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    wblackthorn got a reaction from Fightwookies in Imperial Assault Big Trade thread   
    Guys i know i has been a long elapse since i updated this post so will try to get to the computer next week.
    Keep reporting all the great trades
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    wblackthorn got a reaction from Rogue Dakotan in Imperial Assault Big Trade thread   
    front page updated
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    wblackthorn got a reaction from MercIncBourne in Armada trade thread   
    hi all looking to trade for an acrylic spot gloss GR75/gozinti carrier from nationals pm me.with what your after.
    UK /WTT                                                                                
    spot gloss GR75/Gozinti carrier
    spot gloss miranda
    AA backstabber
    imperial assault
    spot gloss fenn
    spot gloss first order stormtrooper
    AA emperors throne room
    spot gloss biggs darklighter x1
     Alternate art Boba Fett (imperial) x2 worlds 2013
     alternate art Darth vader(movie still)  x1 worlds 2014
    alternate art Rey x1 worlds 2017
     alternate art EPIC targeting coordinator x1
     alternate art Ello Asty x1
     alternate art Omega Ace x1
     alternate art Dagger Squadron Pilot x5 2014 Organized Play Season 1
     alternate art Academy Pilot x3  2014 Summer Tournament Kit
     alternate art Black Squadron Pilot x1 2013 Organized Play Season 2
     alternate art Ten Numb x1
     alternate art Soontir Fel x1  2015 Store Championship
     alternate art luke/vader fathers day x1 2016 Fathers Day Event
     alternate art Han solo (picture art) x1 2014 Winter Tournament Kit
     alternate art Poe Dameron (skill 8) x1  Store Demo Kit
     alternate art Darth vader (picture art) x1 2015 Winter Tournament Kit
    alternate art omega leader
     alternate art Preadator x5 2016 Summer Tournament Kit
     alternate art recon specialist x4  2015 Summer Tournament Kit
     alternate art gunner x3  2015 Winter Tournament Kit
     alternate art veteran instincts x4  2016 Spring Tournament Kit
     alternate art Swarm Tactics x4
     alternate art Tactician x4
    alternate art crack shot x4
     alternate art C-3PO X2  2016 Store Championship
    X-WING Dice
    2017 regional dice set of 8
    ACRYLICS for X-wing
    2012 Kit range ruler rebel
    2014 store championship range
    2016 store championship range ruler
    acrylic 4 wins yavin open target lock
    acrylic 5 wins yavin open target lock
    acrylic 6 win yavin open  target lock
     acrylic dark green focus tokens x4
    acrylic light green focus tokens x10
    acrylic light green evade tokens x16
    acrylic lime green oblong evade tokens 2017x10
    acrylic lime green oval focus tokens 2017 x10
    acrylic dark blue shield tokens x10
    Acrylic Cloak tokens x3
    Acrylic stress tokens dark and red x10
     acrylic ion tokens x15 (new red and white ones)
     acrylic stress tokens x27 (new red and black ones)
    acrylic sesmic charge token x1
     acrylic munition tokens x5
    x-wing bags various types
     spot gloss HK assassin droid x1(only for acrylic spot gloss cards)
     alternate art Trandoshan Hunter Adeptacon  x2
     alternate art R2D2 nationals 2017 x2
     alternate art lando calrissian  regionals 2017 x1
     alternate art e-web (only for spot glosses i need) x1
     alternate art rebel trooper x4
      alaternate art stormtrooper x2
     alternate art nexu x1
     alternate art the grand inquisitor x1
     alternate art trandoshan hunter x2
     alternate art rebel saboteours x3
     alternate art  tusken raider x3
     alternate art royal guard x3
     alternate art bantha x3
     alternate art C-3po x1
     alternate art C-3po (polish) x1
     alternate art royal guard champion x2
     alternate art unshakable x 4
     alternate art imperial officer x3
     alternate art chewbacca x1
     alternate art alliance smuggler x 2
    Regional Dice
    red x1
    yellow x1
    white x1
    focus tokens x10
    terminals white x3
    terminals red x 10
    objective token black x 10
    stun tokens x10
     health dial x3
    score dial (store championship 2017) x1
    assorted bags
    scum symbol medal x1
    imperial II class star destroyer (sullest event) x3
    raider I-class corvette x5
     MC80 assault cruiser x3
    GR-75 Medium transport x3
    Nebulon-B escort frigate x4
    Boba fett slave 1 x1
    Han solo millennium falcon x1
    Tie Interceptor Squadron x 2
    A-wing squadron x1
    x-wing squadronx4
    TIE fighter squadron x4
    Admiral ackbar x1
    General Dodonna x1
    Rapid reload x 4
    turbolaser reroute circuit x4
    Leading shots x4
    Assault proton torpedoes x 4
    XI7 turbolaser x4
    corillian conflict promo:
    saber squadron tie interceptor x1
    objective fighter squadron (rebel symbol)
    acrylic tokens
    Green and white range ruler
    objective tokens red x6
    evade tokens x10
    command tokens concentrated fire x5
    command tokens repair x5
    command tokens squadron x10
    command tokens navigation x5
    bags assorted
    winter 2015 x2
    spring 2016
    summer 2016
    2016 store championships
    ledgendary quadjumper card and dice
    shield tokens x3
    credit tokens x5
    promo cards no dice
    Finn x2
    Guard x4
    mon mothma x1
    jango fett x1
    the best defence x 4
    death trooper x4
    overkill x1
    shuttle x1
    spot gloss captain phasma x1
    captain phasma play mat x1
    2017 euro's coin x1
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    wblackthorn got a reaction from KalEl814 in Imperial Assault Big Trade thread   
    front page updated
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    wblackthorn got a reaction from thereisnotry in The 2 cores or the expansions debate after a peak   
    its worth the second movement tool at the start if your not buying a second core as if your first one breaks it will be out of stock when you need a new one
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    wblackthorn got a reaction from Tirion in The 2 cores or the expansions debate after a peak   
    its worth the second movement tool at the start if your not buying a second core as if your first one breaks it will be out of stock when you need a new one
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    wblackthorn reacted to redki in Make your own Deployment Cards - in five minutes or less!   
    I made these 2, any advices?.

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    wblackthorn reacted to Phoenix_FFG in Greetings...   
    Hi There!
    I'm Phoenix; long time lurker, first time poster.
    I know the first post you are supposed to make is shock over the state of "Not available" showing on Star Wars Imperial Assault products on the Fantasy Flight Games website, but lurking has taught me how often that happens and to understand the reasoning for that situation. Instead, I'd just like to say 'hello' and contribute a bit to the forums as I'm finally joining the Imperial Assault community. 
    I owned the Imperial Assault Core Set for a few years but never went beyond reading the rulebooks due to lack of people to play with, weird work hours, access to expansions and Ally and Villain packs, and general life. As life changes, so have all these roadblocks to playing. Years ago I used to play/paint/teach Warhammer 40,000 and The Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game - eventually the teaching killed the hobby for me. When Fantasy Flight Games obtained the Star Wars license, I was very excited, having also come from a background of teaching/playing Wizards of the Coast's Star Wars Miniatures Game. The X-Wing Miniatures Game was released with pre-painted miniatures and this just grabbed me from day one (no more painting!). But since then I have taken the plunge back into painting (after six years) as I want the Imperial Assault miniatures to look great on the beautiful cardboard tiles of the game, to really get a great Star Wars experience.
    Well, that's enough reading. I'm sure you have much better things to do.
    - Phoenix
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    wblackthorn reacted to Bitterman in Make your own Deployment Cards - in five minutes or less!   
    Update - you can now find this tool and more in the Kensei Imperial Assault Tools Suite!
    Like I expect many others, I have often wished I could make my own Deployment Cards. This would be particularly useful in a campaign - how many missions say things like "the Imperial Officer represents Thaanos, he has +10 Health and +1 Movement"? Wouldn't it be great to have that on a card! Or, if only I could design my own units... or even combine Darth Vader and Driven by Hatred into a single card for convenience. Fantasy Flight are nice enough to spoil many of their cards online, so someone with artistic talent and a graphics editor can usually come up with something pretty decent... but I have no artistic talent at all.
    I can write code, though, so I decided to make a tool to do it for me!

    That shows the editor, in the process of creating a deployment card I'll be using in the next mission our group will be playing in our campaign. The most time-consuming part of it was finding a suitable piece of artwork in Google Images... overall this card took about five minutes to make.
    Here's another example of a card made with this tool for use in a campaign:

    And here's one for a custom unit that I made up, that could be used in homebrew campaign scenarios, or friendly skirmish games:

    All you have to do once you've designed your card is print it out (either from the tool itself or by pasting the image it creates into your preferred printing software), then optionally glue it onto a spare Deployment Card that you may have lying around:

    Et voila!
    You can download the tool from here. Enjoy!
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    wblackthorn reacted to Majushi in First Expansion Set   
    Yeah, I'm going to have to echo the above sentiments;
    Jabba's Realm is best bang for buck in both Skirmish and Campaign.
    Ally and Villain packs are a little more tricky to recommend, as a lot of them require the box expansions they came out with to have the right tiles to play.
    Twin Shadows - Boba Fett, R2-D2 & C-3PO, Kayn Somos, Bantha Rider
    Return to Hoth - Leia, Dengar, General Sorin
    Bespin Gambit - Lando, Bossk, Agent Blaise, ISB Infiltrators
    Jabba's Realm - Jedi Luke, Jabba, Captain Terro
    Heart of the Empire - Ahsoka, Maul, Palpatine
    Additional Ally/Villain packs with no corresponding box all use only Core tiles;
    Alliance Smuggler, Jawa Scavenger, Hired Guns, Hera & Chopper, Grand Inquisitor, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Greedo, BT-1 & 0-0-0, Wookie Warriors, Stormtroopers
    And finally, Ally and Villain packs that were released with the Core (and only use core tiles);
    Han, Chewbacca, IG-88, General Weiss, Royal Guard Champion, Rebel Troopers, Rebel Saboteurs
    All in all, it's hard to recommend Ally or Villain packs without knowing the purpose. Campaign or Skirmish?
    Campaign, I would probably pick packs that are usable only with Boxes you already have, So any of the ones marked RED.
    Skirmish, I would probably pick as for Campaign, but with a few more to help flesh out more than two or three lists at a time. So any of the ones marked RED or ORANGE.
    If you end up picking up another of the boxes (Campaign or Skirmish), I would add the ones in GREEN if you get Jabba's Realm or BLUE if you get Heart of the Empire or PURPLE if you get Return to Hoth.
    EDIT: I hope that makes sense. I'm happy to clarify more about which packs and why if you want.
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    wblackthorn reacted to ThatJakeGuy in Imperial Assault Big Trade thread   
    Thank you kind sir, it was excellent doing business with you as well
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    wblackthorn got a reaction from ThatJakeGuy in Imperial Assault Big Trade thread   
    completed a trade with ThatJakeGuy all went well )
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    wblackthorn reacted to naitsirk in My own alternate art Vader (DbH)   
    Hi guys!
    I want to share a Vader card that i made with one of my own fan arts. Really love this sith as you can see. Can't wait to use him officialy Driven by Hatred!!
    Hope you like it. You can see the complete artwork or my other works here: https://www.artstation.com/naitsirk117
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    wblackthorn reacted to Otakuon in Who still owns copies of both of these?   
    Yeah, I still have my nearly complete West End Game D6 Star Wars collection sitting on my shelf (or shelves rather). Including the books in this Aniverary release. To be honest, I find FFG’s iteration to be the best yet, but these books are invaluable for reference material (heck, the entire Star Wars EU and even much of the Canon stuff now days is built on them, with story group executive Pablo Hidalgo and Rebels show runner Dave Filoni both admitting that it was because of playing the WEG Star Wars RPG that got them their jobs at Lucasfilm ). Also, there are thousands of hours of adventures packed away in these tomes which translate with little effort to the modern system. 
    Fun fact: my first WEG SW RPG book, and actually the book that got me into RPGs (even though it took me a while to release it was an RPG sourcebook) was the first edition Imperial Sourcebook.  I found it in the gift store outside the Star Tours ride at Disney World during a visit in 1989 and begged my parents to buy it which they did but instantly regretted because I wouldn’t put it down for the rest of the trip. Arguably, it was this book that was ground zero for my continued love of Star Wars in general (this being the Dark Ages of Star Wars fandom).   From there I continued to collect the rest of the books, many of them during Disney World or Disneyland trips because that was the only place I could find them (remember, this was pre World Wide Web so knowledge about game stores and such was limited. Especially to a 12 year old me). 
    Anyway, nostalgia never gets old I gusss...

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    wblackthorn got a reaction from KalEl814 in Imperial Assault Big Trade thread   
    Hk was nationals top 8 get 5 each
    Fenn replaces dialia
    One fenn was given out at UK nationals
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    wblackthorn got a reaction from ThatJakeGuy in Imperial Assault Big Trade thread   
    The obi-wan Kenobi and objective tokens wasn't nationals there from European  championships and American continental championships
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    wblackthorn got a reaction from Rogue Dakotan in Imperial Assault Big Trade thread   
    guys i'm after the new spot gloss of Fenn. lots to trade will be a few days to update my trade list feel free to PM me
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    wblackthorn reacted to jonboyjon1990 in jonboyjon's painted minis   
    All 150+ of them! http://imgur.com/a/COoSe 
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    wblackthorn reacted to bulldoguk in Painted miniatures   
    I'll be the first to say that the MoM minis have always been 'functional' if nothing else but with a bit of slap on they don't look half bad, we aint talking Petersen awesomeness of course but at the very least painting these has possibly put me in the mood to finally crack open that 12 foot pile of boxes with all the Cthulhu Wars KS stuff and give them a little tickle with the hairy stick!
    here we go then, MoM 2 minis, haven't bothered with the investigators yet as I have plenty to fill the gaps from 1st ED, likewise the cultists from 1st ED can be used too
    Painted yesterday morning for a game last night, the varnish was still tacky! Got to add I am LOVING the app driven mechanics, had 3 or 4 totally entertaining games now

    Of course this now brings the total miniature content including the 1st ed stuff to a respectable level

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    wblackthorn reacted to flightmaster101 in Flightmaster's Daqan   
    Presenting the University of Washington Runewars team!  Please do enjoy.

    You can can see more pictures at https://runecasters.net/2017/05/04/painting-blog-part-1-of-many/
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    wblackthorn reacted to Brunscheon in So, is this not the game for me?   
    @CubsFanSean23 I always said I would never paint minis. Runewars looked really cool, but I didn't think I'd be able to paint worth a ****. I watched the GamingGeek tutorials first then about ten hours of other painting videos (some were really good, some really bad) I actually painted the first mini of my life yesterday, and I think it turned out well. I used the basics from the above tutorial, and added a bit to it.

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    wblackthorn got a reaction from TryerImp in Imperial Assault Big Trade thread   
    as its the AA card it will be double sided.one regular side and one elite side.with the updated texted
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    wblackthorn reacted to NeverBetTheFett in Help identifying promo cards?   
    I LOVE THIS PAGE! I'd love to get it updated, so if you need any help, let me know.
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    wblackthorn got a reaction from asperon in Armada Trade Thread MK 2   
    no need for a new thread just post in the other one and move it back up the boards and it keeps the trade history for everyone togeather
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    wblackthorn got a reaction from Rogue Dakotan in Imperial Assault Big Trade thread   
    hi patrickmahan can you not offer cash as this is a trade only site we are not allowed as per the rules to ask for or offer cash can you amend your thread please
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