medals than anyone in my community. (And, yes, I wear them at tournaments. I've noticed that the Dark Side rewards me with better dice roles if I express and exhibit Imperial hubris.)
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    wblackthorn reacted to Mikael Hasselstein in Tournament Card Proxies   
    I'm about as forgetful as they come, and need every possible mental crutch imaginable. It helps your opponent be clear about what each ship has. If I'm playing against you, I'm not going to memorize your list. I'm going to glance over to your side of the table when I need a reminder.
    Now, as the TO of a small tournament, am I going to police this? Not pro-actively. If one player brings it to my attention about another player, I'm going to ask the tattle-tale player if this is really a problem, while looking at him/her over the rim of my glasses with a glower of disapproval. If that player says "yes", then I will shrug my shoulders and tell the player without the right amount of cards that they need to produce the right amount of cards (I'll probably see if I can help that player out with my own collection), or not be allowed to play the list. But ultimately, the complaining player has the right - according to the tournament rules - to have her/his opponent have the right cards or not use the abilities of those cards.
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    wblackthorn reacted to JJs Juggernaut in Jugger's Gen Con Pictures   
    So the third round of the National Championships just finished up and I was too hungry to grab a standings picture, 69 players remained. The top player was 29-1. Next was 28-2 and there were one or two players at 27-3. The 16th place was 19-11. Two more rounds to go tomorrow, and though I will be playing I will try to get pics or discription of the winning fleet!
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    wblackthorn reacted to JETxGREEN in The Big X-Wing Trade Thread   
    Great trade with wblackthorn. He packaged it well beyond what it needed to be protected and even put a little note in there with my tokens. Even with it shipping overseas to the states deliever was 7 day's. Glad we have great traders like him.
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    wblackthorn got a reaction from ParaGoomba Slayer in The BIG X-Wing Picture Thread   
    i saw this and felt slightly better about my self only haveing 2 tantives and 3 transports,i then realised i have 3 YTs and 4 dashes,and more of each of the smaller ships
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    wblackthorn reacted to Ghost Dancer in [UNOFFICIAL] Rules Clarifications and FAQs   
    I thought it would be useful to have a master post answering common rules-related questions and topics. Please post if you want something adding to the list or you spot any mistakes. 
    There are 3 categories:
    Main Rules (this post) Ability, Campaign, & Card Specific Rules (abilities on upgrade and squadron cards, and Corellian Conflict) Useful Links (various Armada related links) PLEASE DO NOT POST UNANSWERED QUESTIONS HERE, ONLY ANSWERS OR LINKS TO COMMONLY ASKED QUESTIONS ON THESE FORUMS. THANKS.
    Main Rules
    This section covers the generic rules, see the next section for abilities found on upgrades and squadron cards. 
    Full Attack Summary
    See this thread for summary of attacking, including defense tokens & crits: https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/181567-do-you-have-questions-about-attacking-defense-tokens-and-critical-hits-read-this-first/
    See also Attack Timing.
    Accuracy icons work against ships and squadrons. However, only unique squadrons have defense tokens, so accuracy is only useful against those named squadrons (and essential in taking down those with the Scatter token, such as Howlrunner).
      Note that accuracy just stops the defender using the specified defense token(s), it does NOT exhaust them.   Spend Accuracy is part if the Resolve Attack Effects step of an attack. So, for example, if a re-roll from Evade defense token comes up accuracy, that accuracy icon CANNOT be used as the Spend Defense Tokens step occurs AFTER Spend Accuracy.
    Anti-squadron Attacks
    When you perform an anti-squadron attack from a ship, you make a separate roll against each enemy squadron in the attacking ship's firing arc. You use your anti-squadron armament dice - for ships this also determines what range(s) you can fire at using the range side of the ruler, but squadrons can only attack at distance 1. 
      Rules Reference: Attack (page 2) and related topics.
      Concentrate Fire: This gives you ONE extra die to ONE attack roll, regardless of how many rolls you make in a single attack (Rules Reference: page 4).
      Attack Dice During Step 2 of the attack procedure you roll the dice of the armament you are using. This includes additional dice from upgraded weapons (e.g. Enhanced Armament, Expanded Launchers) and any from objectives (e.g. Most Wanted). You do NOT have to roll the extra die from Concentrate Fire at this point, but you can if you wish.   Once you have rolled the dice, you move to Step 3: modify dice. This includes assigning Accuracy results and using re-roll abilities (e.g. ConFire token). The extra die from the ConFire dial may be rolled at this time too.    Turning Dice: When an effect allows you to turn a die to a face "with" a certain icon, you can turn it to a face that has specified icon AND any other icon. For example, Screed's ability to turn a die to a face with crit means you can change the die to the face with the crit+hit icons.   ConFire: Although you may combine the ConFire dial and token during a single attack, remember that you cannot use the token on one attack roll and the dial on another (see Command Tokens below). Also note that the extra dice can only be used on ONE anti-squadron roll, regardless of how many are within your firing arc.   Rules Reference: Attack (page 2).   Attack Timing
    1. Declare & check target (see Targeting). 
    2. Attacker rolls all applicable dice for the current range to target (see Attack Dice).
    3. Attacker modifies dice by turning and/or re-rolling as applicable to their abilities  (see Attack Dice). For each accuracy icon rolled the attacker chooses one of the defender's defense tokens; those tokens cannot be used during this attack. Note this applies when attacking squadrons as well as ships.
    4. The defender may assign any number of their defense tokens (except those targeted by accuracy icons as described in step 3), but only 1 of each type can be used per attack.
    Note that Evade is resolved immediately, but Brace and Redirect are resolved during the damage dealing step (step 5 below). Also note that Brace halves the damage total, it does not modify any of the dice.
    5a. If the attacker and defender are both ships (or a squadron with Bomber is attacking a ship) and there are one or more crit icons remaining in attack dice results, the attacker may resolve ONE critical effect (see Critical Hits).
      5b. The defender suffers damage equal to the total number hit icons. If the attacker and defender are both ships (or a squadron with Bomber is attacking a ship), the damage total also includes ALL crit icons. 
    6. If the attacker is a ship and the defender is a squadron, the attacker may choose another enemy squadron to shoot that is in the same firing arc and that has not already been targeted during this attack.
    Rules Reference: Attack (page 2).
      Command Tokens Timing: You can use command tokens at any time you could normally use the corresponding command dial:
    Squadron & Engineering: Resolve when dial revealed. Concentrate Fire: Resolve during ONE attack. Note that when firing at multiple squadrons, you only add the extra die to ONE attack roll. Navigate: Resolve during the "Determine Course" step of movement. Combining with dial: If you want to use a token that matches the dial you revealed this activation you must use them at the same time. This combines the the effects of the dial and token (e.g. A VSD would get 6 engineering points if it used an Engineering token and dial at the same time). When doing this with Concentrate Fire the extra die and reroll must be applied to the same attack roll.
      Multiple tokens: You can use any number of command tokens in a single activation, but you cannot use the same command more than once per activation. Combining a token with a matching dial counts as one use of that command.
    Rules Reference: Command Tokens and Commands (page 3).
    Critical Hits
    See also Attack Timing, Defense Tokens
    You can only resolve ONE critical effect per attack! (regardless of how many crits you roll, unless you have an upgrade or ability that specifically allows you to resolve additional critical effects such as Fire Control Teams) Only ships can suffer critical hits, and only ships and Bomber squadrons can deal critical effects. The critical icons on the attack dice count as damage and will additionally deal ONE critical effect (and only one). The critical effect is in ADDITION to the damage (i.e. the crit die remains in the attack pool unless otherwise specified) and the effect occurs at the start of the resolve damage step (i.e. after accuracy and defense tokens have been resolved). e.g. if you roll 2 hits and 2 crits, you deal 4 damage and can resolve 1 crit effect. All ships and Bombers have a default critical effect that allows them to deal the first damage card face-up (if all damage is soaked by shields then no damage cards are dealt). Some upgrades provide additional critical effects, one of these can be used INSTEAD of the default effect if you roll at least 1 crit icon.  Damage that is suffered from critical effects does not count towards the "First 'x' damage cards face-up". Squadrons: Ignore the crit icon when attacking with squadrons unless they are attacking ships and have the Bomber ability. Squadrons with Bomber have the standard critical effect available to them (first damage card is dealt face-up).  
    Rules Reference: Critical Effects (page 4).
    Defense Tokens
    See also Attack Timing (step 4).
    If your ship's speed dial is Speed 0 (not including temporary speed changes due to overlapping), you CANNOT use defense tokens.
    Brace: This halves the total damage dealt (round up) but it does NOT remove or change the dice (i.e. it can't 'remove' crits).
    Evade: If using evade to force a re-roll and an accuracy is rolled, the player CANNOT use that accuracy result because that step of the attack process occurs before the use of defense tokens (see Attack Timing).
    Rules Reference: Defense Tokens (page 4).
    Ships cannot overlap when deploying them.
    See Attack Dice
    Distance and Range
    See also Targeting
    It is important not to confuse these two. The ruler has two sides: Range and Distance.
    The Range side has three sections, close range, medium range and long range - each range shows what attack dice can be used at that range. It is primarily used to measure the range of ship armaments, but some effects also use it too.
    The Distance side has five sections number 1-5 which are primarily used to measure squadron attacks and movement. All squadrons have an attack range of Distance 1, and they are also 'engaged' at this distance.
      Rules Reference: Range and Distance (page 9).
      Firing Arc See Targeting   Line of Sight See Targeting   Measuring See also Targeting   You can pre-measure with the range and distance ruler at any time.   You can pre-measure with the maneuver tool only during the Determine Course step of executing a ship's maneuver. The ship is not committed to a course until you notch the tool onto the ship's base.   Rules Reference: Premeasuring (page 9).   Tournament Rules (official answers) Q: Can a play use a range ruler and the maneuver tool at the same time?  A: A player cannot use more than one tool at the same time, so he can’t use the ruler and maneuver tool together.   Q: Can you measure from enemy squadrons mark that spot on the play surface (finger or token), using one range ruler? A: Yes, as long as they don’t use more tools than the ruler followed by a fingertip, token, or an equivalent, they can premeasure in that way.   Q: Can you move a squadron to engage an enemy squadron, measure to make sure it is/isn't engaged and adjust the final position of the squadron as required? A: If you clearly communicate your intent to your opponent and can quickly get your squadron in its intended position, this is reasonable. Your opponent is free to call the judge/TO over if the process seems to be taking too long (slow play) or if it seems like your intended position wasn’t clear.    Range See Targeting   Setup
    See Deployment
      Ship Speed
    When you deploy a ship you set its initial speed to any speed on that ship's speed chart (note that speed 0 is not on the charts so you cannot deploy at 0).
    You can change your ship's speed with the Navigate command and/or command token. 
    Speed 0: Note that when a ship's speed dial is at speed 0, your ship cannot use defense tokens and is considered to have performed a maneuver (i.e. for the purpose of overlapping obstacles and similar mechanics). When temporarily reducing your speed due to collision/overlapping, you do not change the speed dial, therefore you can still use your defense tokens.
    Rules Reference: Command Tokens and Commands (page 3), Setup (page 10).
    When attacking you declare which hull zone you are firing from and which hull zone on the enemy ship you are attacking. 
    The target must be within the firing arc AND in line of sight AND in range. These are three separate conditions but the range measurement must be within the firing arc.
    Please see this thread for easy to follow diagrams  (now updated as per errata).
    Also, bear in mind the plastic part of the ship bases as follows:
    Squadrons do not have hull zones, so it does not need to be specified when attacking / being attacked.  Squadrons have a 360 degree firing arc. Squadrons can only attack at distance 1 (measure from the closest part of the squadron base to the closest part of the target hull zone / squadron base). Rules Reference: Attack (page 2) and related topics, official FAQ.
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    wblackthorn got a reaction from KennedyHawk2 in Vader, RGC, 3x Imperial Officers - Opinions?   
    thank you for your response
    I as you can see had miss read the way it was written
    thank you
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    wblackthorn got a reaction from Joe Boss Red Seven in The BIG X-Wing Picture Thread   
    i saw this and felt slightly better about my self only haveing 2 tantives and 3 transports,i then realised i have 3 YTs and 4 dashes,and more of each of the smaller ships
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    wblackthorn reacted to aadh in X-Wing Storage, Evolved and Scalable (Picture-heavy)   
    The P.A.C.K. 720 contains the fleet.
    Rebel squadrons:
    Rebel squadrons:

    Rebel large with in-progress YT-1300 gunship:

    Imperial squadrons:

    Imperial large:


    2x GR-75 separated by a thin layer of foam; tokens, bases, stands and epic-only cards in the lower section. Damage cards in tuckboxes beneath the CR-90.
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    wblackthorn got a reaction from Bikeanimal in The BIG X-Wing Picture Thread   
    i saw this and felt slightly better about my self only haveing 2 tantives and 3 transports,i then realised i have 3 YTs and 4 dashes,and more of each of the smaller ships
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    wblackthorn got a reaction from TezzasGames in The Big X-Wing Trade Thread   
    hi Tezza
    the was questions asked in another thread about the quality of the card AA boba fett its from what I can remember it was printed by the print on demand method and was a fairly washed out picture.and the numbers and text and icons was all clear and crisp on my card as was the name.  just below the card text and above the ship icons it says in light grey text 2013LFL 2013FFG both have the copy right symbol just before the 2013. and that symbol is very faint.the card doesn't seem to bend any more than any of the normal cards.
    hope this helps
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    wblackthorn got a reaction from Kyrios Mirage in it's 4am   
    i have 6 Ys now and 4 more coming with the SCUM sets so may just have to get another 2 and do 12
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    wblackthorn reacted to AngryAngel in X Wing players give a salute to Veterans   
    I placed a thread for Memorial day, and so it is only fair to give one for Veterans Day.
    So, let me say, as one person to many others. Thank you men and women, of the armed forces for your service past, present and future. You defend your countries policies, the people and even in very real ways, freedom and the right to enjoy such freedoms.
    It can often be a thankless job, and heavy is the burden sometimes forced upon your shoulders. Some people do think of you, thank you and appreciate your many sacrifices in times of armed conflict and across the globe.
    May your service be always honorable, fill you with pride, and may your country always remember you and those like you.
    I know our community has its fair share of vets in residence, so give a shout out, make yourselves known, and of course feel free for everyone to voice your own thanks for your veterans. We all should know at least one, family or friends who fits the bill.
    In closing, Happy Veterans Day everyone. I hope your Tuesday goes well and you take at  least a moment to think of the day and those who serve your country in combat.
    As side note, my personal thanks going to the various armed forces of USA.
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    wblackthorn got a reaction from Bakura83 in The Big X-Wing Trade Thread   
    reporting an excellent trade with Kharas1,well packaged and speedy posting, i would of had the items last Friday but due to my work schedule I didn't pick the items up from the post office till today  
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    wblackthorn got a reaction from kharas1 in The Big X-Wing Trade Thread   
    reporting an excellent trade with Kharas1,well packaged and speedy posting, i would of had the items last Friday but due to my work schedule I didn't pick the items up from the post office till today  
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    wblackthorn reacted to InstantAequitas in Battle in Afghanistan (lot of pictures)   
    Howdy guys and gals,
    So these write ups have been waiting for me to post because the internet sucks in A-stan. After arriving home last week I can say that one of my best experiences was playing this game with a lot of the boys to pass the time. The game was sent in a care package by Hothie back in March and the weeks that followed were filled with crazy 100 point battles with metas that I have not seen to often on this forum or AFM, as well as 6 man free for alls which had suprising outcomes. 
    I will start with the battles that are covered in the pictures.
    After Unboxing the Core set and one of every expansion, We set to work constructing the dials and placing the cards in protective wrappers. after we had completed that I played a game against Ryan, using the basic set up rules for play. 
    I Played the Rebel X-wing and Ryan used Two TIE/ln. I made this original write up in March in the General sections of the forums titled "Got my wave 2 Ships Today, WOOT!". Here, FINALLY, are the pictures.
    In addition, we played a 180ish point game (the write up for this game was also in the same post). The Pictures for this game are now also up.
    For a quick re-cap so you do not have to dig through the multiple pages of wave 3 ship guesses ( that mystery has been revealed effectively squashing the discussions of what wave 3 will be FOREVER) and pre HSF Rebel Squad Ideas. 
    I was on the Rebel Team with Tom and Tyler, and Ryan, Levi and John were the Imperials. 
    I controlled Wedge with R2D2 and Luke with R2F2
    Tom controlled Han Solo with Chewbacca
    and Tyler controlled Arvel Crynyd and Horton Salm w/ Ion Cannon
    Ryan Flew Soontir Fel and Howlrunner
    Levi flew Darth Vader and Mauler Mithel
    and John flew Boba Fett and Dark Curse
    Needles to say there was a large furball with plenty of collisions and in the end the Rebellion was able to claim victory.
    Some of the pictures are not in order. 
    Anyways the next month was filled with Star wars battles just about every night until two weeks before we went home because we were so busy. I will try to write up a few more from our fun in Afghanistan later on after the box I shipped with my notes comes in the mail.
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    wblackthorn reacted to Danthrax in Promotional releases thus far.   
    Ask and you shall receive...
    GenCon 2012 X-Wing Championship, Aug. 17, 2012
    There are no promotional pictures of the swag for this event (but here's one that Ziggy2000 posted; I'm only allowed to have a certain number of photos in one post on this forum, apparently, so here's a link: http://ziggy2000.smugmug.com/photos/i-hgn2X3M/0/L/i-hgn2X3M-L.jpg ). I know there were trophies for the champion and runner-up, but other than that, I don't remember what people got — acrylic range rulers, I think? And according to Spacemonkeymafia, all participants received a double-sided large coin with a Rebel symbol on one side and an Empire symbol on the other.
    World Championship, Nov. 10, 2012
    No promotional pictures of this, either. I know that the top 4 each got a Milennium Falcon expansion (a month before Kessel Run, even!) and a set of acrylic focus tokens.
    X-Wing Game Night Kit, fourth quarter 2012

    Eight double-sided, oversized ship cards (Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker)
    Two custom, acrylic range rulers (one Imperial, one Rebel)
    Kessel Run tournament, December 14 to 16, 2012

    One Millennium Falcon Expansion Pack, one Slave I Expansion Pack, two A-Wing Expansion Packs and two TIE Interceptor Expansion Packs.
    Season One 2013 Game Night Kit, first quarter 2013

    Nine oversized, double-sided pilot cards, featuring Han Solo and Boba Fett
    Two sets of acrylic target lock tokens, Nos. 1 through 5 (not pictured)
    Regional Championships 2013, April 6 through June 29, 2013

    1 Regional Champion 2013 trophy
    1 World Championship Weekend ticket
    2 Regionals 2013 dice bags
    8 sets of 10 acrylic focus tokens (80 tokens total)
    16 Regionals 2013 patches
    1 “crash prize” — a previous prize from the FFG archives for the last place player (a double-sided large coin with a Rebel symbol on one side and an Empire symbol on the other)
    Season Two 2013 Game Night Kit, third quarter 2013

    A medal for the overall winner (not pictured)
    Two movie still versions of Wedge Antilles cards
    Seventeen movie still versions of Black Squadron Pilot cards
    Fifteen acrylic shield tokens
    Warm-up GenCon 2013 tournament, Aug. 16, 2013
    One set of clear blue acrylic maneuver templates
    U.S. National Championship at GenCon, Aug. 17, 2013

    No promotional photo. The only art I have is the one of Lando above off of A Few Maneuvers' site. Prizes were, according to Khyros:
    1 National Champion 2013 blue maneuver template set
    16 sets of Top 16 National Championship 2013 blue maneuver templates
    ?? acrylic target lock token sets, Nos. 1 through 10
    Unlimited number of cards featuring alternate artwork of Lando Calrissian
    Season Three Game Night Kits 2013, fourth quarter 2013

    One custom medal for the overall winner
    Two movie still versions of “Mauler Mithel” cards
    Seventeen movie still versions of Gold Squadron Pilot cards
    Two sets of ten acrylic stress tokens
    Escalation tournament at World Championship Weekend, Nov. 7, 2013
    One plaque for the winner
    Two movie still versions of “Mauler Mithel” cards
    Four acrylic range rulers
    World Championship 2013, Nov. 9 and 10, 2013
    (I'm only allowed to have a certain number of photos in one post on this forum, apparently, so here's a link: http://imageshack.com/a/img845/3436/ynyj.jpg )
    No promotional photo, only a scan of the Boba Fett card above that I found on eBay. But the prizes were:
    One trophy
    One set of red, mirrored movement templates inscribed with "World Champion"
    One ticket to GenCon
    One set of acrylic shield, stress and focus tokens
    One set of acrylic target lock tokens, Nos. 1 through 10
    One runner-up plaque
    Four messenger bags
    16 sets of acrylic movement templates inscribed with "Top 16"
    Unlimited number of alternate art Boba Fett cards
    Store Championships 2014, Feb. 22 through March 30, 2014

    Store Championship plaque
    First place certificate worth a first-round bye at one Regional Championship (not pictured)
    Two card boxes for ship cards, upgrade cards and tokens
    Five acrylic range rulers (not pictured)
    Thirty-two Ten Numb ship cards featuring movie still art
    Season One Tournament Kit 2014, first quarter 2014
    No photo, surprisingly. Prizes include:
    One exclusive medal for the tournament champion
    Two movie still versions of Colonel Jendon
    Seventeen movie still versions of Dagger Squadron Pilot
    Two card boxes – one Imperial and one Rebel Alliance
    Two packs of five ion tokens and three seismic charge tokens
    Regional Championships, May 3 through July 26, 2014

    One acrylic Regional 2014 trophy
    One certificate granting the winner a bye at a National Championship
    Four sets of acrylic maneuver templates
    Nine sets of six translucent dice (three attack and three defense)
    Sixteen packs of ten acrylic evade tokens
    Sixty-four alternate art cards
    Assault at Imdaar Alpha tournament, May 31 and June 1, 2014

    One Z-95 Headhunter Expansion Pack
    One TIE Defender Expansion Pack
    One E-Wing Expansion Pack
    One TIE Phantom Expansion Pack
    Sixteen promotional copies of Bandit Squadron Pilot with extended art
    Summer 2014 Tournament Kit, July 2014
    Photo here
    Two movie-still versions of Biggs Darklighter
    Seventeen movie-still versions of Academy Pilot
    Two card boxes: one B-Wing and one TIE Bomber
    Two acrylic tokens (one proximity mine and one proton bomb)
    That's it so far. =)
    [edit] Shamelessly ripped the Nationals 2013 prizes from Khyros' Google Doc. Thanks, Khyros!
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    wblackthorn reacted to Danthrax in Promotional releases thus far.   
    I've updated my post on the first page of this thread with the information about the Summer 2014 Tournament Kit that was announced last Thursday.
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    wblackthorn got a reaction from Cryix in Promotional releases thus far.   
    would be nice to keep this near the top and uptodate if possible for us collectors out there.
    and good work on the list
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    wblackthorn got a reaction from Danthrax in Promotional releases thus far.   
    would be nice to keep this near the top and uptodate if possible for us collectors out there.
    and good work on the list
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